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America’s State of the Union 2021

Communist Democrat fascists are making the good citizens of America criminals by reversing righteous law. Like all leftist thugs they make what is wrong legal and what is right illegal. They punish the good as they reward criminals. Their values are opposite that of God and what is good. This is why the left is never right because of how backwards liberals think. Continue reading

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How communism has infiltrated and infected America

Communism has been successful because of all of us. We allowed it to succeed! We listened to liberal’s arguments about being fair, about allowing free speech, about permitting them to indoctrinate our children rather than fight them. While we are being tolerant of their false ideals, they were silencing us. Communism, like Islam, never spreads peacefully. They use coercion, intimidation, and violence to force others to submit to their will. Their bogus arguments about morality are all designed to confuse issues and dupe the ignorant. Continue reading

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Supreme Court Fails America – Martial Law is Our Last Hope

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear testimony and rule against election rigging, we are in the end stages of America’s 2nd Civil War. The Democrat coup to overthrow the presidency, seize control of the government, and destroy the Constitution is almost complete. They can lie, cheat, steal, and kill with impunity if President Trump doesn’t take a stand meeting force with force. Obama’s shadow government that has been orchestrating the violence and coup for the past four years is on the verge of victory. President Trump instituting Martial Law will be our last hope! Continue reading

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