False Liberal Democrat Teachings

“Beware of False Prophets. You will know them by their fruits.” – Jesus

The fundamental truth of liberalism is that the deepest darkest fact of their morality is that they are in denial of the facts. The teachings of leftists, liberals, and Democrats is false from their foundational roots to the tips of their leaves. Trump Russian collusion is as much a fact as Sarah Palin saying she can see Russia from her house. Liberals are in command of facts that are opinions, conjectures, and false allegations all designed to smear and demean the righteous truth. Their science is the science of religious fanatics. The first truth of liberalism is that they are anti-Christ in nature because they reject God. We know this because they are the very epitome of self-righteous, two-faced hypocrites. They embrace the anti-Christian anti-God ideologies of atheism and Islamism. Their purpose is obvious when examined.

President Trump was the actual most transparent administration is all of American history, unlike Obama and Premier Biden who conceal all.

They instill hate and fear in the masses to control them and manipulate them into attacking the righteous. Some of the lies they tell are those they use to misguide the innocent to incite violence against the righteous. Leftists use fear and lies to control others. They say they are “triggered” and made to be afraid when we speak of God, Jesus, freedom, and western civilization. They say we can’t talk about those things because they are attacks on minorities. If we refuse to obey them then they attack us with lies, screams, and eventually with guns and bombs. The left never tells the truth about anything. They are imposing their tyranny on the righteous through lies and terrorism as is done by Islamists, communists, and fascists around the world. They call Trump followers “cultists.” A cult is a group that says lies are truth commanding others to believe in their lies or die. This is what Democrats are doing when they demand everyone either declare that they didn’t cheat in the 2020 election or be destroyed. They are the communist cult of liberal fascism. It is the nature of leftists to accuse others of being guilty of the sins leftist’s commit while declaring themselves pure and without sin.

“That which you hate, or fear, will motivate you to enslave them.” Professor Mayakovsky, “The Magicians,” s1 e7

There are three kinds of lies:

  • White lies – in which you avoid the truth to spare someone’s feelings
  • Gray lies – in which you conceal truths that are not the business of other’s
  • Black lies – in which the wicked try to deceive the ignorant of their true malicious intentions

Leftists deceive people from youth by teaching them things that are false such as their sayings, “Those who cannot do, teach,” or “No parent should have to bury their child,” or “Never tell a lie.” The truth is that if it weren’t for teachers you wouldn’t learn how to do things. The fact that parents used to bury seven out of ten children prior to the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century is lost on the ignorant. And the plain truth is that EVERYBODY LIES! What you must learn and understand is when lying is good and when it is evil. Almost everyone lies about something. Those who do not at least tell good white lies end up regretting their naiveté as I did. (I never thought I would be one of those guys whose wife and best friend would cheat on him behind his back.) Leftists tell black lies all the time. They know they are lying about cheating this election.

White lies are good lies. “Does this dress make me look fat?” “Of course not! Your fat ass is what makes you look fat.” But you don’t ever say this if you don’t want to crush your mate’s ego. You tell others you like them, respect them, or think they are attractive when they are not. You don’t do this to cause them harm but to keep from hurting their feelings. A person can do something about being fat, but they can’t do anything about the face with which they were born. A person can do something about being dirty, but they can’t do anything about a genetic defect with which they are afflicted. Being able to face the truth is important in life. But sometimes people just cannot handle the reality and prefer to have their feelings assuaged.

Gray lies are neutral. They are the lies of concealment. They can fall into the category of good and bad depending on how they are used. For instance, no one has a right to know how many times you masturbate every week or what kind of sex you have with your spouse. The times that gray lies become black is when they are being used to deceive someone for the purpose of hurting them. If you commit adultery you conceal that from others. But if you’re doing it to find a replacement for your spouse you will eventually cast aside and do harm to then it falls into the category of black lies. The same is true if you promote an ideology you say is beneficial but conceal the truth that it will actually be harmful like socialism.

Black lies are evil. They are meant to deceive others as to true intentions to do harm. Democrat communist fascism falls into this category. They had no intention of making life better for Americans. Their intention was to dupe the ignorant into believing they are working for everyone’s benefit when they are only working for their own benefit at the expense of others. Criminals con others to steal from them and this is the modus operandi and character of the left. Democrats have stolen the election for two obvious reasons. One, to avoid criminal prosecution for their multitude of crimes and corruption, and two, to seize power by which to dominate others and steal from them. Leftists do not share but are selfish in being the takers who steal from makers and enslave others through thievery, coercion, and terror.

Leftists are pathological lying sociopaths at best, delusional at worst. Saying the Antifa assault on the Capitol on January 6th was Trump Republicans conducting an insurrection attempt to overthrow the government is both. AOC goes so far as to lie about being inside saying her survival is the same as being as a sexual assault victim in her mind. Liberals say she cannot be challenged on her lies because that’s disrespectful of rape victims. BS! Cuomo says he saved lives during the pandemic when he was responsible for killing tens of thousands in nursing homes by putting infected patients in with the sickly elders instead of in empty quarantine field hospitals. Their lies and delusions define their hearts and souls as immoral, immature and downright criminal.

The “armed insurrection invasion” of the Capitol

The left conducted character assassination of President Trump 24/7/365 for six years! The only person more maligned than Donald Trump in all of American history is Jesus Christ. VP Pence either stupidly or deliberately fast tracked the Biden nomination rather than challenge their illegal ballots because of this false flag event of a Republican insurrection. Now the left declares themselves justified in claiming the election was legitimate. The fascists in their party are trying to expel all Republicans who voted against Biden’s nomination. While it is righteous that those in power eject the corrupt, what Democrats are doing is cementing their power by ejecting those who speak the truth about them.

The left smears the righteous through their false allegations to justify their own crimes and censors the truth through intimidation and phony compassion. The left deems anything the righteous say or do as hate speech and bigotry. Ninety percent of criminals, deviants, and perverts infest the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party with the other 10% infiltrating Republicans to undermine them as RINOs, NeverTrumpers, and leftist wolves within the fold. There are no Democrats or RINOs I would trust to speak the truth. This is the new reality of Amerika’s Communist States.

Communist Amerika Land of the Freeloader and Home of the Depraved

Democrats fundamentally transformed America into their socialist totalitarian toilet on January 20, 2021 with the surrender of President Trump to Premier Biden under General-Secretary Obama. The land of the free is no more. No voter ID means any fraudulent ballot is counted by Democrats who control the electoral system. People’s votes are inconsequential. There is no more free market or free trade. All is under the jackbooted thugs of liberal fascists. Democrats have their Antifa/BLM thugs replacing their previous militants of the KKK and neo-Nazis that they now try to smear as being Republicans. Only the most ignorant and depraved believe in them. Democrats judge others as being impure while seeing themselves as having God on their side. This is the leftist trap in which the unrighteous fall just as many did in the Medieval era joining the Inquisition that was just a reflection of Islamism.

Christians turn to Christ because we are sinners. Liberals believe Christians who sin are impure and unworthy of Jesus. They believe themselves to be without sin. It is obvious to Christians that liberals have no understanding of Christ which is why immoral liberals telling Christians what Jesus means in His teachings is the pinnacle of stupidity. I spent many years trying to be good enough to be a Christian before a good pastor taught me that salvation is a gift. Those who judge Christians as being unworthy are those whom Jesus warned to not judge lest they be judged. No one decides if others will go to Heaven. There are gays who are Christians as well as prostitutes and adulterers. Jesus didn’t say that those who are immoral will not go to Heaven. He only said that those who believe in Him as their savior will be saved. Do you think becoming a Christian means you will no longer be a sinner? Did you stop cursing at other drivers? All of us sin all of the time without even thinking about it. Leftist’s sins are not just sins against God, but crimes against humanity.

VP Kommie Harris told coal miners that Democrats put out of work will be sent to clear fields of land mines by walking through them. Or she just misspoke saying they would be made to clear unused mining lands. The truth is that miners always repair the lands that they used. This is another black lie like the one about the wood industry destroying forests when they plant more trees than they harvest. Liberals are so ignorant that they think what communist Democrats say is not only true but beneficial. It’s only a matter of time before they come to realize that blaming Republicans for the lies of Democrats destroying the economy will turn the nation against them as even fools realize the truth. By that time, they will have lost control of the election system. Even if 100% of the population votes Republican, Democrats will end up with more ballots. No communist government ever fell to voters as Venezuela has proven. Americans are in for a long night until the people rise up against the tyrants once again.

[Author’s Note: Liberals have been taught to argue using false premises and allegations by which to condemn the righteous. If you say “all lives matter” then you are cast as a hateful, racist bigot. When you disagree with a liberal, they are taught to attack your faith and knowledge by falsely accusing you of not having compassion for others. The reply to this attack is simply to shove their sh*t back down their throats with the retort that they are the ones who don’t care and tell two-faced lies to cover up their crimes against humanity. They don’t care about the black children murdered by black gangsters because they encourage blacks to become criminals. They don’t care about babies because they encourage women to kill them in them in their wombs for convenience. They steal from working people to give your money to deadbeats that will submit to being their slaves. Liberals have no righteous merit in their arguments which is why they are so easy to take apart. They only have false condemnations to spew from their closed minds. Don’t fall for their BS attacks but prepare yourself because they will then accuse you of being offensive and uncaring. They’re right, I don’t care what liberal dumbasses think who believe they are the people of science when they don’t know how many sexes there are because they are control freaks who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to impose their will on others.]

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