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The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

Democrat deceptions have misguided American youths to believe that Nazi fascism and Marxist communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum when they are actually the same totalitarian socialist dictatorships of leftism. There are two types of people; those who acquire wealth through trade, production, and invention, and those who steal it. Righteous cultures employ law enforcement to keep the latter in check. Totalitarian governments are the gangsters who use their power to oppress and subjugate the people. They are the wolves preying on the sheep. Continue reading

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Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty

In America, liberalism is a reflection of righteousness, which is why they have it all backwards. Their belief that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator is just how contrary they have become. Their ideology is the reverse of what is good and true in the world. Continue reading

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Liberals ruin everything – How to lie like a Democrat

Lying like a Democrat is easy. You simply tell people you will do something beneficial, give it a title that sounds good, and then screw them over. You tell them you command the facts in direct contradiction of evidence. You … Continue reading

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Toxic Christian Conservatism vs. Toxic Liberal Fascism

Democrats have chosen their side as that of communist fascism disguised as reason and compassion wrapped in malice cloaked in deception. Only those with their eyes and ears opened by righteousness can see through their façade. Naïve liberals do not follow ethical values. They create their own and believe what they choose to do is righteous regardless of any measure. Their morality is that of children who take what they want and then justify their theft. They create TV shows where the plot involves bad people who commit murder because they are “extremist, militant terrorists.” They then depict those people as being the people who want to return the nation to its founding principles. According to them those principles are slavery serving corporate greed. This is how they corrupt people’s minds and poison their hearts against constitutional republicans. They will remake the military and law enforcement into their thug arms alongside their terror groups Antifa/BLM to impose their new laws on people who will not submit to their tyranny. Continue reading

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