Georgia Runoff may be sabotaged by RINOs

Lady Liberty says good-bye to America as Democrats seize absolute power in 2021 to make America a communist state.

If it’s not bad enough that Democrats are engaging in stealing the election, RINOs may sabotage Republican’s efforts to keep the two senate seats in Georgia. Leftwing media says Trump would sabotage it to screw McConnell for congratulating Biden/Harris on being elected. But that’s just more of the left accusing the righteous of being what they are and doing what they do. It’s more likely that McConnell would tank their re-elections to keep Republicans from challenging the Electoral College. There are too many RINOs willing to work with the Democrat communists that are taking over our government. That’s why force is the only means by which their crimes can be crushed.

Leftwing media propagandists all smear Rush Limbaugh as calling for secession and civil war. They say it is treasonous. When California said they would secede in 2016 they called it noble. These same people say the only reason conservatives listen to Rush is because he tells lies and instructs them not to listen to leftwing media. These are the people who tell lies while telling their audience not to listen to FOX News or Rush Limbaugh claiming they tell nothing but lies. The only way to find the truth of which side is lying is to listen to both sides and compare what they say to what they do. Rush replays what liberals say and do in order to teach the truth, while leftist media plays what conservatives say by taking it out of context and instructing their audience what to believe with Charlottesville being the prime example. Again, this is how two-faced leftists see the world through the mirror of their backwards dysfunctional thinking.

Democrats are screaming that it is Trump, not Biden, who is trying to steal the election. They deny that there is any evidence of election fraud on their part in the six states where Biden miraculously got more votes that Obama, even more ballots in a few counties than there are registered voters, when he got fewer votes than Hillary everywhere else. If we extrapolate the cities where Democrats didn’t use massive anonymous mail-in ballot fraud and apply their percentages to these other states, plus take into account the ballot fraud they used in blue states to oust Republicans from Congress, then Biden got fewer than sixty million votes. If all the ballots that were for Trump that were destroyed were found, he would have over eighty million votes. It is typical of the nature of thieves to decry the righteous as being the thieves when they take back what was stolen from them.

Only force will decide this election. Democrats will never stop trying to overthrow the Constitution until they are met with superior force imposing justice on them. Even if Congress stops the electoral count until a vote decision must be made on Inauguration Day, McConnell may sink Republican’s control of the Senate so that the Senate will vote for Harris over Pence to try to emasculate Trump. If the Georgia senators lose then McConnell may just have sabotaged Trump’s hopes of an electoral decision by Congress. With the courts refusing to hear evidence of election rigging, and the Congress on Democrat’s side to invoke socialism, Trump’s last recourse may be an act as Commander-in-Chief to invoke the Insurrection Act. Democrats will still try to seize the White House by force. Pelosi will declare Biden the winner and march down there with a military unit to oust the President. The decision will come down to whether or not Donald Trump has prepared enough military backing to defeat the coup. Otherwise, America will become a communist state under the façade of democratism.

[Author’s Note: Upon seizing power I expect that Democrats will quickly remove Biden and install Harris as president. Then they will choose Barack Hussein Obama as her vice president. This will leave him in place to lead the destruction of the free states of the USA and convert our nation into the Democrat’s CSA once again, this time as the Communist States of Amerika. The Georgia runoff it is imperative that Republicans not be discouraged or become complacent or apathetic at this point. They must turn out in such numbers that Democrat’s phony ballots must be used in such vast numbers to overturn the election as to make it patently obvious to those Republicans who still don’t stand behind President Trump. As I said, if we extrapolated the votes in solidly blue and red states applying the increase to President Trump and applying the decreases to Biden, then we would find that President Trump has more than 80 million votes to Biden having less than 60 million. This steal is the Obama regime undermining our election and the seeds of this communist revolution began with America’s Founding.

The seeds of America’s downfall were laid in 1776 when Democrat slavers in the South held enough power to keep America from becoming a totally free nation. They took root when they assassinated Lincoln to put a Democrat in the presidency following their attempted secession in their civil war. Those roots sprouted when Teddy Roosevelt foolishly split the Republican vote in 1912, and their tree of tyranny grew under FDR. Johnson’s assassination of Kennedy saw the branches of their tree grow until their leaves cast a shadow over the nation. The election of Obama was the Tree of Tyranny bearing fruit, and now we are seeing the Tree of Liberty be torn out by the roots as Democrats seize absolute power. There will never again be a free and fair election in the Communist States of Americka and the persecution of the righteous will again begin. This is the hazard that always comes to the righteous if they are not vigilant and strong in standing against the left whose greed compels them to infiltrate and overthrow the righteous whenever they prosper.

Proof of this is in Democrat’s “Covid Relief” where they give 700B of taxpayer money to foreign governments that hate us, and $1800 to illegal aliens, (proving they know who and where they are), while the citizens, most of whom paid those taxes, get only $600! Then they go on campaign as pajama boy Ossoff is in Georgia deriding Republicans for not approving President Trump’s call for $2000 for citizens and blaming them for eight months of obstruction by Democrats. Democrats will certainly jump on his bandwagon if it increases the National Debt and they can blame him for it. Make no mistake. If Democrats seize power, there will be a massive increase in debt spending to fill their empty coffers due to their destruction of their own blue state economies. They will make red states pay to rebuild them and the economy will languish under their heavy taxation. If President Trump is overthrown by this Marxist Revolution, then will be the reason to become truly apathetic as they will make election stealing the law of the land.]

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1 Response to Georgia Runoff may be sabotaged by RINOs

  1. Roy says:

    Apathy prevails when times are good. Having a Harris admin would be like a person just discovering they had terminal cancer. They either deny it, take radical steps to remove it, or just succumb to it. I’m for taking radical steps.


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