How communism has infiltrated and infected America

In the 1960s, Soviet Premiere Khrushchev vowed that communism would bury our children. The Vietnam anti-war protests, despite being kicked off by Republicans against LBJ’s escalation of the war in Vietnam, were all co-opted by the anti-America communist left. Since that time the communists have infiltrated and corrupted every level of our education, media, and government. The proof of this is in their success to get a communist elected President of the United States as leader of the free world, and have a Pope be elected who is a devout communist rather than a devout Christian.

If you don’t know that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist, then you haven’t read his book. If you don’t know that Pope Francis is a communist, then you haven’t listened to his sermons. If you don’t know that many teachers that have taken over American education and academe in college and university are communists, then you have been living oblivious to what has been happening in your own country. If you don’t know that the entertainment industry from actors to musicians to athletes are thoroughly corrupted by communism, then you don’t know how to recognize propaganda. If you think voter fraud is insignificant then what at what level does it become a crime? Is it a misdemeanor to steal from the nation? Democrats justify their crimes by claiming Republicans committed crimes but obstruct any investigations that would reveal the truth of the depths of their own crimes.

Communism has been successful because of all of us. We allowed it to succeed! We listened to liberal’s arguments about being fair, about allowing free speech, about permitting them to indoctrinate our children rather than fight them. While we are being tolerant of their false ideals, they were silencing us. Communism, like Islam, never spreads peacefully. They use coercion, intimidation, and violence to force others to submit to their will. Their bogus arguments about morality are all designed to confuse issues and dupe the ignorant. Why did Republican observers allow themselves to be pushed out of ballot counting rooms instead of fighting? Democrats forcefully removed them from making certain there was no cheating for what reason if not so they could cheat?

Liberals live the lies they tell about others. Like their gay propaganda militants, their purpose is to destroy morality and impose their version of morality on all. There are Christian gays who do not join with them because their purpose is not to establish rights for those who are being wronged. Their purpose is to overthrow Christianity. Their science is not science. The obvious truth of that statement is found in how many sexes they think there are and their belief that sex is not determined by your genitalia. They determine the truth based on their random morality that allows them to change the truth. They work with Nazis and call Republicans Nazis. They are bigoted racists who call Republicans bigoted racists.

They claim the common flu Coronavirus Covid-19 is made by Americans rather than part of China’s biowarfare against America. They fake death tolls by adding other flu virus deaths to Covid so that other influenza deaths have disappeared. They intend to keep us in masks as their slaves in perpetuity until they have absolute power through their manmade economic disaster. This shutdown that was supposed to be two weeks is getting close to a year. Changing how they count fatalities is their excuse and declaring their liberal “medical science” is now claiming there’s no such thing as herd immunity without a vaccine. Whatever knowledge liberals claim is always based on their false interpretations of the facts. If we were living righteously as a free people then mask wearing would be voluntary, not mandated by our government masters and enforced by their Mask-Nazis destroying businesses and lives.

Rush’s guest host, Todd Herman, thinks we should engage them in a “peaceful counterrevolution.” That’s like saying we should police criminals using the honor system with unarmed cops by just asking the criminal to turn themselves in for judgment. Communism doesn’t work like Christian capitalism does. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi used peaceful resistance against America and England because they stood for what was right in nations that stood for right. When confronted with their wrongs, righteous people acted to right those wrongs. Antifa Nazis and BLM communists are not fighting for what is right. They are fighting to overthrow what is right under the lie that they are the ones being wronged. In communist countries the methods of King and Gandhi would have resulted in their being imprisoned and crushed.

The obvious ballot fraud that Biden got more votes in swing state cities than Obama got, but in blue state cities got fewer than Hillary, is the first obvious fraud. That he got more votes in fewer counties than anyone in history, that he got more ballots than registered voters in those counties, and that he got more votes than President Trump whose tally in Democrat areas increased since last election are all proofs that this election was rigged. That courts are rejecting trials to hear evidence and liberals are saying this is proof there is no evidence is proof that our courts have been corrupted. That Congress is jumping in to work with Democrats rather than fighting them is proof that the Establishment is still working against American voters to go back to pre-Trump business as usual.

We cannot overcome Democrat’s election rigging by becoming political activists to get out the vote. No matter how many millions we add to our voter rolls they will add more millions of illegal ballots to overcome Republicans. This cannot be resolved peacefully as anyone who lives under a communist dictatorship knows. If President Trump does not use force to bring them to justice, they will never face justice at the ballot box. You cannot vote for criminals to go to prison when the criminals control the ballot box. The people of Georgia need to show up in greater numbers for the runoff election if only to force Democrats to commit so much massive voter fraud that it cannot be obscured. President Trump needs to be ready to take action against this violent overthrow of our Constitution. America’s fate will be decided this year whether we succumb to the communist insurrection or defeat them to re-establish our liberty.

[Author’s Note: We know from listening to them that liberals are uneducated. They parrot the propaganda they are spoon fed believing that Republicans are Nazi racists, democratic socialism is benevolent and fair, and that the left is right and the righteous are wrong. Their science, history, and politics are as flawed and backwards as their understanding of the law. Their belief that criminals will always confess and go peacefully is as infantile as their understanding of morality. Television that shows such silliness has contributed to these backwards beliefs.

Evil does not operate in daylight but from the shadows in darkness. When their truths are exposed to the light they dissipate. In their “Covid relief bill,” Democrats are giving $1800 of taxpayer money to illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes, while citizens only get $600 and legal immigrants who do pay taxes get squat. That’s because illegals endorse communism and vote illegally for Democrats while legal immigrants endorse Republicans though they don’t vote illegally because they want to become American citizens. We must re-establish Americanism in our schools because allowing the left to control our schools has utterly corrupted them to destroy the truth. That truth is that the left is never right, and liberalism is the backwards thinking of dysfunctional minds.

Todd Herman did come through powerfully on the side of right when confronted by a liberal caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show who wanted to convince him that socialism is superior to conservatism. Except that he couldn’t properly define either. He thought conservatism was crony capitalism, fascism, racism, and that we are the ones who would steal the election – all of the big lies with which leftist media fills liberal’s ignorant minds. The only crony capitalism in the world is communist China where only those who serve the party are allowed to prosper in the cities, and in America where Democratism has been running Congress for most of the last century. All of the things that liberals say they hate are the Democrat National-socialist Communist Party’s policies. God, whom they hate, is all about what conservative Christians stand for which is freedom. God gives you a choice. Satan gives you an ultimatum. That’s the difference between the righteous and the left.

Don’t waste your breath arguing with liberals about the evidence of their cheating this election. They just want to see your frustration turn to fear. They know they cheated. They know they are lying. They are proud of their crimes. They are the haters, and they know they lie about everything they say! It’s not possible for them not to know! They can fool themselves, but they cannot fool the world. They do this because they hate what we are, because they hate Christians. That’s why they are agnostics that ally with atheists, and Islamists, why they are socialists, communists and fascists, or falsely claim to be Christians but hate Jews when Jesus is a Jew. Actual Christians among them are dupes to their lies. They are at war and believe anything they do is justified through their hate and their lies.

Criminals always accuse the righteous of stealing from them their own property when they get arrested and what they stole is returned. “Possession is 9/10ths of the law” is a leftist saying. It requires force to bring criminals to justice! There is only one choice you have to make. Will you defend your liberty with lethal force, or will you surrender to be a slave to democratic socialist’s totalitarian oligarchy? President Trump has that choice to make and we must pray that he chooses what is right and fights and that the military stands with him. And we must stand with him, not behind him, to defend America!]

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