Trump’s Russian Collusion vs. Democrat’s Election Rigging

When Donald Trump was accused of cheating in the 2016 election, he joined the chorus calling for an investigation to prove his legitimacy and did so! Now that Democrats are being accused of cheating in 2020, the cacophony of their silencing those who expose them is deafening! No court or reasonable argument will change what is happening. Cheating is the use of force to steal from the righteous what is rightfully theirs. Only military force can decide the issue and reveal the truth.

When Democrats declared that Trump cheated in 2016 with the help of Russia to steal the election, he said “Investigate me!” Democrat’s spent three years and a hundred million dollars for seventeen angry Democrats to conduct a microscopic anal exam of Donald Trump’s life. They investigated his businesses, examined his taxes, and conducted interviews and investigations of his associates. They strove to find any crimes they committed that they could use as leverage to twist their arms and force them to confess dirt on Donald Trump, which they could not do. Donald Trump proved to be the most spotless, honest, and noble person they had ever investigated. There was not even anything unethical with which they could smear him, let alone a crime by which to impeach him. After the Mueller investigation debacle, Democrats continued to smear him as illegitimate and created a crime by which to falsely accuse and impeach him.

Biden and Company, on the left hand, are the exact opposite when it comes to their election rigging and ballot fraud. They deny it happened, they obstruct investigations, they persecute witnesses, and they block any attempt at redress in court. The left-wing media covered up the crimes of Biden before the election, and now only expose them to give their masters an excuse to boot him after the inauguration so they can install Barack Obama’s surrogate, Kommie Harris. If Republicans conduct any investigation of Biden after he takes the presidency it will be akin to the investigation and exoneration of Hillary done by Comey. All evidence will be openly, brazenly destroyed, and the FBI will declare that no crime had been committed. All witnesses will disappear and the DoJ will declare there was no tampering.

Democrats will overthrow the Constitution and persecute American patriots. OBiden will lead the charge until Obama decides the old white man must be forcibly removed if he refuses to step down and give power to Obama’s sister-in-Allah, Kamala Harris (who Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam in America, says will be the actual first black president because Obama’s mother was white). Then those who thought they were on the same side as Obama and his ilk will find they are outsiders to the new Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Amerika will be a land where the light of liberty from the shining city on a hill will go out and become a land of darkness. Two-faced leftism is the reason we went through the four year fraud of “Russia rigged the election” to the new fraud that “Democrats can’t rig elections.” Democrats will laugh in our faces as they piss on our shoes telling us it’s raining. This is why it is absolutely imperative that President Trump be ready to establish Martial Law to confront Pelosi when she brings a military coup to the White House to eject him.

The Plot to Steal America

[Author’s Note: McConnel saying we should not contest this, while congratulating Biden as President-elect because he was a senator who “devoted himself to public service for many years,” implying he is a true-blue public servant when his record proves him to be a mobster thug, is as vacuous as McCain saying we shouldn’t be concerned about Obama’s regime ruling America. Who do Democrats think they’re fooling declaring that the demented old white man campaigning from his basement, who was friend to segregationists, is more popular than their messiah? If we don’t fight now, we’ll pay later. If Democrats are allowed to steal this election there will be no 2024 for Republicans. Democrats are waging their 2nd Civil War from the shadows, their city streets, and our halls of power to enact a coup to overthrow America. Only liberal morons believe they will benefit from the socialist dictatorship that will take away all our rights.

An obviously liberal caller to The Rush Limbaugh Show warned Republicans that using the Constitution to stop their election rigging will result in a new call for the abolition of our democratic republic in favor of a democracy. He said,

“I gotta say as much as I want President Trump to remain in office, I gotta go with Senator McConnell on this one and that’s because there’s already such a civic ignorance about the Electorial (sic) College that if this were to happen, if Republicans were to do this, then it would create such confusion.

“And there’s a movement to abolish the Electorial College right now, and this would give them the fodder that they need as a rallying cry to say, “Look how bad the Electorial College is. The Republicans used it to steal the election,” and it would be a very big push to abolish the Electorial College when we need it, and I feel like it would be sacrificing the war to win a battle today.”

This just exemplifies what a lack of education breeds. We wouldn’t win a battle to lose the war by using the genius of the Constitution to right this wrong. If we surrender in this battle, we do lose the war. This is the 2nd Civil War’s Gettysburg. If the Democrats win here, then Republicans will give up. If Trump defeats the Democrats, then Republicans are given new life to continue the war and turn the tables by doing a deep dive into the corruption in our government.

The only satisfaction that Christian conservatives will get from losing is that liberal idiots will suffer alongside us. But that does our children no good as they will be indoctrinated into the new Islamist socialist “republic” of Amerika. We will have failed our children by listening to leftists who tell us we must be non-violent and turn the other cheek because “that’s what Jesus taught.” Jesus never said to submit to evil or believe their lies! He said what He said about a slap in the face as how to respond to an insult. He did not say, “If a man rapes your wife, give him your daughter” or “If a man shoots your brother, give him your son.” If we don’t teach our children to stand up and fight for what is right, then we teach them to surrender to evil. Jesus was quite clear that when he said it is up to the state to right wrongs and protect the innocent. That doesn’t happen under tyrannies in which case he said to resist the temptation of joining with them to ease our burdens. He called on us to fight for right, which we have not been doing by allowing leftists to squelch the church while indoctrinating our children into their immorality!

If Trump succeeds in defeating the Democrat’s election rigging, it will take 2-3 years to conduct investigations into their crimes. During that time Biden and his son, Hillary, Pelosi, and Obama should also be investigated and charged with their insurrection. If he fails, then all of the investigations into spying on his campaign and undermining the country, their riots, and their attempted will all be swept away because their coup would successfully establish their absolute power. Democrats will declare themselves innocent because if there’s not an investigation then there’s no evidence and in leftist’s world that means there’s no crime. On the flip side of that coin this loss would result in the reversal of all the gains Trump has made the past four years for America. This is why it is imperative that Trump go to war with them. The left already labels him Hitler so who cares what they say? Only force will bring out the truth. Although war doesn’t determine who’s right, it does determine who’s left. So, do you want to be Christians or communists?]

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

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  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    If it is not Liberal State Supreme Court justices pretending to be Conservatives it is a spineless primarily Republican party legislature us true patriots of Wisconsin have to contend with.


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