Liberal Beliefs to Follow Democrats to the Left is a Fatal Error

Leftists say that the righteous do not believe in science because we believe in a “fictional God.” Science we believe in. It is liberal science that is contrary to science, the truth, and good sense that we reject. Liberals don’t follow science. They follow the dysfunctional politics of the left.

Democrats are not campaigning on how they would make America better. They are campaigning on the irrational hatred of Trump they have created. They offer nothing for the people except the leftist fallacy of socialism. Their vote is not being cast for Biden who has been exposed as a mobster, or for Democrats who have been revealed as frauds. Rather it is being cast against Trump for his personality because he fights the left. Trump has done more to improve the lives of all Americans than any president since Reagan and done more for minorities than any president since Lincoln. Donald Trump, like Lincoln, is another incarnation of Washington. Telling Democrats this is like showing Dracula the Cross. The left is engaged in a conspiracy of silence, censoring the truth about Biden’s crime family dealings like they did about Hillary’s and Obama’s. Expose them to the light and watch them burst into flames.

Biden wins the Pinocchio of the Year award for telling a multitude of lies in the debate. He plays word games saying he didn’t say something because he said it another way using different words. For example, Biden said:

  • “I never said I would defund the police.” No, he said he would “redirect” their funding elsewhere as if we redirected his salary to somewhere else, he wouldn’t think we defunded his sorry hide.
  • “No one lost their insurance under ObamaCare.” No, just their private insurance was abolished, and they were forced to buy into ObamaCare.
  • “I never said I would ban fracking.” No, he said he would eliminate it by phasing it out to be replaced by “renewable green energy” as if solar batteries and windmills can replace it.
  • “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life” No, his son and other family received money from China, Ukraine, and Russia, like the $3.5M that Hunter got from the wife of Moscow’s mayor, and then gave daddy, the “Big Guy,” a cut.

These are just a sampling of the lies that earned Biden four Pinocchios and the Lie of the Year Award. In contrast, the leftwing media says Trump lies about Obama/Biden spying on his campaign, Russian collusion, Biden’s corruption, and climate change. The left is never right, and they proved that they are the opposite of George Washington in that they never tell a truth.

Biden says Trump lies about his declaring he will ban fracking and fossil fuels

“You Can’t Get Rich in Politics Unless You’re a Crook” – Harry Truman. Joe Biden saying he has never done anything unethical is like Obama saying his administration was transparent and scandal free.

Two thirds of Trump voters are not advertising their support for the president for fear of being assaulted by radical, militant, irrational, liberal Democrats. That is the definition of fascism that is the common characteristic of all leftism from socialism to communism to Nazism to Islamism to imperialism to atheism. All leftist ideologies do not lead by example but rule by force. The left is never right, and most people have the good sense to recognize this. Those who lead leftist groups are the deceivers, the False Prophets against whom Jesus warned. Liberals are the some of the people that can be fooled all of the time of whom Lincoln spoke.

In the debate, Biden claimed to never have gotten any foreign money. That’s because he has his son and family members getting the money and giving him a cut. He tried to accuse Trump of having a “secret bank account” in China. If it’s “secret” then why does everyone know about it? Trump is a world-renowned billionaire businessman.  Of course he has money in foreign banks! Where’s all the money Biden gets from his family’s corrupt foreign operations? Not in American banks. As always, Democrats tell us who they are and what crimes they commit by what they falsely accuse us of doing. It’s just like actors who pretend to be us in the movies and then lead lives that are opposite to us endorsing everything immoral.

Biden flat out denied he would force Americans into socialized medicine when he is on video doing exactly that! Democrats are trying to spin gold from their B.S. by saying that Trump will eliminate protection for pre-existing conditions that 70% of Americans want to keep. They keep claiming he will abolish them despite his assurances that he would not. Donald Trump is a man of his word who, unlike politicians, keeps his promises. Not like Obama who said if you like you doctor and insurance you can keep them, and that health costs would go down. Biden also avowed that he has never said he would ban fracking. He actually told Trump to “play the tape,” so he did! ROTFLMAO!

It’s not a flip-flop. It is an outright lie to deceive liberal dupes. Biden and Obama did force all coal mines to close and offshore drilling to cap all wells by executive order because they were on federal land. They tried to stop fracking on private land during their administration, but the Republican Congress blocked them. Trump reopening coal mines and expanding fracking is the reason that America is energy independent and a net exporter today. No longer are we reliant on Chinese coal and Arab oil. The most disappointing aspect of this debate was the complete lack of questions on foreign policy. Where Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize for creating ISIS, Trump has been denied one for destroying them and bringing Arabs and Israelis to actual peace accords. Biden slams Trump’s trade deals bringing American manufacturing home when he presided over shipping them to China.

Biden claimed green energy can replace fossil fuels and create jobs. Can you spell Solyndra? What solar battery can replace jet engines? Can liberals define two-faced pathological liar? Democrats are holding their noses while covering their ears and close their eyes to vote from their Egyptian riverboat for the guy with a D by his name. Leftists always hate the righteous because they only know how to profit by stealing from others. The righteous create wealth by working for the benefit of others. Leftists resent this which is why they always project their own criminal mentality on the righteous. Biden smears Trump for the Chinese virus destroying the great economy Trump fostered for which Obama and Biden try to take credit. Leftists always take credit for the achievements of others while they blame their own failings on others.

If Democrats are permitted to steal this election with their eighty million anonymously returned mail-in ballots, then the crimes of Biden, as well as those of Obama and Hillary that is the crap they have dropped on Americans, will be swept under the rug permanently. Over a million trashed Republican ballots have been found, which doesn’t portend well for however many millions are never found. Democrats will then feed the people from atop that filth soaked rug and unmake America to remake her in their image. Democrats will make America a one-party socialist state so that they never need worry about losing another election. The people will be demoted from citizens to subjects, and only a new revolution will free them from bondage once again.

This is not an election Democrats are running as they riot in the streets and burn down their cities. They are not telling the truth about anything from culture to history to science. This is a Marxist Revolution. Donald Trump is a Christian conservative American patriot fighting almost alone against the last desperate effort of the left to subvert America. Democrats are smearing American culture as racist so they can overthrow the Constitution. Those who believe in them are not patriots. They are thieving mobsters who believe stealing from others is justified, and they make up whatever lie of which they can convince themselves that they are the righteous.

Democrats smear Republicans as the racists they themselves are, as well as declaring they want to drink dirty water and breath dirty air. What kind of stupid does someone have to be to believe that? Democrat’s plan to stack the courts and Congress to make themselves the perpetual majority so they need never fear another leader like Trump rising up to undo their rule again. America is faced with a choice this election. Help President Trump keep America great and drain the swamp, or help the Democrats tear down America and build back as an eternal swamp of socialist dictatorship. Only the very worst people and their dupes believe anything Democrats say they will do would benefit them.

[Author’s Note: This is why it is imperative to teach our children history and civics. The purpose of government is to protect the people. Democrat’s purpose is revealed in their allowing rioters to loot and burn and murder people. This is who Democrats have always been from the days of slavery to their KKK militants to their oppression to their modern-day riots. It is always the left that resorts to violence. Every riot in American history has always been by leftist Democrats. In the past, it was white Democrats attacking black Republicans. Now it’s black Democrats attacking white Republicans. The oppressed have become what they hate.

There are still white Democrats also attacking black Republicans. In all cases of mob violence, it is leftists against the righteous until the righteous fight back, and then the left blames them for the violence. This is not a case of the pendulum of justice swinging. It is simply those who were oppressed becoming the oppressors. There is no avenging justice in this. There is only the sin of revenge by the same kinds of people that committed these crimes before. Now, liberals are screaming about Russian interference in the election once again. That interference from communists and Iranian Islamists comes in the form of phony emails being sent to Democrats supposedly from racist Republican groups. They use the smear that Proud Boys and Q-Anon are white supremacists threatening minorities to vote for Trump.

This flies in the face of Democrats publicly threatening anyone who does vote for Trump. This is their projecting their street thug riots on Republicans. This only proves that the only Russia interference has been in favor of Democrats. Democrats always endorse the leftists that are gangsters, communists, and fascists. It is always the left that is racist and anti-Christian. The reason America is in these straits today is because we have allowed the left to take control of our government, our media, and our education. They don’t teach. They only corrupt minds. They must never be bargained or cooperated with but must always be defeated. They have deliberately crushed their own economies and now want red state tax dollars to bail them out. Let them sink! Otherwise, we will be forced to submit to their tyranny.]

Lesley Stahl proves beyond doubt that leftists deny all known facts and create whatever story they want, even as the second debate moderator would talk over Trump and give Biden extra responses, leftists must attack the messenger because they cannot contest the message. There is no negotiating with them. There is no cooperating with them. Lesley Stahl proves beyond doubt that leftists deny all known facts and create whatever story they want. There is no negotiating with them. There is no cooperating with them. The FBI announces that they authenticated Biden’s laptop, yet she denies it. Russia collusion was proven a fraud, yet she denies that. We have the warrants that prove Obama’s regime spied on Trump’s campaign and she denies that. They would deny that the Sun is in the sky to refute Trump saying he has a shadow.

You cannot reason with people who live in denial. They are irrational deceivers who will fight to the death to defend their lies. They would deny that the Sun is in the sky to refute Trump saying he has a shadow. You cannot reason with people who live in denial. They are irrational deceivers who will fight to the death to defend their lies. If these Democrats do not go to prison for their crimes; Obama for spying, Hillary for destroying evidence, Biden for extorting allies, then America will not survive allowing these criminals to stand for election until they dupe enough fools to regain power.

The 6 Ds of Democratism: Deny, Deflect, Dissemble, Distract, Deceive, and Dupe

What is the vitally important issue of this election? Is it Covid? Is it climate change? Is it Trump being the mean orange man? Is it Biden’s corruption? Is it the economy? Is it Russia? Should we listen to Biden who says people don’t have to learn to live with Covid but how to die with it? Should we believe in Democrats who say don’t trust a vaccine developed under the Trump administration? Or is it that we should recognize the Democrat swamp rats who are choking the country once again in their bid to enact a coup? The choice is yours this 2020 election to blindly believe in Biden Democrats or see clearly Trump Republicans. You decide.

“If you’re under thirty and a liberal, you are ignorant. If you’re over thirty and still a liberal, you are mentally impaired.”

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2 Responses to Liberal Beliefs to Follow Democrats to the Left is a Fatal Error

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Wrong, anyone 4 who is a Progressive is mentally impaired, I know this truth to be evident because by the age of 2 those who are Progressives and should never been allowed to procreate and did are already indoctrinating their offspring with their warped ideology.


  2. Roy says:

    I’m certain that, if Democrat voters were given a DNA test, scientists would find that 95% of them were missing the ‘common sense’ gene. The other 5% are just perpetually discontent people.


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