Liberals ruin everything – How to lie like a Democrat

Lying like a Democrat is easy. You simply tell people you will do something beneficial, give it a title that sounds good, and then screw them over. You tell them you command the facts in direct contradiction of evidence. You say you are the people of absolute truth, of science, denying that your truth and science are a fanatical religion that threatens anyone who contradicts you. Only fools continue to believe in Democrats. Liberals are the fools to whom Lincoln referred when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.” The combination of ignorance, arrogance, and naïveté combine to make them gullible dupes to leftist deceivers. They don’t understand that what leftists say and what they do are opposites when they say one thing and do another.

This is how they are fooled by socialism and their deceitful terms like Social Justice, The Fairness Doctrine, The Affordable Care Act, and Net Neutrality. All of them are promoted as making life easier for everyone when they are all designed to steal from those who work hard and give to deadbeats and thieves. If you want to lie like a Democrat just blame Antifa/BLM riots on Republicans, declare there is no evidence of election fraud because judges are too intimidated by Democrat gangsters to hear it, and cast the righteous as evil. You will surely find 20% of the population to be oblivious liberal dupes willing to regurgitate the crap there are spoon fed thinking it’s the new steak.

Demented Joe Biden is not the 46th President of the United States of America. He is the 1st Premier of the Amerikan Democratic Socialist Republic soon to be removed in favor of General-Secretary Obama’s surrogate 2nd Premier Kamala “Kommie” Harris. The defining characteristics of liberalism is to believe lies in the face of actions, and to blame others for the problems they bring on themselves.

[I recently went to Grand Canyon and got treated to the stupidity of a liberal. This couple was standing up on the retaining wall to take their picture. Aside from loose stones on which someone could lose their balance, it was snowing, and the wall was wet and icy.

I said as I passed them, “Do you know how many people accidentally fall into the canyon every year?”

The girl immediately attacked me, “That’s a nasty thing to say muttering under your breath.”

I replied, “I didn’t mutter under my breath. I said it loud enough for you to hear my warning and not do something so stupid standing on an icy footing over a thousand-foot drop. You shouldn’t stand up there.”

Her response was, “What are you, the wall police?” At which point I walked away.

These are the kinds of people for who the Darwin Awards were created. You cannot help a liberal who is dedicated to being stupid. Liberals typically do something foolish thinking they are being brave and daring and independent. If she had slipped and fallen to her death, you know she would have blamed me for it. That is the stupidity of liberals. Had the shoe been on the other foot then she would have called the police to arrest me. The defining character of a liberal is to be a two-faced, self-righteous control freak. They are anarchists who want the freedom to do whatever they want but want to rule over everyone else and control what they do. That’s why they join with leftists. You can see this in the actions of Democrat mayors, governors, and congressmen demanding everyone else wear a mask for Covid and not go out to restaurants with friends while they do exactly that to enjoy themselves at our expense.

Do you know what are the most famous last words of liberal Democrats? In the South it’s, “Hey, ya’ll, watch this!” In the Northeast it’s, “Hey youse guys, look at me!” and out west it’s, “Dudes, watch this!”]

There are three ways to learn:

  • The easy way by being taught what doesn’t work to avoid it
  • The smart way by observing what others do wrong and not following them
  • The hard way by doing it yourself and getting it wrong firsthand

Liberals learn the hard way.

Leftist policies are designed to sound good but are used to suppress the righteous:

Social Justice – An uninformed ideology in which they judge the past based on what they see wrong with the present. There is no justice in their ideology. Only condemnations, slanders, and bigotry that they deem to be righteous.

The Fairness Doctrine – Was supposedly a way to give all sides free speech in media, but which in reality suppressed conservative opinion by squelching it with liberal lies and calling it fair representation of both sides of an issue.

The Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare was touted as reducing medical costs for everyone, but instead made healthcare costs double and triple – including taxing those who would not buy the ultra-expensive government single payer insurance.

Net Neutrality – Was supposed to make fast Internet access available to everyone, but instead slowed it down for everyone. This is typical liberalism believing that you can make a weak person strong by making a strong person weak.

White Privilege – This may sound like a real thing because white people prosper well in America, but it is rendered false when just a tiny bit of investigation is made. Asians prosper more than white people, and blacks only suffer because their cultural embraces gangster life as if it’s a good thing.

Critical Race Theory – This is another leftist fallacy that has a false premise by which they condemn the white race for enforcing laws and try to uplift the black race for breaking them.

Liberals want to erase their past as Democrat slavers, oppressors, and totalitarian dictators. They want their history to be unknown so that they can impose their new “progressive” ideology which is just regressive rehashed authoritarianism. Progressives would reinstitute feudalism wherein the peasants serve the nobles. They don’t want anyone to know they are simply the descendants of the slavers and mass murderers of the socialist left.

Liberals believe they can teach the past when they don’t understand the present

Liberalism is ruining comedy

Democrats have succeeded in establishing their election fraud as precedence. No future election is safe. They will be able to extend every election beyond election day so they can add votes until they win. They deny this fundamental truth of their basic nature as people who believe they have a right to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill in the name of their brand of justice. They justify their crimes by demonizing the righteous with smears and slanders. They rely on the ignorant to fall prey to their deceptions and follow them blindly. It is the nature of the left to deceive fools and coerce those who refuse to submit by force. That’s why they are mandating that anyone who calls out their election cheating to steal power be punished.

It is the nature of the righteous to fight for the truth. This is the Eternal War Between Good and Evil. This is why the left wants Christianity to be destroyed and atheism or Islam (which means “Submit”), along with the communist and fascist ideologies of the left, to rule over the masses. They created a number of organizations by which they hope to accomplish their goals:

President Trump tried to institute the 1776 Project Unites as a counter movement to restore Americanism to our educational system, to reaffirm America’s truth in our educational system that the left has corrupted so that communist teachers indoctrinate our children to hate America. But that effort has been crushed by Democrats. Likewise, the great men of history who defended the free world are being expunged. The bust of Winston Churchill who led the Allies to defeat the Nazis of Hitler and contain the Soviet communists of Stalin was removed in favor of communista Hugo Chavez. The portrait of Ronald Reagan who defeated the Soviets to free Eastern Europe was also removed. In their places Democrats are putting their communist heroes of fascist regimes who killed over two hundred million people in the last century around the world in their place. Only Hitler is omitted as he is used to falsely smear the righteous as fascists that they portray as a far-right totalitarian ideology rather than far left alongside communism. The true far-right is liberty, the left is the slavery of the totalitarians.

Social Liberalism: Modern Liberalism is born of one of three fundamental human personality character flaws:

  • Immorality
  • Ignorance
  • Immaturity

Classical liberalism today is now called Libertarianism. Today’s liberals are Social Liberalism which is just a phony way to say they believe in the socialist ideology of communist fascism. They believe in government ruling the masses, in the mob obeying their masters, and in the slavery of the peasants to serve the nobility.

In the conflict of Rallies vs. Riots between Republicans and Democrats, the leftist propagandists portray all Democrat riots as peaceful protests while they portray Republican protests as insurrectionist riots. The lies of the left know no bounds when it comes to smearing the righteous as evil. Their “15 days to slow the spread of the Covid virus” has become 15 months to stop the virus, which will never happen. All that is happening is Democrats have crushed the economy and people’s souls. Now they will steal from the red states that didn’t destroy their own economies to pay blue states that kept the nation’s economy in decline.

Liberals are the functional psychotics, sociopaths, and pathological liars of society. This all means they believe their own lies and have no conscience to deter them. They hate the righteous and those who tell the truth. The worst damaged people are not those who confuse instilling fear with respect. They are the ones with power like Obama, Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, and Schumer. They are Democrat thieves and their RINO allies. Like all thieves they see others like Trump as thieves. They can’t believe Trump could defeat them except by cheating better than they did. They justify themselves by smearing the righteous. They fail tests of logic. They jump to conclusions and think backwards finding facts to justify their conclusion while ignoring facts that prove them wrong. They have fragile egos that cannot bear criticism or accept their own faults. How do liberal’s senses work when they are so damaged? We know that humans do not see all spectrums of light. The same is true of sounds. The same is true of good sense and morality. Their souls are broken because they are filled with hate and all manner of negative energy.

Modern liberalism is a version of modern feminism. Liberal logic is what we used to call female logic. It is the irrational thinking of the emotional mind that does not maturely examine facts, but only wishes to have their emotional responses validated. This is a condition that infects 60% of women and 40% of men. It afflicts more minorities and young people who have not been educated. Education is contrary to leftism. Leftist rulers want people who are compliant sheep that they can shear, not independent thinkers. That’s why all leftist countries like communists and Islamists are so backwards. The United States led the way in invention and technological advancement for the past century by virtue of our independent spirit. Leftist nations only advanced by stealing our technology to incorporate in their own societies for the benefit of their elites. The left will never get out into space because they do not advance technology. Their elites spend their time finding ways to subjugate the masses, not to encourage them to invention to improve their lives. Democrats will not lead America into a new era of prosperity the way President Trump was doing. The only prosperity will be those elitists who take from the people and those who serve them.

[Author’s Note: I’ve never gotten over the feeling of being betrayed in 2008 when McCain laid down for the nation’s first communist Moslem pretender to begin the destruction of the America. That feeling came back when the little scumbag betrayed the nation and his voters yet again by refusing to vote ObamaCare out of existence. But even that doesn’t compare to the feeling of seeing President Trump, who slapped Democrats around silly for four years, submit to the Democrat’s stealing of the 2020 election. They now have absolute power to establish themselves as one-party rulers and no one stands in their way. I don’t know what it will take, when it will happen, or who will rise up to lead this nation in revolution once again. Superheroes may be fictional just as humans have always imagined superhuman heroes to be throughout history, myth, and legend, but they are real and do rise up in time of need with God uplifting them. We can only pray that our children are not consumed by leftism and lose their souls before that happens. We must pray and fight to keep our children in the Light of Christ.]

The assault on the Capitol January 6th was led by Antifa/BLM who recently marched through the streets of DC chanting, “Burn it down!”

Brennan wants to unleash fascist thought police on those who are against Democrats to “protect the nation”

Navarro: DOJ Slow-Walked Trump’s Executive Orders While Fast-Tracking Biden’s

Cancel Culture lawsuits by the left

Mike Lindell on Cancel Culture: ‘We Have to Make a Stand and Not Back Down’

Rudy Giuliani Sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 Billion

Beijing Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s Hatred for America

‘President’ Pedo Biden Declares Little Girls Have To Share Their Bathrooms With Boys

Democrats Call for ‘Army of Citizen Detectives’ to Monitor & Report Trump Supporters

Beijing Biden Appoints CIA Director With A 7-Year-Long Relationship with Chinese Communist Party

Totalitarian America: Priest SUSPENDED For Attending Pro-Trump rally at US Capitol

YOUTUBE CAUGHT RED-HANDED Removing Dislikes from Biden White House Page — Disables Comments After Avalanche of Anti-Biden Responses

Biden Admin’s BIG LIE: Claims Trump Admin Lacked a Vaccine Distribution Plan

Biden’s Democrat Regime Ushers In Islamic State Resurgence: Twin Homicide Bombings in Baghdad Kill 32, Wounded 110

Nazi-Inspired Censorship Goes Official: House Democrats are Now Urging FBI to Investigate Parler

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Babysitter Tells Him Through Ear Piece To “Salute the Marines”, Instead of Saluting He Says, “Salute the Marines” To Them

MONSTROUS: Amazon REFUSED To Help With China Virus/COVID Vaccine For Political Reasons (Until Biden Was Sworn In)

Pelosi Wanted Machines Guns

Biden Admin To INCREASE Drug Prices – Reversing Trump Policy Designed To Lower Insulin Prices

National Guard Asked to Keep 5,000 troops in DC as Democrats Use Military Occupation of DC as Political Weapon

Biden to force American taxpayers to foot bill for San Francisco homeless hotels

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2 Responses to Liberals ruin everything – How to lie like a Democrat

  1. Joey says:


    Most of what you say is fundamentally correct although I would not say liberals are thinking emotionally because of feminism. While it’s true women are more emotional it’s not exclusive as you point out. Honestly I think most people are irrational and not logical. Liberals have other problems like they seek to be politicians and policy shapers while being incompetent and not having natural ability or otherwise skill.

    They truly sometimes have good intentions but they always fail because they don’t understand policy. They always make things worst. The other problem is how they understand human nature, they see it as good and well intentioned. While some people are the domain of government,. Law and order, military is based on the totally opposite understanding to the extent it’s true. To operate these functions of government thinking people are good is foolish.

    I used to have your concerns but you have to understand basically liberals have taken over the government and parts of society. But does it matter? Is the government so essential, is the society so essential? Do wacky liberals effect your daily life? Probably not aside from concern they could. Eventually liberals will meet the natural consequences of their actions and fail and it may include the government and parts of society.

    So what? That’s part of life, study history. There will be a new government and society. It’s not worth it to fight against or worry about

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      Being too unconcerned about the lies Democrats tell that liberals believe is what has brought about their usurping our education to corrupt our young to the extent that it allowed them to take control of our government as communist dictators. I agree not to let them affect how you live your life, but at the same time we cannot allow them to control our lives.


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