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The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

Democrat deceptions have misguided American youths to believe that Nazi fascism and Marxist communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum when they are actually the same totalitarian socialist dictatorships of leftism. There are two types of people; those who acquire wealth through trade, production, and invention, and those who steal it. Righteous cultures employ law enforcement to keep the latter in check. Totalitarian governments are the gangsters who use their power to oppress and subjugate the people. They are the wolves preying on the sheep. Continue reading

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Capitol stormed by angry protesters, Democrats smear as riots

What happened at the Capitol was hardly a riot. They didn’t smash the place or set fire to anything. They scuffled with police, not throwing rocks at them and shooting lasers in their eyes like Antifa/BLM scum do. Continue reading

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Black lives matter movement – Hearts of Hate

“We want dead cops” is the chant of violent racist criminals who want the power to prey on law-abiding citizens without fear. They are Democrats who want citizens to be disarmed.  The concealed weapons laws, putting self-defense into the hands … Continue reading

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Anchor babies – making thieves family

So, if someone broke into your house and popped out a baby on the floor, does that then make them a member of your family? Democrats have taken the 14th Amendment and corrupted America by making the children any foreign … Continue reading

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