America’s State of the Union 2021

Amerika is now a communist dictatorship ruled by Democrat fascists. The State of the Union address, typically given by the President of United States in February, has been omitted by the Obama/Biden regime. That’s because it is done to address a free people on the status of their republic. As America has fallen and is now a communist dictatorship usurped by a fascist coup of hateful Democrats there won’t be one. Democrats can say they are for unity, tolerance, love, freedom, and compassion, but their actions are all the opposite. How long can they keep up their lies of this façade in the face of the obvious as they force the economy again into decline and silence free speech through their big tech fascists? Only the most oblivious fools are duped by them. The remainder of their followers are the hate-filled angry fearmongers of the left who wanted America destroyed. They are using anti-white bigotry, propaganda, and lies to achieve their desire.

Communist Democrat fascists are making the good citizens of America criminals by reversing righteous law. Like all leftist thugs they make what is wrong legal and what is right illegal. They punish the good as they reward criminals. Their values are opposite that of God and what is good. This is why the left is never right because of how backwards liberals think. They see the world through a mirror of their hate and fear scorning what is righteous in favor of what is selfish. They incite bigotry and hatred in their base to justify their fascist crimes against the righteous. They are stealing away our rights and freedoms a bit each day. They censor the truth as fake news while promoting their fake news propaganda as just and true. They keep their lemmings in line by telling them not to listen to the truth because “it is ‘hate speech’ and bigotry.” They empower criminals while persecuting their victims. This is communist Amerika where fascism rules and the righteous are silenced and oppressed. “Let freedom ring” is no longer Amerika’s motto. “Submit or suffer” is the motto of Democrat socialists.

Trump: Obama Committed Treason

Biden Gun Control Plan Would ‘Criminalize’ up to 105 Million People

TREASON: Biden officials, John Kerry COLLUDED with Iran behind Trump’s back to undermine his presidency

GWP Appears To Have Just Identified The Man Who Killed Ashli Babbitt

Hiding behind So. Korea, Biden regime to release billions to world’s largest state sponsor of terror Iran

Democrat Ministry of Propaganda: DHS Blames “Right Wing Terrorists” for 2020’s Antifa/BLM Leftwing Terror

Sleepy Joe Preparing For All Out War Against PATRIOTS!

Biden REVERSES Trump’s Crackdown on Child Sex Traffickers and Sex Offenders In the US Illegally

America gets warned: Biden’s ‘equity’ will involve ‘coercion’

Biden’s Equality Act is a danger to women’s and conscience rights

Harris Takes Customary Role of President by Calling Several Heads of State

Aim of Impeachment Was to Paint All Trump Voters as Criminals

Pelosi Announces Independent 9/11-Style Commission to Investigate Capitol Riot

Antifa leader arrested for riot at Capitol paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC

NBC Goes Full On Nazi in Vile Anti-Jew Episode of ‘Nurses’

What The Gov Is Doing To Poll Watchers Who Blew The Whistle On Election Irregularities Is Sick

The following articles are examples of INSIGNIFICANT CRAP designed to stir up angst and frustration. Nothing will ever be done about these corrupt Democrat communists now ruling Amerika. As for Republicans who are now working with Democrats, I would look to how President Trump treats them to know if they are just acting compliant in order to stay in government and help the people against Democrat corruption, or if they are actually turncoats just out to take care of themselves like Liz Cheney in the first article. The rest are just garbage meant to frustrate Republicans and cause us to lose hope of regaining our constitutional republic. We know that we cannot regain it by protests or voting.

Liz Cheney Says Trump Should Not Be ‘Playing a Role’ in U.S., GOP’s Future Ahead of His CPAC Speech

This Senator Proves That The Events At The Capitol Were Actually Planned

Law Enforcement Confirms What We Already Knew About The Capitol Riots, Obliterates Democrats’ Narrative

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s Mother: ‘He Wasn’t Hit on the Head’ on Jan. 6

They Got Caught And EVERY ONE OF THEM Was Forced To Resign!

Moscow Mitch Just Got The WORST News Of His Life!

What This Dem Mayor Spent Covid Relief Funding On Will Make Your Blood Boil!

Nancy Pelosi’s Son, Paul Pelosi Jr’s Ukraine Scandal Blown Wide Open!

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Life in Communist Amerika

How we know that Democrats are communist fascists

Toxic Christian Conservatism vs. Toxic Liberal Fascism

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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