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The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

Democrat deceptions have misguided American youths to believe that Nazi fascism and Marxist communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum when they are actually the same totalitarian socialist dictatorships of leftism. There are two types of people; those who acquire wealth through trade, production, and invention, and those who steal it. Righteous cultures employ law enforcement to keep the latter in check. Totalitarian governments are the gangsters who use their power to oppress and subjugate the people. They are the wolves preying on the sheep. Continue reading

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Democrat fascists unmasked – terrorizing the Right

Wisconsin Democrat prosecutor persecutes Walker supporters with police raids to steal their property on false pretenses.  Nationally, as Jihadis gain power around the world Obama announces that climate change is the greatest immediate threat to national security.  He announces plans … Continue reading

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