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Democrat Convention vs. Republican Convention

False Hope and Dark Light vs. Truth, Justice, and the American Way During their convention, not a single Democrat mentioned the violence that has been rocking their cities for three months. President Trump made their radical thugs one of the … Continue reading

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Trump’s quality is reflected in his children whom liberals loathe

Any man’s quality is reflected in his progeny NeverTrumpers are those who remain bitter over losing to his simple campaign.  They are those who have been duped by GOP propaganda and Democrat hate.   As Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio can … Continue reading

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Cruz proves as faithless as Bush and Cruzers as delusional as Democrats

Ted Cruz walks off stage at Republican Convention to the boos of the crowd as Trump is cheered.  Cruz said he couldn’t endorse Trump in good conscience for attacking his wife during the campaign.  Texans know that if you stick … Continue reading

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GOP has been world class f***-ups defeating Democrats – give Trump a chance!

NeverTrump crowd working to sabotage primaries. The GOP has proven they are no different than Obama.  They say they will do one thing for the benefit of America and then do the opposite to harm America.  This presidential election cycle … Continue reading

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Rush and I are on the same page – great minds think alike

Rush reads my blog and then speaks my thoughts on the radio. I love listening to Rush Limbaugh articulate on the radio what I have written on my blog.  Sometimes I swear he reads what I write because what he … Continue reading

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Hillary doesn’t believe she has ever told the public a lie

Just a few: ObamaCare will insure all of America’s uninsured. Ambassador Stevens was assassinated in Benghazi because of a video. Republicans want to deny women birth control and die in childbirth. When asked if she ever lied Hillary’s answer was … Continue reading

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