If Trump Concedes, America Dies

Mark the date. If President Trump concedes to Democrat’s election fraud, that will be the date of death for the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the American Dream. Democrats will succeed in rigging all future elections to make Amerika a one-party socialist oligarchic dictatorship like their beloved China.

America July 4, 1776 – to be determined

They may carry on the façade of America, but the land of the free and home of the brave will cease to exist as leftist greed, hate, and fear dominate the nation, plunging it into the abyss of the darkness of leftism. To not believe this will happen we need only look at the present in light of the past. Obama came out and said “Defund the police” is just a slogan, not a policy, while liberals are screaming for it and Democrat mayors are doing it. Their anger at him will fade as quickly as it did ten years ago when he said he was against same sex marriage right before he came out for it.

Conservative Christians had then best do like Christians did under Nero and go underground or like under Julian go into hiding hoping that God gives us a miracle that destroys these philistines. The churches will be closed, citizens will be disarmed and persecuted, police will become government muscle, criminals will run rampant, and the economy will go in the toilet. China’s communist rulers will be the great beneficiary to become the dominant global power. Freedom of speech will disappear as Democrat’s Big Tech will become the media censorship propaganda machine of “1984.” All the warnings by all the brilliant moral people will come to fruition as the nation is falls to the Dark Side. There won’t be any reason to follow the news anymore because it will all become like Russia’s Pravda.

There will be no Trump making a Grover Cleveland style return due to Democrat’s destruction of the American economy and culture because they will own the ballot box. If they steal the presidency this year, they will also steal the Senate. By 2024 they will have instituted their complete control, not only of Congress, but the Supreme Court as well. Even if Trump isn’t in prison or fled the country, they will just have a rerun of this year and steal the election. Only they will be the ones controlling government from top to bottom. They will declare the election of anonymous mail-in ballots after Election Day to be more secure from Republican tampering than this year. There will be no appeal or investigations of any election they win ever again as they will control the courts, the investigators, and the DoJ (which they apparently already do).

The only duty left to patriots will be a 2nd Revolutionary War against Democrat slavers for winning the 2nd Civil War. Millions of Americans will die in the socialist purges, pogroms, persecutions, and in the war for liberty that will follow. This is what happens to countries that prosper. They attract the greedy who corrupt the culture until they can seize absolute power as totalitarians. Idiot liberals who stupidly believe they will benefit from this are going to be the ones who suffer the most – and they earned it! This is how liberty dies, not with a bang, but a paper whimper, leaving patriots to fight their way out of the socialism into which liberals stupidly voted us. America will be under the one-party socialist dictatorship of the totalitarian left. Welcome to your new life as a Democrat slave. There will be no more patriots, only tyrants, rebels, and sheep.

Trump: US Election System ‘Under Coordinated Assault and Siege’

[Author’s Note: This is how socialists do it. They corrupt people by inciting greed and envy, wreck the economy to make them desperate, demonize the righteous with lies and slanders and, once they get power, they tax the prosperity away for themselves. Tax the rich? What a joke! They will tax the poor by reinstating the ObamaCare Mandate. Make the nation secure? They will make it secure for criminals and our enemies by defunding the police and military and disarming citizens by force. Grow the economy? Leftists never grow economies, they loot them! Their Green New Deal is just a method of moving the green from our pockets to theirs. They will give China back America’s industries and will reverse all that Trump has achieved.

How is it that the FBI and DoJ are not all up in Democrat’s business with all we know of how this election has been rigged? Signatures not required on ballots and observers removed while counting was done without them is enough for any moderately intelligent person to realize this election was deeply defrauded. What Democrats will do to this nation if they succeed should chill anyone’s soul. Stupid liberals will find themselves living in Venezuela delusionally wondering how Republicans screwed them over. The Democrat government will continue to incite hate and fear to keep their masses of idiot sheep in line. President Trump had better have military units ready to repel Pelosi & Co. when they try to enact a military coup on January 20 if the Supreme Court finds for him and Congress is forced to declare his re-election. Pray for Donald Trump to succeed! Pray for him to win! Pray for the nation to be put back on the path of righteousness and all leftists to be defeated. Pray hard or start praying for the 2nd Coming!]

“If we don’t root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that’s taken place in our 2020 election, we don’t have a country anymore.” – President Donald J. Trump

President Trump’s full speech on investigations of election rigging by Democrats

How do you know who is righteous and who is a leftist? It’s not by their words or weapons as we all use the same ones. It is by their deeds and motivations. Liberals say they are for freedom but believe government tyrants should enslave the masses. They say they want liberty and prosperity for all but advocate stealing as righteous. They say they want freedom, but they only want freedom to take what they want, and they will not only threaten but are willing to destroy your families to get it. Stop believing that Democrats don’t understand what they’re doing. They know damn well they are lying deceivers. It is liberals who are ignorant dupes. Social liberalism in the 21st century is what will be the death of American Exceptionalism that is the Light of Liberty in the world.

The Supreme Court will decide if election rigging becomes law

Steve Hilton – tell the establishment media to shove it!

Obama’s Joke on America – he will rule through a surrogate after spending the last four years enacting a coup through his shadow government

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Chinese Sociologist Gives Inflammatory Speech, Claims China Will Drive America ‘to Its Death’

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Ohio Rioters To Finally Face Justice Until Judge Tosses Police Work Down The Drain

Libs Suggest ‘Deprogramming’ ‘Camps’ For Trump Supporters – (This is Amerika under Democrats. Criminals go free. Citizens are persecuted.)

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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