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The Supreme Court will decide if election rigging becomes law

Democrats spent three years and a hundred million taxpayer dollars investigating election fraud in 2016. No one obstructed that investigation! In 2020, Democrats are not asking for election integrity to be proven but are instead threatening the lives of anyone who says there was election tampering who demands an investigation into election integrity. Continue reading

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Are you an informed voter or an ignorant lemming?

There is no doubt that Democrats rigged this election to steal the presidency from Trump and as many congressional seats as possible. Despite their efforts Republicans still made gains, so they concentrated their final efforts on election night by filling out millions more ballots for Biden alone in a coordinated action. What has to happen from here is that the people must have patience, faith, and prayer for a speedy process in the courts. Continue reading

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Giuliani doing the job of the DoJ and FBI with a handful of lawyers

Why won’t Giuliani’s team show the evidence they are gathering? The answer is because they are gathering that evidence! If they informed the public and the perpetrators what evidence they are gathering, those people would begin a document burn, destroy evidence, and hide witnesses. Any witnesses that come forward would be doxed and terrorized. Continue reading

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Obama working to hamstring America from fighting the Jihad

Obama’s presidential symbol replacing the American Bald Eagle reflecting his character and policies to perfection. Rather than working to take down the Jihad, Obama has been weakening America’s military while giving aid to the Jihadis rampaging throughout the Middle East.  … Continue reading

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Liberals condemn black pastor for speaking out against Ferguson riots

Rioters in Ferguson spread their hate around the country lauding it as the new civil rights movement.  Protesting blacks endorse having neighborhoods controlled by black gangs rather than police to protect them from racism.  One righteous black pastor throws their … Continue reading

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