This is the Democrat Zone

Imagine a world in which people believe what they are told without question.  Where people are told the innocent are evil and the deceivers are righteous.  Imagine a people who believe others are what they themselves are and condemn them as being bigots and traitors.  This isn’t a place where good sense makes good decisions, but a world of ignorance and stupidity where insanity rules.

This is the Democrat Zone.

President Trump rally in Kentucky

“President Trump has great courage.  He faces down the fake media every day.  But Congress needs to step up and have equal courage to defend the President.” – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Piers Morgan recognizes that Social Liberalism is fascism in disguise

Doubting Democrats should not only be everyone’s default position, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that has paid even the least bit of attention for the last three years that everything the Democrats and their fake media presents is a lie on its face.  Schiff and Pelosi keep saying that Trump is guilty of violating the Constitution, yet they can’t name any crimes he has committed that they haven’t created.  It is they who keep violating American law and constitutional authority trying to undermine, usurp, and overthrow the president.  Co-equal branches of government does not mean that they have the power to overrule the president and put him under their thumb.

As Democrats commit the very crimes of which they falsely accuse Trump, they curse Republican voters as being to blame.  To blame others for your own actions is the mentality of criminals, pathological liars, sociopaths, immature fools, and backwards thinking social liberals.  Everything liberals believe is wrong.  Democrats, social liberals, and their leftist policies are proof why stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  They are told Trump is Hitler for erroneous reasons that they, in their dysfunctional ignorance, believe.

They believe Trump is a racist against Hispanics and Moslems, that Trump’s tax cuts are stealing from the poor to give to the rich, and that an economy that benefits everyone produces only greed.  They propose making good citizens outlaws while giving citizen’s rights to invaders.  When their two-faced ethics are exposed, they blame Republicans.  Why are Republicans still cowards about investigating Democrats?

[WARNING: Profanity laced invective ahead because saying that Democrats are “disingenuous” just doesn’t cut it.]

Hillary sold American uranium to a Russia and the Clintons took hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs for “making speeches.”  Liberal morons falsely accused Trump of getting his billions from loans by those oligarchs.  Let me ask this in the most diplomatic, politically correct way I can muster;

What kind of lame brain, half-witted, shit for brains, blithering idiots believe the insane shit that spews out of Democrat’s mouths?

Why do these fools, who are utterly stupid pea brains, think that Republicans are working with Russians to overthrow America?  The speak their two-faced accusations while they swoon over communist advocate Bernie and his Nazi squad.  While they grovel at the feet of their Moslem communist black-hearted messianic president.  While they adore their traitorous, gaslighting, hateful old hag.

WTF is wrong with their brains?

Perhaps I need to put diplomatic politically correct speech aside and just say to Democrats what all righteous Christian conservative Republicans are thinking we should tell them to do;

Democrats have rules in Congress that say they can legally lie, slander, and smear good people, and if the people protest it is illegal and they are held in Contempt of Congress.  There is no reasoning with these people.  There is no working with these people.  Their goals are the opposite of America’s goals.  Every patriotic American being interrogated under these conditions should respond by telling Pelosi & Co. that they have nothing but contempt for their shit sucking lying mouths and they can go fuck themselves in the ass with their broomsticks!  Just say to Democrats in Congress;

Fuck off, eat shit, and die!

Nothing could ever happen that would be worse than for the left to succeed in regaining power once again because the next time will be the last time that America is a free constitutional republic.  Is it surprising after they elected a communist Moslem to be leader of the free world, while the nation is at war with Islam and Communism, that Democrats are leaking national security secrets?  Obama had eight years of unrestricted access to give away every national secret America had to our enemies.  Democrats do not work for citizens anymore, but advocate for criminals, foreign invaders, and America’s enemies.

Dysfunctional backwards liberal thinking

Symptoms of dysfunctional, backwards, two-faced liberal thinking:

  • Do you believe that screaming hysterically will make you right?
  • Do you believe that typecasting the righteous as demons will make you good?
  • Do you believe that lying about others being racists doesn’t make you a bigot?
  • Do you believe that ignorance is bliss?
  • Do you believe that the world is going to end?

The Russians aren’t coming.  The Russians are here.  They already have control of leftist liberal Democrat’s minds who, in their brainwashed delusions, scream that the Russians are working with Republicans.  How much more blazing stupidity can America take before it collapses into the darkness?  Democrats are prepared to order America’s police to seize citizen’s guns or kill them in the process and make the people slaves to Democrats once again.

Elections are no longer a case of you win some and lose some.  This isn’t a case of sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.  This is combat.  There are no points for second place.  Democrats have openly declared that they will be America’s dictators and, as all evil people do, they declare they will destroy the righteous who would prevent them from committing their crimes to be dictators.  Only people with a moral compass, with ethical minds, can separate the good from the bad when it comes to lying politicians.  Only by seeing their actions and understanding morality can people come to sensible conclusions.  This is what the Founders, that Democrats want to obliterate, warned against when they said,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

In other words, when the shit is piled too high and deep to wade through it, then it’s time to clean house.  Criminals and traitors eventually become so powerful that they cannot just be voted out because they have so much support by leftist haters.  In the past, good leaders have had to put an end to corruption by bringing all who work against the state to justice.  Wild criminal gangs were wiped out.  Corrupt officials were rooted out and executed.  Mexican drug cartels are warring on the Americans border with the help of Democrats in Washington to have access across the border.  This must be brought to an end because they are simply murdering thousands of Americans.

Democrats call Trump Hitler, but it was Hitler’s Nazis who disarmed the people to make them slaves to the government and criminals.  Trump doesn’t treat Hispanic illegal aliens the way Hitler treated legal immigrant Poles.  He doesn’t treat invading Moslems the way Hitler treated the Jews.  Democrats vow with all of their anti-God rhetoric that this is how they will treat Republicans and Christians.  That’s why they embrace the anti-Christian ideologies of socialist atheism and fascist Islam.  America is on the brink and President Trump must do more than just beat them back to fight another day hoping Republicans can win against their propaganda and voter fraud machines.  It’s time to bring them to justice!  Stop permitting stealth fascists like Pelosi to run free.

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Moslems gang raping women in Europe

[Author’s Note: Perhaps I am being too circumspect in my utter contempt for Democrats?  The truth is that when Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek,” He did not mean surrender your children to evil.  What Democrats are doing is the most vile, disgusting sickness of the leftist mind to destroy all that is righteous because it is righteous.  There is nothing American about what Democrats offer, say, or do.  To believe any Democrat is patriotic is to enable liars to deceive.

Perhaps I am understating the truth, but who cares?  I hold social liberals in the utmost contempt as fools and dupes just as I hold Democrats in Congress in utmost contempt as swindlers and deceivers.  I hope my righteous wrath isn’t coming on too strongly.  😀  Like Obama saying that Trump is benefiting from the economy he created, it’s like a murderer saying that he should be credited for saving the life of the person he was throttling off whom the police pulled him.

We are seeing Obama’s transparency in Democrat’s impeachment star chamber.  Pelosi said she is praying for Trump.  There is nothing Christian in what Democrats are doing from abortion after being born to importing America haters under the guise of refugees.  If Pelosi is praying anything it is a prayer to Satan to kill Trump and his Republican base.  Everything Democrats profess would bankrupt this country, make good citizens outlaws, and give power to the Islamists and communist invaders they imported.

Making voter ID laws extreme is a requirement to stop Democrat’s voter fraud from succeeding.  To be sure, if they ever got power then they would take away the vote from American patriots and give the country away to communist America haters and Russia will have indeed won the culture war.  The bottom line of this proceeding is not that the people will hear both sides of the story and be able to decide for themselves, but that Democrats can speak any lie they want, and Republicans must remain silent.  This is communist court and American patriots must not abide this crime.

Oh, and to those liberals who think my speech is coarse and brutish – GROW A FUCKING BRAIN!  You need it more than you need to grow a pair of balls.  We won’t let you ruin our country with your stupidity!  Liberals need brains more than they need balls.  With balls without brains all you would do is become the Nazi thugs you dream of being.  Cry to your mommy if you think this is too much “toxic masculinity” for you.  You need a moral compass and you won’t find that in the aisle of political correctness!]

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Four gems of wisdom from Rush:

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