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Barack OBiden depleting America’s military arsenal AGAIN while crushing our economy into decline AGAIN!

Corrupting our election system with anonymous mail-in ballots, Democrats have set the stage for a one-party dictatorship under their fascist communism. Opening our borders to all invading illegal immigrant criminals and communistas, closing down businesses and American energy, while stealing prosperity from red states to bail out their failed blue states, Democrats have initiated their great wealth redistribution from the makers to the takers. They are destroying education by miseducating the young to their Chicken Little science religion teaching them that Democrats can control the climate of the planet. They are reinstating all the corrupted damaging policies of Obama and sweeping away the nation saving policies of President Trump. They are giving away American prosperity to foreign enemies while choking citizens. Continue reading

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Dystopian liberalism vs. conservative reality

Leftists have been teaching America’s children to be hopeless, defeatist, and dysfunctional.  Liberalism is the dystopian world of dysfunctional thinking. We wonder why America is in decline and Democrats are in denial, but it’s easy to understand when we see … Continue reading

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Hillary’s economic speech an EPIC of liberal stupidity like her foreign policy!

This is where liberals go to die in the dystopian world of Democrats.  The billionaire entrepreneur vs. the crony old crone.  Democrats have successfully blamed Republicans as doing what Democrats are actually doing – making the rich richer and the … Continue reading

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America’s children have become stupid and Christians are to blame

American Christians have failed to instill morality and knowledge in their children’s hearts and they are paying the price.  The Age of Technology has led to the Age of Ignorance among America’s young.  While they are lost in their tech, … Continue reading

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The Great Obama Depression; 2008 – 2016

The Great Depression brings back to mind the image of people who cannot find a job and are so destitute that they had to stand in line at soup kitchens to get something to eat.  Fast forward to the 21st … Continue reading

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Donald Trump may be just the leader America needs

Trump/Cruz 2016 may be just the ticket to reverse the liberal decline enacted by Democrats and restore America to greatness.  These two fearless leaders who will put Americans first are what is needed to stop Obamaism from destroying the Land … Continue reading

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