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Face Masks in the USA

Face it, we scoff at Asians in America who are running around in cloth facemasks.  But now, with the new warnings from the Trump administration and CDC, we should rethink this.  Chinese have been using masks and not touching for … Continue reading

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Invasion USA – Building the Great Wall of America

The Great Wall of China was built to stop Mongol invasions raiding to rape and pillage and steal and kill Chinese.  The Mongols invaded to steal Chinese wealth rather than trade with them.  This is the nature of leftism vs. … Continue reading

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Cruz proves as faithless as Bush and Cruzers as delusional as Democrats

Ted Cruz walks off stage at Republican Convention to the boos of the crowd as Trump is cheered.  Cruz said he couldn’t endorse Trump in good conscience for attacking his wife during the campaign.  Texans know that if you stick … Continue reading

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Trump failing to unite the party could be his downfall

United we stand, divided we fall.  Democrats are fractured; 20% of Bernie supporters say they’ll vote Trump, while another 45% say they won’t vote for Hillary.  But there’s also 10% of Republicans who say they won’t vote for Trump.  Even … Continue reading

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Self-righteous Cruzers – doing evil in the name of good

If Americans won’t choose what is best then they need to suffer more until they do.  This is the attitude of some on the right who are upset that the most conservative candidate was again not chosen.  This is the … Continue reading

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Can Trump unite a divided America?

Trump has support from citizens across the demographic spectrum.  But GOP elites threaten to vote for themselves or Democrats and Cruzers threaten not to vote at all.  Between the factions they may make Hillary our next president. Before he can … Continue reading

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Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

Do conservatives expect perfection before voting?  If Trump isn’t conservative enough does it matter if he is going to promote what the TEA Party has been begging for all these years?  Obama betrayed America, the GOP has betrayed us when … Continue reading

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Is Trump true or is he false?

Who was Trump talking about leaving out of uniting the Republican Party?  This is why he is the wild card and this is the most important question that needs to be answered. After Ted Cruz announced his withdrawal from the … Continue reading

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Cruzers and Trumpsters cut off their noses to spite their faces

Cruzers are damning Trumpsters for getting The Donald the Republican nomination.  They are saying he will lose to Hillary because of his character and vow that they will not vote for him.  What kind of psychotic stupidity is that?  No … Continue reading

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WARNING! Relapsing to liberalism may result in permanent brain damage 

Don’t blame others if you won’t vote Republican and allow Democrats another victory as you did in 2012!  Stop acting like a whining liberal while claiming you’re conservative.  Don’t blame others because you think your candidate isn’t conservative enough!  First … Continue reading

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