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This War for the Presidency does not end when Electors vote

The establishment wants Trump out of their sandbox so they can rule over the country again and take wealth for themselves. They will do it using Covid slave masks like California where their tyranny shuts down Republican restaurant owner’s outdoor dining while a movie studio sets up outdoor catering right next to it because they pay Democrats. This is how leftist gangster tyranny rules. It’s just like “tolerant” Islamists allowing Christians to worship in the countries Moslems control if they pay the Jizya, the double taxes, for the “privilege.” They take our money and use it to kill us and enslave us. Continue reading

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Election Rigging Must Not Rule

To be truly informed requires listening to both sides of an argument and understanding both sides in any conflict. Democrats have laid out their plans to establish themselves as one-party rulers. Those who cannot see that the party of slavers, corporate dictators, and union thugs are the people who would subjugate the masses to their utter regret are America’s biggest problem. They only exist because good people listened to leftists and allowed them to teach their evil lies instead of righteous truth. This is why Donald Trump must not and cannot concede this election. Continue reading

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