The Legal Battle for the True Vote

Minnesota has their Democrat voter fraud down to a science to keep their tyranny in power until a righteous Republican president drags them down by the scruff.

Democrats believe we are going to lay down for them because they are vehemently declaring, after four years of screaming that Russia stole the election, that voter fraud is not possible. They expect us to accept that their massive mail-in balloting, that everyone on God’s green Earth has said for years is the best way to commit voter fraud, was devoid of such by the party that so prides itself on historically successful voter fraud they make jokes about dead people voting. They think we will believe that Biden lost votes in Democrat bastions but gained phenomenally in swing states.

They believe we should accept them at their word that Trump’s increases in minority votes to the tune of ten million Democrats switching parties was offset by twenty million new Democrat voters. They reason that so many people are put off by Trump’s gruff manner, and are so in love with communism, that they joined the Democrats to promote socialism. They want us to believe that no one rejects their defund the police movement, and that twenty million new voters want their fascist thugs to riot in the streets against the America they love. WTF is wrong with their brains?

Liberal’s belief that exposing voter fraud and rooting it out, rather than denying its existence, would ruin faith in elections is akin to children believing that hiding in the closet will save them from the fire.


Republicans who advocate for surrender to Democrats are merely Democrats in Republican hats, RINOs, wolves in sheep’s clothing. What kind of idiot do liberals think the rest of the country is that we would want Democrat’s higher taxes, illegal aliens given free taxpayer benefits, to destroy our energy making us dependent on foreign enemies, and implement another shutdown of the economy for months, with mask mandates to make people wear their new American hijab slave wear until told they don’t have to? We know that liberals lack the intelligence to reject such an insane array of Democrat ideals. But 80% of the country is not liberal, and only 3% is extreme leftist radical.

That leaves 5/6ths of the country against the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party’s agenda. 75% of the country says they are against their anti-law enforcement campaign to empower criminals, and 66% of the country is absolutely against their communism. Even 56% of the country says they are better off under the Trump administration than the Obama regime where the economy languished, and America became the land of the scum of the earth. Democrats want to fundamentally transform this nation from its constitutional founding into their own socialist dictatorship. They demonize Republicans as the minions of Satan and paint a Charlie Chaplin mustache on Trump saying that proves he’s Hitler reborn! Therefore, they feel justified in cheating the election. So, how do they expect we would believe they would not cheat in this election?

The degree of liberal simpleton thinking that making them the left’s lemmings is more than the rest of the thinking public can bear. Michael Knowles talked with Sen. Ted Cruz on the Rush Limbaugh Show about the multitude of lawsuits filed over this election. He details how the Democrats fought in 2000 to steal Florida. This time they are trying to steal six states. There isn’t a mountain of proof that Democrats are defrauding the American voters. There is a whole planet of proof! Just because their lying media butt wipes declare that proof doesn’t exist, only because it has not yet been presented in court, carries as much weight as any pathological lying criminal’s claims that righteous witnesses are lying.

Give the Democrats all the credit they deserve by dragging their pundit’s words through the sewer of politics found on Twitter and every platform that leftwing fascism has corrupted, censored, and used to smear the righteous. This morality play will take weeks to play out. If the Supreme Court gives Democrats the steal then they will fall along with the rest of America. The only thing they will have left in America will not be free patriots following rightful leaders. It will be rebels fighting tyrants.

[Michael Knowles interviews Sen. Cruz (R-TX) on Democrat voter fraud and the case for Trump 11/13/20 Rush Limbaugh hour 3]

[Author’s Note: The bogus liberal arguments that this challenge will make people suspicious of future elections, or that Republicans should not prosecute Democrats because it would destabilize our democracy, are arguments loaded with bull puckey thrown into a fan to see what will stick to the wall. The righteous response is, if we do not investigate and prosecute election fraud then when will anyone ever trust another election? If Republicans do not prosecute Democrats for their coup attempt what will prevent them from doing it again until they succeed? It’s not like they wouldn’t seize power and then persecute Republicans.

They’ve been persecuting Republicans and Trump for years already! They even convicted Trump of a non-existent crime and promise to convict him of more crimes after he finishes his service as president. Why should Republicans not hold Democrats accountable for their crimes when they persecute the righteous with false accusations? Do we only hold politicians guilty of their crimes if they are Republicans? Democrats are guilty of ten times more crimes than Republicans have ever been. Republicans remove politicians over the mere appearance of impropriety where Democrats re-elect their convicted criminals. This time with President Trump in charge as a no-nonsense businessman getting the job done, he needs to take care of the business that no Republican ever will for fear of the media smearing them as dictators. He must cast down all the Democrat revolutionaries from government going full speed ahead and damn the media torpedoes!]

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5 Responses to The Legal Battle for the True Vote

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Trump has failed the people repeatedly through taking advice from Ivanka and Jerod both members of the Rothschild Chabad Lubavitch Doomsday Death Cult who consider anyone who does not embrace the Hasidic jew ideology nothing but chattel, yes folks not all Hasidic jew men wear scruffy beards, long black robes, and black Derby hats some are cleanly shaven and wear 3 piece suits.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You should not believe what Democrats say about Ivanka and Jerod. This is an unfounded smear to make us turn away from those who are fighting for us. It is as vitally important not to fall for reverse propaganda as it is not to fall for propaganda in the first place and recognize when the left is smearing our own to turn us against them.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        It is not a claim by members of the U.S.C.P. almost every if not every person Trump appointed that inevitably turned out to be enemies of us true patriots such as Sessions, Mattis, Barr, Durham were all recommendations of the Kushners anyone who has any connections to the Rothschilds are as evil as the Rothschilds.


  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Draining the swamp is a task for those willing to use far more aggressive tactics than Trump ever used.

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