Election Rigging Must Not Rule

Liberals fail in critical thinking. Liberals believe they are smart. They believe they are right. They believe they are morally superior. Yet they believe in Democrats, the party of slavers, corporate tyrants, and union thugs. A prime example of being a dumb smart person is exemplified by Neil DeGrasse Tyson who teaches a “masterclass” on scientific thinking and communication, but who believes in the liberal Chicken Little science of climate change. Liberals think they are smart. We know better because we live what Tyson thinks he lives. How do liberals delude themselves? Liberals are so self-deluding that they think hate speech against white people and racial slurs against black conservatives is ok. How do liberals delude themselves to this degree? Examine their moral foundation for one.

This is a study in the failure of the liberal mind to truly see reality past their self-delusions that allow them to ignore the truth that this election was massively rigged. Democrats are stupidly claiming they’ve already investigated and found no fraud. Georgia is actually allowing Democrats to move into the state temporarily claiming residency to register to vote in the run-off election. How is this not fraudulent rigging? Obama’s even come out to tell Democrats they should start lying again about who they really are and not say they will defund police. They put Covid restrictions on the people, lockdown businesses, and impose mask mandates even though the science proves them false. At the same time, they defy their own edicts. Evidence now shows that Covid testing is finding other flu and cold viruses, not just Covid-19. So, how honest, open, and transparent are liberals? Don’t piss on my boots and try to tell me it’s raining.

Democrat’s stated agenda of the Harris/Biden administration:

  • Promote the Green New Deal regulations and taxes
  • Pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens
  • Reinstate DACA
  • Raise corporate tax rate
  • Repeal GOP 2017 tax cuts
  • Reinstate ObamaCare Mandate penalty tax
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Reinstate Obama regulations
  • Undo Trump trade deals and reinstate Obama’s trade pacts
  • Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
  • Ban sale of assault weapons
  • Confiscate rifles from subjects who are no longer treated as citizens
  • Free public college for low income families
  • Free student loan forgiveness
  • Defund police and reduce police presence in all cities
  • Release criminals from prison
  • Put the nation under medical mandates to control population
  • Tax red states to pay for the loss of revenue in blue states
  • Make mail-in voting without proof of ID standard in all future elections

Liberals say there is no evidence of fraud pointing to Democrat poll worker’s statements denying wrongdoing. As if criminals will admit their crimes! There is video evidence of ballot counting crimes that liberals deny are proof. They say the video doesn’t show the whole story. Of course it does! If their version were true then that would be on the video, too! This election was proven a fraud when governors said signatures on mail-in ballots didn’t have to be matched. President Trump needs to fight and keep the presidency until the election is overturned, recanvassed, or the people rise up against Democrat election fraud. If he concedes, then America dies. Expect Pelosi to lead a military coup if this is not decided by the Supreme Court before Inauguration Day.

It is possible to have a genius IQ and the EQ of an immature child at the same time. IQ measures intelligence and the ability to learn. EQ measures emotional stability and the immaturity of the ego. The ability to learn does not make one intelligent. Intelligence only comes with knowledge. Maturity does not come from age or ego but from rational reasoning. Wisdom only comes when both are applied together with experience to form a moral judgment. You want a prime example of IQ/EQ failure? Try “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper. He had an eidetic memory, a genius for math and science, but the social skills and maturity of a child to react emotionally to everything. His confidence in his intelligence made his ego enormous, but his emotional insecurity made him a braggart and a lout. He resented those not under his control that he considered to be lesser than himself and would throw tantrums when he didn’t get his way even though he was wrong in how he treated others almost all the time.

This describes Social Liberalism. In American politics of the 21st century, they are the people who believe they know more than others when they don’t and resent those who do not follow them to the point of hating them. They believe socialism is superior to capitalism due to their indoctrination into leftist miseducation. Their tantrums are civil disobedience spewing their hate that can devolve into street riots. They believe that listening to the news makes them informed. But leftwing media does not report the news. They create narratives from the news, and it is these stories they report in which they omit the most important facts to dupe the unwary and uninformed. The left doesn’t practice journalism. Theirs is propaganda. A study found that about half of Democrats never heard the truth about Joe and Hunter Biden’s criminal corruption in Ukraine. Some 10% of them said that would have changed their votes. (The study is unclear if this is 10% of all Democrats, which I believe is the more accurate, or 10% of the half, which would make it 5% of all Democrats.)

This is indicative that half of Democrats are liberals who duped by the other half who are deceivers. The 10% are the good liberals who follow the truth when they are informed of it. Good people only become Democrats when they are uninformed, but as they mature and learn the truth they turn away. This is the foundation of Winston Churchill’s meme about being under or over the age of thirty and socialist liberalism in general.

“If you under thirty and a Conservative, you have no heart.  If you’re over thirty and a Liberal, you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill

To be truly informed requires listening to both sides of an argument and understanding both sides in any conflict. FOX News was the only major media outlet that did so. But they have fallen under the corruption of Murdoch’s liberal Democrat sons who now run the network and hire those who twist the stories. The main talk show hosts remain steadfast, but the rest are going down the toilet of leftism. Newsmax and One America News are becoming the reliable sources for unbiased news. Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Hilton, and some others continue to stand against the lies of the left. But things at the network are getting wonky. This is how the left does it. The left infiltrates and corrupts everything good from within to destroy righteousness and liberals help them out of sheer ignorance and stupidity.

The psychological dysfunction of leftists is the foundation of their ideological beliefs. They are easily confused by conflicting facts. They think because the name Lucifer means “light bringer” that he is the liberator and God is the oppressor. This is why they are selfish, greedy, and resentful of others. A young liberal duped by leftist liars preying on their ignorance can grow out of this mindset through a moral education. This accounts for why 20% of the population is liberal and mainly young while 40% is conservative and mostly older. Those who suffer worse from leftism grow to become deceivers, some willfully and some out of pure ego to reject the truth. Sociopaths and pathological liars are the very worst of them that become criminals, terrorists, and tyrants in government. Others become propaganda media.

Social liberals believe in forcing others to submit to their will. They reject God and resent those who love God. This is the opposite of Christianity and is found to be the foundational principles of Islam and atheism which would seem like opposites but are not. Both reject Christ by rejecting God either by claiming there is no God or that Allah is God, which he is not, but they brainwash their followers to believe he is by forcing them to repeat this multiple times in ritual communal groups five times a day. That’s why atheists and Islamists are on the same side against Christianity. Like fascists and communists, they have differing philosophies of socialism that are two sides of the same coin. Both are totalitarian opposites of liberty. Liberals can be confused with this because they are taught how Nazis and communists warred with each other in WWII but are unaware they were allied at the start of the war.

The wisest and noblest benevolent leaders of the past are often the targets of leftists seeking to overthrow them and usurp their power. Scipio Africanus, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and now Donald Trump all fall into this category. They have all been smeared and slandered by the left who want to overthrow them by destroying public opinion of their character if they can’t outright assassinate them. Today’s Democrat Party is composed of the people in America who began as the southern slavers and northern corporate dictators who were eventually joined by mobsters that took control of unions. Now they are merged with socialist communists and fascists promoting atheists and Islamists to destroy American Exceptionalism and bring everyone under the yoke of leftism.

They begin their war by smearing American Exceptionalism as being extremist nationalism by deliberately conflating it with national pride. They rewrite history to make America a nation born of slavery rather than liberty. This is how they corrupt the minds and hearts of the ignorant. They are the party of criminals who resent law enforcement stopping them from dominating others so they can take what they want. Donald Trump stepped forth from the pinnacle of the American Dream to challenge their power and restore America to the people by putting America first. That they smear him as Hitler by painting a Charlie Chaplin mustache on his pictures and declare his law and order campaign to be tyranny is how they dupe the unwary and immoral.

Their leftist Moslem communist messiah, Obama, is the one whose character is identical to Hitler’s. He rose from nothing except being a high-handed rhetorical speaker who promised the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars but delivered misery. He struggled to transform America from a land of liberty to a socialist tyranny. For the past four years he has been in Washington running a shadow government struggling to sabotage Trump’s efforts by undermining his authority and empowering a coup attempt to overthrow him. Their final goal is now coming to fruition with this attempted stealing of the election by adding ballots after Election Day to overturn the will of the people.

Democrats have laid out their plans to establish themselves as one-party rulers. Those who cannot see that the party of slavers, corporate dictators, and union thugs are the people who would subjugate the masses to their utter regret are America’s biggest problem. They only exist because good people listened to leftists and allowed them to teach their evil lies instead of righteous truth. This is why Donald Trump must not and cannot concede this election. If corruption is allowed to rule this day, if Democrat’s election rigging is allowed to be made law, then America will be lost. But Donald Trump is a warrior, not a quitter. I have faith that he will fight until the end. He will not leave office unless the Supreme Court fails the nation. This may come to military action as Democrats strive to eject him from office before an investigation is concluded and a decision is reached, or they lose hope and go for the military coup. We will find out in the next two months.

President Trump’s full address on investigations of election rigging by Democrats

[Author’s Note: Liberal’s denial that election fraud occurred because they want to be rid of Trump for whatever reason, they are deranged, they hate his America first policies, they don’t like his gruff, honest character, is no excuse. The mere fact that Democrat governors changed election laws in their states at the last minute so that mail-in ballots required no ID is enough to declare this election invalid. If eighty million people hated Trump so much that they wanted demented Biden and the democratic national-socialist communist party to take charge, then why didn’t the blue states have more votes for Biden than for Obama like these swing states? Obstructing an investigation is further proof of guilt. Honest people welcome exposure of the facts. No right thinking person believes the people rioting in the streets calling for police to be eliminated would never cheat in the election!

Even if the Supreme Court doesn’t hear these cases before the so-called “Safe Harbor” date of Dec. 8th, this election can still be undone, and certifications declared null and void. Court battles take time but there is no time to waste. This battle is far from over and it will probably come down to violence because Donald Trump will not surrender to cheaters unless the Supreme Court does so. This is why Trump’s court appointments have been both vital and necessary. The left cannot be permitted to succeed lest America fall into darkness. And if Trump defeats them, he must continue to wage the war against them to rid the nation of their corruption from top to bottom, from government to education, and make voting in every election in every state fair and transparent so this election rigging functions no more. So, liberals, don’t try to tell us that you are intelligent, knowledgeable, or moral in saying we shouldn’t investigate election fraud after you spent four years screaming that Russia stole 2016.]

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3 Responses to Election Rigging Must Not Rule

  1. Roy says:

    Democrats are street fighters and their form of compromise is to bring a gun to the table along with crooked lawyers and judges. Republicans bring the ancient tradition of a handshake along with a give and take attitude. When they lose they say – we’ll win the next time. BS – with Harris/Biden there won’t be a next time. Christ was crucified because He upset the power structure of the time. The power brokers of our time want the same to happen to president Trump. It will be too late to clean the swamp if we let president Trump fall. There’s a time for peace and a time for war.

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  2. Robert Willis says:



    • dustyk103 says:

      Are you pointing out that Democrats are engaged in an insurrection or are you suggesting that Republicans are talking about doing it?


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