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Barack OBiden depleting America’s military arsenal AGAIN while crushing our economy into decline AGAIN!

Corrupting our election system with anonymous mail-in ballots, Democrats have set the stage for a one-party dictatorship under their fascist communism. Opening our borders to all invading illegal immigrant criminals and communistas, closing down businesses and American energy, while stealing prosperity from red states to bail out their failed blue states, Democrats have initiated their great wealth redistribution from the makers to the takers. They are destroying education by miseducating the young to their Chicken Little science religion teaching them that Democrats can control the climate of the planet. They are reinstating all the corrupted damaging policies of Obama and sweeping away the nation saving policies of President Trump. They are giving away American prosperity to foreign enemies while choking citizens. Continue reading

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President Trump Impeached for Defying Democrat’s Deep State

This is an historic day alright.  Democratic socialists have impeached Donald Trump for making America great again.  Not for any crime, not for any betrayal, not for any abuse of power, but for defeating Democrat’s socialist agenda to overthrow the … Continue reading

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Trump’s character vs. Hillary’s issues

Hillary’s liberal media portray Trump as dangerously unstable, while they cover up the absolute corruption of the Clintons. While Donald Trump has built his campaign on the issues of the Obama Doctrine that Hillary says she will expand, Clinton has … Continue reading

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