Are you an informed voter or an ignorant lemming?

There is one simple question that answers this: At Charlottesville, did President Trump condemn neo-Nazi white supremacists, or did he praise them as “fine people?” The link to his press conference at the end of this article answers this question definitively. If you answered the former, then you are an informed voter. If you answered the latter, you are an ignorant lemming who only pays attention to the first headline you read without critical thought or investigation of the facts. This kind of deadhead thinking is just the beginning of liberal’s dysfunctional rationalization by which they justify cheating on the election to defeat a “racist Nazi.”

The people who have screamed for four years that Trump is illegitimate due to stealing the election by fraud are now say it’s not possible that Biden could steal the election via fraud. Why are Republicans not giving their full-throated support to President Trump? Why are they not condemning the Dominion voting machines in these “swing” states where Biden votes soared over the Democrat messiah’s when he underperformed Hillary in blue states? Could it be because Republican swamp rats have also used these to suppress the votes of true conservatives that would challenge the Establishment as Donald Trump? Two-thirds of Americans are against a government of oligarch elites ruling over the masses. The Supreme Court MUST have transparent hearings so Americans can hear the answers!

To believe that Republicans are white supremacists Nazis, when they are the party and people who freed the slaves, crushed Hitler’s Germany, passed civil rights, and are patriot Americans who invite all into their ranks is to be a bigot. Which 2020 presidential candidate is the white supremacist? To answer Trump is to speak from ignorant bigotry. I challenge your wits and knowledge to find a single thing on video that Donald Trump ever said to denigrate any minority in his entire life. The answer is Biden. As his own history proves multiple times in his disparaging remarks about minorities, including his effusive praise of segregationists and devotion to racists in his own party. Democrats are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregationists, and the rioters who beat peaceful black protesters in the 1950s and 60s. Only leftist deceivers say otherwise, and liberal fools believe them.

The White Supremacy Smear

There are none so blind as liberals. Answer the question; “Was there election fraud in 2016 and 2020? If you say yes to 2016 and no to 2020, you are a two-faced, lying liberal idiot. After screaming Russian collusion for four years, saying Trump is illegitimate and stole the election, and now to say that the election is fair, in the face of open election fraud, just because Biden took it from Trump, while Republicans won, is just the pinnacle of two-faced, self-righteous hypocrisy. Liberals voted against Trump with all the hate in their hearts. They like to think they voted for justice against a racist Nazi. But believing that a lie is truth does not make it justice. It only makes them wishful fools.

Anyone with a moral brain knows that this election was rigged by Democrats using the techniques found by a panel led by Jimmy Carter in a 2005 study. What most don’t realize is that wasn’t meant to stop election fraud but to provide Democrats with a road map on how to do. They have been perfecting it over the last four elections. 80% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats recognize this fundamental truth. What we know of conservatives and liberals is that conservatives think rationally while liberals think emotionally. Liberals were so distressed in learning that they are irrational thinkers that they reversed the findings in the publication of a psychological study that reveals this to declare they are the rational thinkers. This is an act of immaturity that defines liberalism stroking their own egos with lies.

Democrat Election Rigging

There is no doubt that Democrats rigged this election to steal the presidency from Trump and as many congressional seats as possible. Despite their efforts Republicans still made gains, so they concentrated their final efforts on election night by filling out millions more ballots for Biden alone in a coordinated action. What has to happen from here is that the people must have patience, faith, and prayer for a speedy process in the courts.

Giuliani’s team and Sidney Powell have a short window in which to put together their cases to run them through the courts, get past liberal activist judge’s roadblocks, and present their case to the Supreme Court before the Dec. 8th date on which the electors are certified. This is said to be the “Safe Haven” of an election at which point the electors cannot be overturned. Their challenge must be heard and ruled on to stop certification by states that have certified and set in stone the election fraud that they know took place.

If they do not, then Democrats, henceforth and forever, will be able to overturn any election in the future simply by adding ballots after Election Day as Minnesota has done for decades (remember 2008). They will do as they have said giving power back to the Chicoms, defund police, disarm citizens, let criminals rule, and steal prosperity from all the people by re-inflicting the ObamaCare mandate on the poor while stealing 401ks to provide ObamaCare for illegal aliens. This crime must be stopped, and the perpetrators must be severely punished! Then President Trump and congressional Republicans must completely remake election law so that the Democrat road map to election rigging is blocked forever.

Seven Ways the 2005 Carter-Baker Report Could Have Averted Problems with the 2020 Elections (This became Democrat’s roadmap to election rigging that they have been perfecting. We all joke about dead people voting, and people voting in multiple places. But this is no joke! America is on the cliff edge of socialism.)

Panel laid dangerous methods of election fraud 15 years ago that became the road map for Democrats to follow in 2020

[Author’s Note: This election, this time, this year has been terrifying for patriots. American liberty is on the brink of being lost forever. America hating communists have successfully subverted out culture and taken over a political party to the extent that they threaten to overthrow America. Democrat fakirs do not fool anyone that has a functioning moral brain. One has to wonder what is going through the minds of these witless liberal lemmings that believe the fake news media and applaud their street thug fascists and electronic book burning Big Tech social media Nazis.

They are no different than the Venezuelan morons that elected Chavez. Repeating recent history, because they not only fail to learn from history but even from current events, does not make them smart people. No one can accuse any liberals of being smarter than the jack ass that represents their party. Democrats can deny the truth all they want. They can’t gaslight the morally intelligent. Liberals can deny the truth all they want. They can’t fool the wary. Leftists are claiming that none of the Republican lawsuits can overturn the election, thus they would make their election rigging the law of the land.

Democrats now fall into only three categories: fascist communist deceivers, communist enablers, and gaslit fools. The deceivers at the head of the party are in Congress pretending they want to help the oppressed while they oppress the witless fools. Enablers claim they are not socialists and will stand against them when they have no such intention of doing so. You want proof? Check the vote count for the passage of ObamaCare. The fools are the liberals who have been indoctrinated into believing that lies are truth, truths are lies, leftism is righteous, and the righteous are wicked. America is teetering on the edge of the socialist cliff about to slide off the mountain of prosperity into the abyss of fascist communism.]

America’s Critical Point in Time

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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2 Responses to Are you an informed voter or an ignorant lemming?

  1. Roy says:

    Election fraud, like government rounding errors in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has been known and accepted. The depth of the fraud and depth of the Swamp has not been known until president Trump exposed it all. Leftist judges, leftist democrat’s, media, ignorant voters and compliant RINO’s have all contributed to weakening America. We’ve had it too good and become complacent as a nation – we’ve let too many evils exist. A Harris/Biden administration will topple America and we will be forced into compliance or revolution. God forbid we become Venezuela with a one party rule with dictatorship power. Every great nation had its rise and fall. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! Republican’s who say “we’ll fix it the next election” are fools.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      They keep saying that they will fix it next time, and only the insane believe in them by voting for more fraud and expecting a different result.


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