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America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

As in every natural disaster, the people come together while the politicians work to tear us apart.  This crisis is not just Democrat’s dream but may well have been orchestrated and manufactured by them with the aid of the Red … Continue reading

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If Democrat Voters were Righteous they would be Republicans

Democrat thuggery has become their normal, proving that the left is no good.  Democrat’s idea of a “healthy democracy” is to be able to threaten Republicans with death for them and their families and intimidate representatives to coerce them into … Continue reading

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Finding the truth between the Right and the Left

The rightwing and leftwing of political ideologies approach the truth from opposite directions. There are two kinds of hackers who are infiltrating conservative and liberal websites.  Conservative hackers are trying to get into liberal websites in order to uncover the … Continue reading

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All of Hillary Clinton’s corruption in one place

The beauty of Melania may be only skin deep, but Hillary’s ugly goes right to the bone. Does anyone doubt Hillary’s entire life is a huge pustule of corruption?  Can you name any speaker, motivational or otherwise, who gets six … Continue reading

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Democrat language of deception 

Democrats never campaign as the radical leftists that they are, but as conservatives who are pure and corruption free. Democrats say America is great.  Oh, wait, no they don’t believe this!  They’re a bunch of radical leftist who hate this … Continue reading

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Bringing back the Clinton economy – Democrats rewriting history

Hillary is campaigning that she will put her husband in charge of the economy.  Democrats continue to promote the fraud that Bill Clinton made the economic boom of the 90s.  Her campaign only highlights the fact that she and the … Continue reading

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A hateful army of one – How a few extremist Leftwing radicals can be a million

The Internet is being used to terrorize companies by making the most extreme leftists appear to be the majority of the country.  Radical socialists are using computers to hyper generate masses of complaints against companies through the anonymity of the … Continue reading

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