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Backwards Liberal Thinking

Half the people of the country thank veterans of the armed forces for their service.  Half thank police, firefighters, and paramedics for their service.  The other half loathes them as oppressors.  Republicans and Democrats have opposite opinions about most everything … Continue reading

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Liberals are Oblivious to the Realities of Socialism, Business, and Taxes

Queens Democrat candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has ignited a firestorm of debate in the country.  The Left is promoting democratic socialism as the greatest benefit and freedom that people could enjoy.  They believe it has been successful in other countries in … Continue reading

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More liberals backwards thinking from Democrats

Brexit and Trump cause more dysfunctional backwards thinking by liberals.  Hill and Liz are Screech and Owl vying for the biggest whopper wreaking havoc on the campaign trail. Reminiscent of Al Gore telling elementary school kids, they “instinctively know things … Continue reading

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Liberalsbackwardsthink.com being censored by Facebook

The Left keeps the people ignorant by denying them knowledge of anything that does not meet with the approval of the state. If you haven’t heard that Zuckerberg is in the Hillary camp and is censoring conservative opinion on Facebook … Continue reading

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