Fallacious Liberal Ideological Beliefs

The left is mis-educating our children in schools, indoctrinating them into their backwards ideologies of America hate to warp their minds and corrupt their hearts. These are the titles of their “new understanding” by which they fill the minds of the ignorant with loopy twaddle to confuse them and twist their morals:

  • Multiculturalism
    • America is the great “melting pot” of all the world’s cultures. This works because people from all countries come here to become Americans. Multiculturalism is these people retaining their foreign culture and coming to America to be divided. This is not unity. This is called the “Balkanization of America” being divided into smaller regions by conflicting cultures like Yugoslavia.
  • Intersectionality
    • The supposed disadvantage of belonging to different racial, ethnic, or cultural groups being oppressed by the majority. The flaw in this is that there is no simple solid majority except perhaps females over males. But females are not all unified either. Everyone is prejudiced and experiences bigotry, but not everyone is bigoted. Groups are looked down on because of the actions of a large portion of their group.
  • Systemic Racism
    • This is a total fallacy. America was not founded on racism. The Democrat Party was as established by Andrew Jackson. The left’s ideology is that America must be destroyed because slavery was not abolished at the founding. If you know history then you know that’s because Democrats wouldn’t allow it. Democrat’s intentions are not to establish a new nation without slavery but to make all the masses slaves under socialism. “White privilege” is just racism by blacks against whites.
  • Global Warming
    • Liberal science says the Earth is going to be destroyed by industry. Their science says cow farts and car exhausts have the power to change the climate of the planet. When you stop laughing and research their “science,” rather than prove anything they say to be true, you find that it is a religion demanding obedience or be declared a heretic. Their science is nothing more than Chicken Little ignorance.

What do they all have in common? These are the lies liberals tell themselves to justify demonizing the righteous as haters, bigots, and Earth killers. They are the false philosophical teachings of leftists who want to destroy America. Americans have no use for the people who hate this country to lead them into decline. Obama Democrats have declared it is their quest to remake America into their socialist toilet. They begin that campaign by painting righteous American patriots as evil.

Liberals see Nazis to the right of them, communists to the left of them, Christians in front of them, and Antifa/BLM behind them. They are surrounded by their own delusions. Trying to paint a Hitler mustache on Trump and a swastika over Old Glory doesn’t bring them any closer to reality. They are beyond learning. They just need a good club to their empty heads to make them stop attacking the righteous in defense of the wicked. This is what happens to kids when they are not raised to develop a moral compass. Having no moral code leaves them spinning out of control.

Joe Biden gave a speech in which he raged against Trump when he could enunciate his words to be intelligible. He said Trump doesn’t pay his taxes, which we know is a lie as no billionaire could escape the IRS. “Trump only paid $750 in taxes!” We learned that was a fee for an extension. Biden said that Trump would take away healthcare of 100 million people by eliminating the Affordable Care Act. Only 8 million remain on that system. He said he would make it so everyone had great healthcare and could keep their insurance and their doctor if they liked them. Where have we heard that before? He said Trump will “bankrupt Social Security” as if that’s possible. It is not! Social Security is funded by taxes every year. The only way it could be “bankrupted” is if no one made money or paid taxes, i.e. the USA ceased to exist.

Biden bragged about his dead son, Beau, who volunteered to leave his cushy Delaware AG job, where his father was the state’s senator, to go to Iraq when his father became VP. He bragged about him “winning” the bronze star. He was a lawyer in the JAG Corp who never in combat! He was given a bronze star for prosecuting soldiers who disobeyed Obama’s Rules of Engagement, rules that told them to sacrifice their lives rather than shoot back at terrorists firing from a crowd of civilians. There is nothing Biden says that isn’t a fraud, a lie, or a scam to dupe the ignorant into voting him into power as America’s most senile mobster ever. He would immediately be replaced by Harris, Sanders, and the squad of America haters with Pelosi’s blessing.

Democrats are acting like they have this election in the bag when 75% of the country is against their policies. They are even losing 30% of their black vote. Why are they just throwing billions at their campaigns just running commercials and not going to the people? Their few appearances before small crowds is pathetically laughable. Where’s Biden’s son Hunter and Michelle Obama campaigning for the old man? Election night will be the beginning of their chaos to continue counting ballots until they announce their victory. Trump will be on his toes, but when Pelosi tries to evict him from the White House, then we will see his true metal. When their BLM/Antifa thugs take to the streets to terrorize the people let us hope that Trump institutes the Insurrection Act, and that it doesn’t stop on the street but goes all the way to the top!

Everything is coming up Trump

[Author’s Note: That Democrats will try to add enough ballots after the election to steal victory is as certain as their polls all being frauds to try to discourage Republicans. That they will be rampaging in the streets trying to stop Republicans from voting through terrorism is a foregone conclusion. That they will try to terrorize them with Covid is already happening with their “spike.” We all know how this is going to end. It’s just a matter of how much blood will be spilled to get there. In any case, President Trump needs to clean the communists out of America’s educational system, repair the election system to squash voter fraud, bring these Democrats to justice for their coup attempt, and never allow these leftist mobsters to stand for election again! Otherwise, ignorant liberals will someday give them the power they need to destroy this nation.]

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5 Responses to Fallacious Liberal Ideological Beliefs

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Idealists, (i.e.) Liberals, (i.e.) Progressives are all afflicted with the symptoms of such an intense form of psychosis that death is the only cure for it.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Careful. Don’t let your leftist side overcome your right and recommend genocide. Everyone can be taught to overcome indoctrination. It just takes work. Those who do the indoctrinating, however, are another matter.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        No, they are simply too infected to purge the infection.


        • dustyk103 says:

          People who are easily misled are easily redirected. The leaders are the ones doing the misleading that will never change. Purge them and their lemmings will have no one to follow. Such people will glom onto new leaders.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            A Catch 22 situation because the Indoctrinators, the members of the U.S.C.P. and their mouthpiece deceit disseminating data source Bobbleheads and fantasy writers will always be there to mislead them.

            If the members of the U.S.C.P. are allowed to steal the election or if they fail and the Trump administration and the GOP do not start taking far more active measures to sterilize the deadly disease from our environment our free and just laws Constitutional Republic will die.

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