Backwards Liberal Thinking

Half the people of the country thank veterans of the armed forces for their service.  Half thank police, firefighters, and paramedics for their service.  The other half loathes them as oppressors.  Republicans and Democrats have opposite opinions about most everything with one side being for what is good and right and the other being for what is wrong.  Those who say they are for what is good and right have conflicting opinions.  If you can’t tell which is which then perhaps these questions will enlighten you.

  • If you’re a veteran who is proud of serving your country, why would you become a Democrat when they smear soldiers as murderers, terrorists, and baby killers, endorse America’s enemies, and give our enemies aid and comfort?
  • If you’re black and you believe slavery and racism to be evil, why would you become a Democrat when they instituted slavery in the U.S., fought a war to keep it, created the militant KKK to persecute them, instituted Jim Crow laws to oppress them, and voted against Civil Rights?
  • If you’re an elder retiree who believes you deserve to draw back what you paid into Social Security, why would you support Democrats who stole from the Social Security fund and drain money from it to pay for deadbeats and illegals to give them benefits for free for which you must pay?
  • If you work for a living and believe you should keep most of your wages rather than pay high taxes to provide luxuries for those who won’t work, why would you vote for Democrat’s high taxes to provide more for welfare queens to have luxuries, illegal aliens to take American jobs and vote illegally, and drug addicts to live on the streets as filthy parasites killing themselves slowly?
  • If you are female and believe in empowering women, how do women uphold Democrat principles when those principles are to allow men to steal women’s titles in sports because they want to identify as women?
  • If you are Hispanic and believe in the American Dream, how do you endorse Democrats when they want to import Latino-communists to replace you?
  • If you are atheists endorsing democratic socialism to keep Christianity out of schools, how do you support Democrats who are importing Islamists that want to force the nation to submit to Islam?
  • If you are an elderly American patriot today watching your grandchildren be seduced by socialism, then you know what it felt like to former slaves in the 1930s to watch their descendants be seduced to go back to the Democratic Party.
  • If you love America and believe yourself to be a patriot supporting the Constitution, how do you reconcile voting for Democrats who are importing millions of illegal aliens as refugees that are Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis that want to overthrow, not only our government, but our culture and way of life?

Miseducating the young and offering them freebies, for which they don’t understand they will have to pay one way or another, is how democratic socialists twist people’s hearts and minds to warp their morals to embrace corruption.  Aborting babies on their birthday is not protecting women’s rights to healthcare but taking away the baby’s right to life because they are “inconvenient.”  Abolishing the good teachings of Christianity and embracing the oppressive teachings of Islam is not freedom from religion.  Importing Latino-communists to supplant U.S. citizen’s votes is not liberty but the imposition of tyranny over slaves.  Choosing to be Democrat is not upholding American values.  American values are to help the poor through good works, not by stealing from the wealthy.

To those who served, thank you for your service, but why do you take sides with those who act against the country you say you were proud to serve?  That’s like Christians who side with atheists to kill babies not only in the womb but at birth, and with Islamists that wage Jihad against Christians and Jews to overthrow God.  Christians and Jews worship the same God, but Islam has another god.  Allahu Akbar doesn’t translate as “God is great.”  It translates that “Allah is greater.”  Why do people take up the cause of those who want to destroy them?  Are they just stupid, have they been duped, or are they two-faced deceivers?

Doubtless the Democrats are seeing the real polls of how deeply they are in the toilet being flushed down the pipes, so deep that even their phony popularity polls can’t save them.  That would explain their desperation to impeach Trump and keep the border open.  Despite being anti-America, Democrats are winning governorships in Republican states by the narrowest of margins.  This is indicative of their refining their voter fraud techniques to the point that they can squeak out electoral victories despite being anti-American.  With those governorships they can block any effort to fix the broken election and immigration systems by blocking Republican legislation.  From there it’s only a few more steps to stacking the state legislatures with Democrats and firmly corrupting the state to be under their control.  They have succeeded in doing this in several states that used to vote solidly Republican.  America is being subverted and even the great Donald Trump is not stopping them.

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