Democrats say investigating their crimes is a crime

Why is it a crime to investigate Democrat crimes?  Is it because Democrats are assumed to be pure of heart and perfect people living without sin?  Nazi propagandists learned from early 20th century Democrats that when you commit a crime the best defense is to falsely accuse your opponent of that same crime.  The majority of people are gullible and naïve believing the first thing they hear without proof.  

Liberals could say that Trump rapes children and eats babies, then play the video of the woman telling AOC “we must eat the babies” claiming she is a Trump supporter, and they will swallow that hook, line, and sinker.

Democrats conducting their “impeachment” hearing behind closed doors not allowing Republicans to listen in on their plots is a communist kangaroo court.  Holding a Star Chamber is a felony crime.  Trump should not allow them to continue.  Every last Democrat should be arrested and charged for their crimes.  If this doesn’t happen, if Republicans allow Democrats to commit their crimes with impunity and only hope that public opinion swings their way, then America has already lost.

Impeachment Strategy Explained

Pelosi & Co. clown show meltdown trying to accuse Trump of a meltdown – min 20

Pelosi says she’s the adult who didn’t meltdown.

[Author’s Note: Pelosi and her fellow children walk into a meeting with the man they are trying to impeach over their lies to start a fight and they got it!  Trump, as the adult in the room, wasn’t going to put up with their snot-nosed actions.  Then the children run to the cameras to put on a clown show.  Politicians are reasonable?  Democrats are respectful?  Pelosi says she’s praying for Trump’s health.  Don’t make me laugh!  No doubt for his dynamic health to fail.  There’s nothing Christian about her.  Trump should give them the LBJ treatment and call them into a meeting in the bathroom while he’s taking a smelly dump!]

Liberals are confused by which came first much as they are confused by whether business was built first or government came first; whether it is Trump who is trying to charge Democrats with crimes to distract from his crimes causing his impeachment, or if Democrats are charging him falsely with impeachment to cover up their crimes against Trump that began with Hillary’s phony dossier.  The problem with liberals is that they think Republicans are the ones being propagandized and brainwashed by Trump like a Svengali, but the truth was made clear by Colbert’s manipulation of liberal lemmings to convert Comey from hated saboteur to martyr that it is they who are brainwashed.  They don’t understand that we pay attention to everything they say and respond to it, while they ignore everything we say and live in a bubble while erroneously believing we live in a bubble.  It’s a Catch-22 of their own making.

Unless you are informed, you can easily be duped.  Democrats are the most ignorant people in America today who know only one side of the argument and are thus brainwashed into rejecting the truth.  Their arguments are as vacuous as their knowledge of the facts.  It requires knowledge and moral intelligence to tell the difference between those making erroneous false accusations and those making righteous accusations.  The wicked understand that they can shout false accusations and be echoed by their dupes, which is why they will never debate the facts but always set up straw man arguments of false premises to deny the truth.  It is up to the jury to separate fact from fiction.  Goebbels instructed his minions to accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty before people discover the truth.  It is a failure of people to always believe the story they hear first before they know all the facts from both sides of an argument.

The fact that the Trumps and the Bidens led opposite lives is lost in liberal hype, smears, and slanders.  When he became president, Trump’s kids got out of international business to avoid the appearance of manipulating foreign allies or having foreigners try to buy them.  Biden’s kids got into international business when he became vice president.  The difference from the right and the left is the right makes money for trade and business, while the left makes money by taking it from others.  As Rush Limbaugh says,

“In capitalism the rich become powerful, but in socialism the powerful become rich. “

The smears and slanders of the Trumps being cheats and grifters is just Democrats projecting a reflection of their own character onto him to distract from Democrats like Biden.  Their entire impeachment scenario of Trump working with foreign agents to overthrow the American electorate is exactly what Democrats have been doing through their phony Steele Dossier Hillary obtained from foreign spies to spy on and accuse Trump of collusion, and their invasion of illegal immigrants.

There are no honest Democrats.  Bernie comes closest when he admits the truth of his communist beliefs, but conceals his wealth made through racketeering with the rest of them.  Biden’s corruption is now openly exposed and he keeps trying to deflect to Trump as exploiting foreign leaders while denying he did any wrong.  If it’s right for Biden, why is it wrong for Trump if he did the same thing?  Warren speaks with forked tongue from her two faces when she says Americans must take care of indigenous peoples after she stole their identity to steal a professorship at Harvard.  These three represent the heart of the Democrat Party where corruption is so ingrained that it is their normal.

Obama claims to this day to be the most transparent and scandal free in history and saved America’s economy.  If Obama says administration was the most transparent, why did they have to pass Obamacare behind closed doors before we could read it?  If his administration was scandal free, then why does the media have to conceal things like Biden’s racketeering for his son’s foreign jobs?  Why did Hunter resign when exposed if he did nothing wrong?

Obama still smears Trump’s economy trying to take credit as the economy being inherited from him while simultaneously smearing Bush as having inherited his economy.  Obama didn’t inherit Bush’s economy that grew during his presidency thanks to his tax cuts.  Obama’s economy was created by the Democrat controlled Congress during Bush’s last two years of which he was a part.  They were the ones who nuked the economy and then gave Bush’s last budget to Obama to sign a massive deficit to sign to steal trillions in taxpayer dollars.  Trump didn’t inherit a booming economy from Obama who stagnated America as the new normal.  Now they campaign on the economy being racist as they propose stealing from the rich who made their money honestly.

They declare that Trump is a criminal and convict him on the basis of their allegations that have been proven beyond doubt to be false.  By criminalizing Trump, they criminalize his voters to justify their attempted coup to install themselves as dictators.  The measure of righteousness is simple; if your opposition does the same thing that you are doing, is it right or wrong?  If Donald Trump did for his son Don, Jr. what Joe Biden did for his son Hunter, would it be right as Biden claims, or would it be wrong?  If it’s wrong for one, it’s wrong for the other, and vice versa.  If you don’t believe that axiom, then you suffer from the immorality of self-righteous hypocrisy of leftist liberal Democrats.

Eric Trump on Laura Ingraham body slams Hunter Biden (10/15/19)

Democrat Rep. Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee – LIES!

Trump demands an investigation into Adam Schiff’s lies

Democrats commit all the crimes of which they accuse Trump

Justice with Judge Jeanine – 10/5/19

The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton – 10/6/19

(More trash from YouTube.  I went looking for Justice with Judge Jeanine on Oct. 5, 2019 and Steve Hilton’s The Next Revolution on Oct. 6th and got nothing but garbage links.  My search returned nothing but dozens of links of just a couple of seconds, and when I filtered to longer than 20 mins I was directed to numerous links that were garbage links.  YouTube is deliberately corrupting the information network.  Jeanine’s 10/5 show was an awesome exposure of Democrat lies, and Hilton’s show detailed all of Biden’s and the Democrat’s corruption.  I was going to link it but can’t.  If you can find them, you should watch them.  YouTube shadow banning)

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