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2020 Election (un)Civil War Nazis vs. “Nazis”

A pack of Democrats in Portland stood over the body of an innocent, defenseless Trump supporter they had just murdered and cheered, “We killed one of the Nazis!” Liberals are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill on the basis … Continue reading

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How the Dallas Cowboys can honor Dallas’ fallen police officers

  Will the Cowboys stand for the Thin Blue Line? The Dallas Cowboys wanted to emplace a decal on the backs of their helmets in honor of the Dallas Police Department and the officers who were murdered this summer by … Continue reading

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A study in opposites – Obama and Bush speaking at Dallas police funeral

The eulogies of two presidents, one raised in Islam whose Muslim faith tells him to believe in the philosophy of Jesus as a prophet, and one who has accepted Christ as the Messiah and his Lord and Savior, present a … Continue reading

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