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Spooking Liberals with Phony Carbon Science

Here is a video by which liberals swear that conservatives are false on climate change.  The “scientist” in this video gives information that is alternately truthful and erroneous.  Then he takes it a step further declaring lies to be truth.  … Continue reading

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UN Says Climate Change Making Harder for Food to Grow

Liberal scientists say that global warming is making it harder for food to grow.  Not that it’s harder to grow food because of dry conditions, but that it is harder for the food to grow.  This backwards liberal thinking is … Continue reading

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The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

If you ever had the New Deal explained to you by an economist that wasn’t a leftwing liberal arts Democrat hack, then you would know that FDR’s New Deal was a raw deal for working Americans.  The New Deal succeeded … Continue reading

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Appeasing the Climate Change gods – the Science of Duping Liberals

Democrats say they are too smart and know much more than the general public.  If you examine Democrat representatives you find that most of them are blithering idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters, or devout hucksters like Nancy Pelosi … Continue reading

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Trump Abandons Obama’s War as Leftist Media Tries to Slut Shame Him

Remember these axioms of leftism; You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Leftists take credit for the success of others and blame others for their own failings. Never let a disaster or tragedy go to waste. In … Continue reading

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Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

Chelsea Clinton says it’s “unchristian” to protect innocent life by denying women a right to abort babies on demand.  She says killing babies in the womb is about health or protecting women’s rights.  No, it’s about denying the right to … Continue reading

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Liberals say Hurricane Florence proof of man-made global warming

People who believe they know science, who believe what they are told by Democrat scientists, who think leftists tell them the truth, who follow along with whatever their masters say like lemmings, declare that Hurricane Florence is proof that mankind’s … Continue reading

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