Fascist Media Censors Trump & the People by Demand of Hysterical Democrats

Nancy Pelosi says President Trump is a danger to the world! He’s “unhinged with his finger on the nuclear button!” Therefore, she says he must be removed by the 25th Amendment or impeached immediately, as if any of this could possibly happen. Big Tech media has censored President Trump and anyone who speaks on his behalf throughout the country. Trump supporters are being suspended and banned on all social media outlets. Every member of the moral majority has been silenced! We are already entering the first phase of the communist fascism that will rule America. Pelosi & Co. have begun their persecution of the Trump family and everyone that served in his administration that does not bend the knee to the new General Secretary of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. The new Amerikan Politboro and their Pravda are going to make life hell for patriotic Americans.

Accusing Trump of inciting a riot and insurrection gives them the distraction they need to take people’s minds away from the fact that they cheated the nation to steal the election – they think. Twitter closed President Trump’s account and immediately lost 12% of their stock. They did so by declaring that Trump’s reference to patriotism is a code word for violence. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter are leading the charge to shutdown conservative voices of America. All the Big Tech media is making free speech a thing of the past. Your 1st Amendment rights do not exist under the new Democratic National-socialist Communist Party’s rule. You are no longer citizens of the United States of America but subjects of the Communist States of Amerika.

Twitter banned Trump for using the word “patriotic” in his last tweet that they said was a code word for violence. This is the sick hysteria to which liberals have resorted in their delusional desperation to eliminate America’s last patriotic president who put the people first. President Trump should nuke the traitors in Washington alright. If he’s not going to invoke the Insurrection Act to overthrow their coup, he at least has the power to declassify millions of documents of politician’s crimes that are covered up by Congress. Let the people hear all of the truths about the scum they have elected to rule over them. Poor stupid liberals will fall to the ground squealing to learn how they have been duped and used as useful idiots by their elitist masters.

[Author’s Note: What is with the defense of the Capitol building by security forces? I keep reading that four people died but can only find the story of the unarmed woman who was shot while standing in a hallway doing nothing. Dozens of Antifa/BLM thugs broke into the Capitol followed by a few hapless Republican fools dumb enough to follow them. Is that how they defend our “vital government lordlings?” They step back and let them in rather than shoot the first one that tries to walk through a door or enter through a window? What kind of orders did these security people have? It makes no sense whatsoever unless this was obviously planned in advance to smear Trump and make Republicans the scapegoats of Democrat’s machinations to accuse President Trump of an insurrection. I’m still hearing naïve Republicans talk about how living under Democrat’s communist rule will turn voters against them. If Donald Trump is not prepared to put down this insurrection coup and allows Democrat’s to win their 2nd Civil War, then there won’t be a 2022 or 2024. Democrats will establish one-party rule making elections irrelevant. If Republicans really executed an insurrection against Democrat’s Marxist overthrow of America, it wouldn’t be to break into the Congress to take selfies.]

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13 Responses to Fascist Media Censors Trump & the People by Demand of Hysterical Democrats

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  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    The only 1 who is a mentally incapacitated WORTLESS piece of garbage and a danger to this nation mentioned in this article is deadly viral plague strand is Pelosi.


  3. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I hate H-1B employees bunch of poorly educated and trained less than “worthless” individuals, WORTLESS is a mistake made over a year ago but saved to this phones Harddrive through the piss poor Software algorithms.


  4. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Trump’s administration and the GOP, or at least Trump could have stopped the stripping away of the rights along time ago, now he claims that 75% of the Republican party is controlled by RINOs, is this a recent epiphany or something he has known about for sometime, if the latter just another example in how he failed to secure our liberties by not invoking the Insuurection act if not going all out Nuclear and proclaiming Martial law.

    I know who the problem was from the start in regards to the oh so many traitors within his administration, the 2 who were his senior advisors, Ivanka Trump-Kushner and Jared Kushner, Sessions should never have been appoint AG and neither should have , James Mattis should have never been appointed Secretary of Defense, Fauci put in charge of the effort to stem the spread of the Covid-19 virus, ROFLMAO, and I am not afraid to bet Fauci like all the other enemies of us true patriots was a recommendation provided by the Kushners.

    Donald Johnathan Trump never used nearly drastic enough tactics to protect us against those who adhere to and embrace the principles of which CommunistCapitalistZionHasidShariaism are based while constantly betraying the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based and now enslavement of all the citizens of the United States is imminant due to his failure.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I’ll agree that Sessions and Mattis were mistakes. They both had everyone fooled. But Ivanka and Jared? I don’t believe they would act against him. Only leftwing media trying to smear them says they would. I’ve read alot claiming they are leftists by the same people who say Trump is a racist and I don’t believe a word of what they say.


        • dustyk103 says:

          Ok, reading that article is just reminiscent of how the left describes modern Jews as crazed Nazis that want to own and destroy the world just like they describe Christians who believe in Revelations the same way. I have no doubt there are some Jews today who reject Jesus that believe only those in the Jewish religion will be saved just like there are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses that believe they are the chosen ones. What anyone who doesn’t understand genealogy doesn’t comprehend is that virtually everyone on the planet in one way or another are descended from Jews. In two thousand years everyone in Europe has inter-related ancestry. This article sounds like an outright smear with no basis in real fact. It’s just a desire to smear and split the Trump family in the eyes of supporters so people don’t know who to trust.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            Dusty why is the proven Chabad Lubavitch death a myth to you, I suppose that the following article is also a complete fable in your opinion:


            The Chabad Lubavitch cult is a very real threat to all who are not indoctrinated into that cult.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            Just reflect on your last sentence, everyone is descended from Jews, no, definitely not how old Judaisim is is so a disputed topic my own past research indicates it is 3,000 and not 4,000 years old.
            As for the Torahic scriptures nothing my means to impress people and establish the jews as the chosen above all others and gain sympathy for their alleged persecution, the book of Genesis complete bunk, the book of Exodus also complete bunk, as for the final book of the New Testament of the bible written by John of Patmos who also referred to as John the divine and 1 of the apostles as well was old and feeble minded, factor in the following facts:


            Carefully focus on the parts about the Hallucinogenic Mushrooms and cave gases after all it was a penal colony where people imprisoned there performed slave labor mining Marble.


            • dustyk103 says:

              Genealogists have determined that in 20-30 generations everyone on a continent will have common ancestry. Jesus was 80 generations ago and many Jews who became Christians married gentiles. Everyone from Europe is related to everyone else in the distant past. That mixing only continues in the modern era as people travel intercontinentally. It’s simple science.


    • Roy says:

      The president was a businessman, not a politician and knew how to get things done as a businessman. He has done more good for our country than any former president. He didn’t promote those didn’t do their job but he fired many. All previous administrations promoted incompetents and rear-end-kissers and caved into foreign powers. They pissed our money away, kicked the can down the road – NOT TRUMP so give him some credit. He took on the swamp where no one else would dare to go!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Roy says:

      The enslavement of US Citizens is not due to Trump but to the apathy of the citizens and allowing the snake infested arena of the political class to never be held responsible for anything. The Deep State, unionized permanent government employees run the country but president Trump is visible and becomes the punching bag?

      Liked by 1 person

      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        No it is the fault of Trump and the Republican party going back 3 decades, when you nominate piss poor candidates leaving 3 options, not voting, voting for a member of the Democratic party, or voting for a RINO you vote for the RINO and hope they have more of a conscience than the average RINO.

        The people do not decide who is left within the critical sanctum the political partys do.


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