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Two-Faced Joe’s newest face plant

In just another in their Wile E. Coyote series of attempts to smear and slander President Trump, Democrats again stuck both feet in their mouths and swallowed.  When Trump tweeted out that the Democrat’s Star Chamber was not an impeachment … Continue reading

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Leftist says Media are like Soldiers in Harm’s Way Protecting our Freedoms

Talk about a pack of spoiled children self-aggrandizing themselves as the story equating their jobs with those of the military.  Leftwing journalists say they are the same as American soldiers, risking themselves to protect America’s freedoms.  Being yelled at as … Continue reading

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Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

Democrats are losing their slaves again and they are just as incensed today as they were in the 1850s.  The latest defector from the Democrat Plantation, Kanye West, is being hounded and hunted down by the house slaves of their … Continue reading

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