Democrats are going to extremes in the belief they can finish off Trump to rule America forever

The Central Committee of the Democrat National-socialist Communist Party has issued their directive to utterly and completely destroy Donald Trump and all vestiges of his presidency. General Secretary Joe Biden vowed he will do away with ‘America First.’ Pelosi wants Trump evicted and imprisoned before Biden is inaugurated. Schumer went so insane as to call the protest at the Capitol “an insurrection attempting a coup d’état.” This is the degree of leftist hate mixed with fear of Donald Trump and the America he represents. Their intention to persecute him, his family, his friends and associates, and all who supported him is made clear.

Who did Donald Trump persecute while he was president? The answer for those too stupid to know is – no one. The lies and slanders that he is racist are at the feet of Democrats who lost a large portion of their minority voting base. President Trump didn’t persecute anyone. He made America better for everyone. What country would Biden put first? China? Mexico? Socialism doesn’t make everyone equal by lifting them up, but by beating them down. They always persecute those who want freedom and coddle the criminals. This is how you tell the difference between good people and evil people. They take power by force as Democrats just did by cheating in this election. They deny their crimes and then justify them by smearing the righteous as they do every day.

They know they cheated. They know they lied. They know what they are. Is it any wonder that the same Democrats who called Antifa/BLM rioters burning down cities and murdering police “peaceful protesters” would call Republican protesters a terrorist insurrection? As always, leftarts tell us who they are by the lies and slanders they cast on the righteous. Democrats want President Trump’s supporters to be damned along with him. They want to put his corpse on display to the world as a warning to never again challenge their rule. That’s why they lie saying he incited a riot when he did not but they always do calling their rioters “the summer of love.”

Rush made it a point to declare to those Republicans condemning all violence (take note, Todd Herman, with your ludicrous call for us to be “peaceful counterrevolutionaries”) that Rush is thankful that the Founders and Minute Men never felt that way. Evil only uses force to corrupt and control, which requires greater force to fight. Evil does not submit to peaceful resistance. Evil Romans did not become Christians. They murdered them. Good Romans became Christians and fought wars to stop their persecutions. The same is true of socialists who embrace the evils of totalitarianism. Good people turn away from socialism when they learn its truth.

But the righteous must be willing to fight for what is right. The left has emasculated America with their leftist ideology including Feminazism. All they have done is to corrupt this nation and make the people willing to submit to being their slaves. As one caller to Rush said, “The Republican Party has become like the wife of a man who knows he rapes their daughter but does nothing about it.” Pray that President Trump has not surrendered but is biding his time to pick his moment to strike down this Democrat insurrection. If he has nothing left, then America is lost. Either he has a plan to defeat this coup or he and we will all be slaves to Democrat’s fascist persecutions.

[Author’s Note: As expected, the Georgia election was a farce. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were dumped into the mix to give Democrats just enough by which to win. The invasion of the Capitol may well have been led by Antifa agitators inciting Republicans to go into the building to protest. Democrat’s characterizing this as they do is so extreme as to be comical if it weren’t so deadly serious. Their shooting of a protester for doing nothing when cops didn’t shoot Antifa shooting laser weapons in their faces is just more extreme. An investigation will probably find a Democrat behind the shooting, but with the new fascist administration no charges will be filed, and the left will call this justifiable revenge for unarmed blacks who are shot. If no one ever taught them morality, revenge is never justified.

There is a fine line and vast gulf between revenge and righteous avenging of an injustice. Evil people seek revenge when the righteous retaliate against their assaults. Righteous people avenge a wrong done to them, but the backwards morality of leftists lead them to believe something stolen back from them is theft. Ashli Babbitt was murdered in the Capitol while committing no crime. The shooter is in hiding. No police ever shot Antifa/BLM thugs shooting them in the face with lasers. Using force against evil is righteous. Even Jesus overturned the tables of thieves in the temple and condemned murderers to death for their crimes. The events in D.C. that are blamed on Republicans ignore the facts on the ground that Trump did not incite violence and that Republicans did not instigate any, but that Antifa infiltrators did it and misled some Republicans into the Capitol building.

To abandon Trump over this is either a charade in preparation for invoking the Insurrection Act and Martial Law, or it’s the surrender to the lies of the left. Trump should have invoked that act months ago. These elections should never have taken place with known mail-in ballot fraud and corruptible machines engaged. An Executive Order would have stopped this, and leftwing federal judges be damned! Americans have been betrayed by the minority. Two-thirds of voters re-elected President Trump and one third went to Democrats, yet they carried the elections by anonymous mail-in ballots by the millions to just squeak out enough votes to overturn the election. This is what all future elections will be if President Trump does not take a stand for Constitutional law.]

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

Liberals are easily duped by just painting a Charlie Chaplin mustache on Donald Trump and calling him Hitler. Their false correlations of Trumpism to Hitlerism is as false as their contrasts of Republican vs. Democrat protesters. They see the world backwards through their dysfunctional vision that mirrors reality in their immoral mind’s eye.

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1 Response to Democrats are going to extremes in the belief they can finish off Trump to rule America forever

  1. Roy says:

    The Republican’s abandoned president Trump en masse. They overrode his veto on NDAA and omnibus budget. They immediately accused his followers of storming the capitol without any concern of possible ANTIFA plants posing as MAGA supporters. Repub’s are the enemy within and they will vote for everything Harris/Pelosi/Schumer want. Police killed four rioter’s, Supreme and lower courts consistently abandoned Trump. Pence abandoned him. Conservative media abandoned him and blamed him for the “riots”. Tech companies and media have censored ‘free speech’ with impunity and brag about it.
    Obama’s “Dreams From His Father” appear to be complete. The people, not Trump, either accept this outcome or revolt.
    The militant ANTIFA, BLM and media will ensure president Harris gets her way. Every future election will be rigged just like Venezuela. Only the citizens, NOT TRUMP, can change this outcome.


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