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Communist Democrats Establish One-Party Fascist Rule Via Mail-in Ballot Fraud as Law of the Land

Our Founders warned us. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan warned us. And Rush warned us. President Trump failed us when he stepped down without enacting the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrat coup. No election in the future will matter. They will just be for show as all communist elections are to keep fascists in power and give false hope for those foolish enough to stand against them. Continue reading

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Killing the ObamaCare Tax – taking another head of the Hydra

Republicans have a major problem undoing ObamaCare, one of which is because they don’t want to lose the revenue. President Trump has his hands full.  The Democrat media is acting only to smear him, his people, and everything they do.  … Continue reading

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Democrats make America sick again with propaganda war and hate crimes

Leftarts declare war on America! Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is the new leader of the Democrat Congress and one of Obama’s chief generals of his shadow government to conduct black ops against Republicans.  Schumer called a press conference to claim that … Continue reading

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