Toxic Christian Conservatism vs. Toxic Liberal Fascism

Democrat communists have seized absolute power of our government. We are no longer the republic of the United States of America. We are the communist state of Amerikan Democratic Socialists. The Democratic National-socialist Communist Party has formed the new Americoms alliance with the Chicoms to subvert and subjugate the free peoples of the world. Their social media platforms have become their Goebbels style propaganda machine converting the Information Superhighway into their Socialist Sewer. Democrat criminals are being whitewashed from history as citizens are being silenced, persecuted, and convicted of false allegations. Twitter and all social media are in the process of purging Christian conservative free speech from their platforms. Twitter executives are using hackers to steal conservative’s accounts to say nasty things with which to blame and censor them.

The left is silencing the moral majority, erasing America’s righteous history, and repainting the evils of socialism to further dupe and indoctrinate the ignorant. If you do not submit to the fascist party line that their election was legitimate, then you will be persecuted. We are entering the thousand years of darkness that always accompanies leftist tyranny. Righteousness is toxic to the left because they represent what is wicked in humanity. They will persecute Christians and Jews because Jesus is a Jew. They are the Philistines of the modern era. The anti-God ideologies of atheism, agnosticism, and Islamism are all determined to wipe out God’s love and His laws from all of humanity to promote humanism and their false gods through their false prophets. Jesus warned us of them saying we will know them by their fruits, i.e. what they produce in our culture. They produce hatred through the poisoning of the minds and hearts of those who do not see through their deceptions.

The balance of righteousness vs. leftism is starkly observable and proven by people of sound mind and good heart. Liberals say they are not the haters, that Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are. Ask a liberal what they love and don’t just accept their lie that they love this country on its face. Ask them what they love about America? Ask them what they love that they are not trying to destroy? Democrats have embraced the darkness of leftism to seize absolute power and rule over the once free United States of America through their hatred for all we represent. No one clearly foresaw that their cultural rot undermining the hearts of the people through lies and deceptions would enable them to cheat their way into power in the greatest nation in history. But it is the nature of leftism to destroy that which is good and claim that evil is righteous. There is a dichotomy of Republicans vs. Democrats in America that is irreconcilable. Good cannot compromise with evil or live alongside it. Their philosophies, moralities, and realities are incompatible. Only one can survive. While good will co-exist by striving to teach people not to be evil, evil will not co-exist but will destroy those who are good:

Right vs. Left:

  • The philosophies of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” vs. “Blame others for the problems you create for yourself”
  • Be truthful vs. Don’t challenge lies
  • Might for right vs. might makes right
  • Sharing vs. Selfishness
  • Liberty vs. Slavery
  • Laws vs. Anarchy
  • Responsibility vs. Dependence
  • Morality vs. Immorality
  • Faith vs. Ignorance
  • Knowledge vs. Indoctrination
  • Christ vs. Satanism
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Positive vs. Negative
  • Love vs. Hate
There’s no such thing as far right fascism or far left communism. Fascism and communism are the same socialist ideologies like Islamism. All hate Christianity.

Democrats have chosen their side as that of communist fascism disguised as reason and compassion wrapped in malice cloaked in deception. Only those with their eyes and ears opened by righteousness can see through their façade. Naïve liberals do not follow ethical values. They create their own and believe what they choose to do is righteous regardless of any measure. Their morality is that of children who take what they want and then justify their theft. They create TV shows where the plot involves bad people who commit murder because they are “extremist, militant terrorists.” They then depict those people as being the people who want to return the nation to its founding principles. According to them those principles are slavery serving corporate greed. This is how they corrupt people’s minds and poison their hearts against constitutional republicans. They will remake the military and law enforcement into their thug arms alongside their terror groups Antifa/BLM to impose their new laws on people who will not submit to their tyranny.

“This election was not stolen. Do you accept that fact?” – George Stephanopoulos

“You are entitled to your own opinions, not to your own facts.” – anonymous

Stephanopoulos’ assertion is not an established fact. He is not a journalist but a propagandist pushing the party line like all of his leftist brethren. Liberals believe they are entitled to impose their opinions as facts on others including their deceptions. If you disagree with them then you are targeted for destruction by any and all means including censorship, mockery, and persecution. The fact is that the evidence proves this election was stolen. The fact that liberals reject that evidence is not moral, ethical, or righteous. Their declaration that no court controlled by them allowed that evidence to be heard does not prove that evidence does not exist. The fact that they are now silencing opposition through force is proof that they do not expose the truth but conceal their lies behind a gun. When you submit to the use of force as a tool of truth then you a submit to and encourage evil. This is how totalitarian socialists have always behaved and why they are guilty of the worst mass murders in all of history. More people have been murdered in the name of leftism, socialism, and Islamism than in all the wars of history combined. Were it not for leftist ideology, Earth would be a place of peace and prosperity for all.

Those who claim the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians deny that it is even possible for the Democrats to cheat to steal the 2020 election, and anyone who speaks the truths that Russian collusion was proven a lie and Democrat sedition was proven true are branded traitors by the communist traitors who have seized power. This is how backwards liberals think when it comes to truth, ethics, and morality. To them truth is what they say, and they are justified in their minds in cheating the election because they delusionally believe they were cheated regardless of evidence. They will make anything not their truth to be punishable by censorship and death. This is how all leftist totalitarians have all acted so that they control people’s very thoughts. This has been predicted by George Orwell whose book, “1984,” only needs to be updated to modern technology and events. Americans are now Amerikans living among Americoms who will dictate their lives until a leader arises who will strike down the tyrants. God bless America and her patriots!

[Author’s Note: By failing to invoke the Insurrection Act and enact Martial Law to stop the Democrat’s stealing the election, Donald Trump has become America’s last president. By not forcing courts to hear the evidence against Democrats about their massive election fraud and ballot tampering he allowed Democrats to use force to steal power and overthrow our Constitution. Now they falsely claim to represent that Constitution even as they have demented Joe, 1st Premier Biden of the new Amerikan Democratic Socialist Republic, sign executive orders dictating their will on the people by killing jobs and making the people their slaves. Don’t expect these Covid mandates, Antifa/BLM terrorists, or any of the leftwing media propagandists to ever go away without a revolution. No dissent or civil disobedience ever overthrew a communist regime. They only gain power through the use of force, persecution, and propaganda. How these liberals can’t see through their lies is a study in the psychology of how evil proliferates in humanity. Their fanatic belief in their leader’s lies is how lemmings are led to their deaths by killing all that is good and righteous in the world.]

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3 Responses to Toxic Christian Conservatism vs. Toxic Liberal Fascism

  1. gbat2017 says:

    We’ve seen mass demonstrations in Venezuela, Hong Kong and so many other countries begging their government for fairness/freedom. Puppet Biden is moving rapidly to ensure absolute power and one party rule. Bankrupting the country ensures more people dependent on government assistance. It looks like we are going to experience Hell before we get to Heaven because, right now, we seem to be experiencing strategic patience leading to our own demise. Our gov’t and court system is infested with power hungry thieves.


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