1 Response to Communist Democrat’s Fascist Persecution of Trump Republicans Unleashed

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I still say the 1 primarily responsible for the enslavement of us true patriots is Trump, do not try to blame the patriots, patriots do not nominate politicians the political party does and they offered up nothing but those who have done nothing or very little to secure our rights, draft, get passed, and enact laws that will improve our lives or those who intend to make a career out of being completely worthless in regards to securing what rights we have and improving our quality of life.

    You know I have criticized the people of S.C. for quite sometime now repeatedly reelecting a fossil like Strom Thurmond to the U.S. Senate, but it may quite likely be the GOP who is to blame by constantly crusading for his reelection, the actions of the GOP are oh so tragic in many ways, true not quite as despicable as the members of the Demlcratic party but not far behind.

    I read an article where Trump claimed at least 90% of the Republican party is controlled by RINOs, I myself will not go that far, but definitely 60% of the Republican party is.


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