Will Donald Trump Cross the Rubicon?

On January 10, 49 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar did what no Roman had ever done before. He crossed the boundary in northern Italy with his army, the river Rubicon, to invade the Roman Republic uttering the phrase, “The die is cast.” No Roman Consul or general was permitted to take his army into Italy proper in case their goal would be to overthrow Rome. He did this because the Roman Senate had become so extremely corrupt that they were going to destroy him for opposing their rulership over the people. Caesar was the first Roman patrician who was willing to fight the corruption in the government to stop abusing the people.

Thus, he became a “populist.” Democrats claiming that they are the people’s party have proven themselves to be the party of communist totalitarianism working together with the Chicoms. Donald Trump is a modern-day Caesar with Rush Limbaugh as the modern-day Cicero who, quite contrary to the brilliant orator of the Roman Senate, is a patriotic American son exposing the left’s corruption every day standing with him. Caesar used his military genius to crush the Senate and demanded they declare him Emperor of Rome. He left his political enemies alive and they repaid him by murdering him. Caesar’s subordinates destroyed them and eventually the republic collapsed as the Roman Empire was born.

President Trump is at the Rubicon as Democrat corruption has taken over Washington to the point that they have conducted massive cheating in the election, been covered up by the leftwing media, evidence being silenced by corrupt courts, witnesses being persecuted, and his own party standing largely mute. If his bid in Congress to set this right fails and he refuses to concede, he will be smeared by the left as he has been every day since declaring his candidacy as a Hitlerian tyrant. Democrats have smeared the righteous as racist Nazis hourly since his election. He must either decide to damn their torpedoes and go full speed ahead or surrender to Democrat mobster’s communist rule. The last question is; when Pelosi leads a military contingent to the White House to eject him, will he cross the Rubicon? Or will he quit on America?

Democrats are the party of fascist communism that only their liberal lemmings who believe in their Big Lies accept as the righteous. This is the culmination of their coup to overthrow the constitutional presidency of America and establish themselves as totalitarian communist rulers. They will still have elections that are more and more bogus. They will still declare they are for liberty even as they take American’s right away. Oblivious liberals will only become aware of the trap when the noose they willingly stuck their heads in tightens around their necks. The leftist mainstream media will all smear Trump as destroying the economy and infecting the nation with a deadly virus. Biden will be lauded for curing the virus and recovering the economy even as Democrats begin sucking up American’s wealth once again. Pray for Donald Trump to save America. Tell him to “cross the Rubicon” because there will be no justice so long as Democrat violence rules in our streets, our government, and our voter polls.

[Author’s Note: Whatever means by which Donald Trump secures the presidency, whether through the Electoral College as he did in 2016, or through Congress to overcome Democrat’s election rigging, or through taking up arms declaring Martial Law to #StoptheSteal, he ABSOLUTELY MUST bring Democrats to justice! From their leaves on the branches of ballot fraud agents and their dupes to the branches of their education and media deceivers with their Big Tech fascist censors down to the trunk of government agents like Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary, and Obama, and continue down to get to the very bottom of their donors like Soros & Co. until he tears their evil tree out by the roots!

If he does not, then America stands open to having Democrats continue to perpetrate their crimes against liberty until they eventually succeed. If he fails to take them down, then he will still suffer the fate of Caesar as Democrats will enlist RINOs to stab him in the back. No doubt that every person with power that says they will contest this fraud is receiving death threats against their families. This is why military force MUST be an option as the last resort. This isn’t just “heads they win, tails we lose.” If they win then we lose – everything! Democrats are already persecuting whistleblowers exposing their election crimes. What do you think will happen when they have the full power of the government behind them? Donald Trump may be the Last American President if he lets Democrats establish the United Socialist States of Amerika.]

Flynn shares petition urging Trump to suspend the Constitution and hold an election re-vote overseen by military

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TOTAL BETRAYAL: Supreme Court Strikes Down Kansas Law Requiring Identification to Vote

Sen. Rand Paul Says He May Join Rep. Brooks To FILE AN OBJECTION to Electoral Votes During Joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, 2021

San Francisco committee wants to remove Abraham Lincoln’s name from high school

Ron Johnson Lets Democrats Have It for Four Years of Lies

Divisive Democrats now demand the nation unite behind their election crimes

Chinese Communists are amassing troops in Canada and Mexico

Rush is Sick and Tired of Being Misrepresented: Everybody Knows I’m Not for Secession! (How do patriots secede from Democrat’s communist country when they infest our cities?)

Trump Voters Wonder Why They Should Care About the Georgia Runoff (If Democrats steal the presidency, they will steal these seats. Their voter fraud for this runoff will no more be investigated and adjudicated than the presidential election. Our only hope is to force them to expose themselves more to give President Trump more reason to declare Martial Law.)

Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

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2 Responses to Will Donald Trump Cross the Rubicon?

  1. Eileen says:

    The Roman Senate was in exile at the time Caesar crossed the Rubicon. The plebeians drove them into exile when the Senate tried to strip Caesar of power, so when he crossed the Rubicon, he encountered no opposition; he walked right into Rome. I think what POTUS is waiting for (assuming he hasn’t signed the insurrection act) is public clamor for justice. IMO, he is there. However, what do I know? I don’t have his intelligence information.

    Typical of POTUS, he waits until everyone thinks he lost then goes in with the knockout punch. So, IMO, since the Dec 14 date passed, he could cross the Rubicon any time before Dec 31, and it would not be too late. He knows Mike Pence better than I do, so if it were me I’d cross now because I don’t trust Mike Pence. However, if he does, then it may well be too early for him to cross. This is a test of wills between POTUS and Nancy Pelosi (playing the role of Brutus in the above scenario) and I place my bet on POTUS, but she is a savvy battle hardened politician.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I would say he has to decide by Inauguration Day. Let the Electoral challenge play out. If Pelosi leads a military force to oust him on the 20th then that’s when he should strike! I believe Mike Pence to be as honorable a man as Ted Cruz. I don’t believe Trump could work with someone for four years and not know his true character. For the part of Brutus I would nominate Romney and other RINOs. Pelosi is in the camp of Obama who would be Pompey with his very bloated ego believing he runs the show when he is being manipulated by Soros & Co. If America is to survive as a constitutional republic then they must all be brought to justice along with their sycophantic media and big tech fascists. Anything less is an eventual defeat. The people want an answer to this election rigging and will not tolerate Democrats stealing power and covering it up. All President Trump has to do is demand the right and time to investigate their fraud and bring it to light. Democrats won’t allow this and that’s why I see this devolving into a violent conflict between Democrats that stand with Obama’s puppets and Republicans that stand with Trump with the establishment caught in the crossfire.


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