Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the law will not preserve our American republic. Republicans last hope to #StoptheSteal by multiple Democrat controlled cities and states to rig this election lie in an Electoral College challenge. This will not suffice with Democrats who violate every law. They will send their terrorists into the streets, threaten every lawmaker and justice, and try to overthrow our government through a violent coup because their silent coup and election fraud isn’t working. No American patriot will tolerate this steal or see Democrat’s subversive corruption evoking an insurrection succeed. The question now is, how many of Trump’s supporters will stand beside him if he has to go nuclear?

There has been a rumor that Justice Roberts violently opposed to taking up the Texas case about Democrat’s election rigging because he’s afraid of Democrat riots. The report says he screamed at Thomas and Alito behind closed doors so loudly that he was heard in the hall. Snopes reports this story as false on the basis it was put out by a person they label as a “white supremacist purveyor of misinformation.” Well, they label President Trump the same way and we know him to be an honest Christian conservative who tells the truths that the fake news media covers up. I don’t know Hal Turner who first broadcast that story about Roberts, but if Democrats label him the same as they do Trump then I will assume they are lying through their teeth until proven otherwise.

The fact that they smear the messenger as they always do to claim his message is false is all the proof I need. This claim is completely believable despite denials by Robert’s aides. I never expect any Democrat supporter to tell the truth. Democrats impeached President Trump over hearsay evidence that was proven a fraud. Why should we not accept hearsay when Democrats are the insurrectionist subversives operating in the shadows lying to our faces every hour of the day? Liberals don’t know what is happening. 50% of Democrats make decisions from a place of utter ignorance. This is because the leftwing media to which they listen misinforms or uninforms them telling them the truth is lies and lies are truth and they stupidly believe them without question like lemmings. We must lead and not submit to Democrat liars and cheaters! If President Trump does not fight this battle to the end and win then America will fall.

[Author’s Note: If Democrats steal the senate seats in Georgia as expected, then there will be no accounting of election rigging held in Congress. They’ve already registered over a million Democrats that temporarily moved to Georgia for this who voted in other states. President Trump will be left with no option except the nuclear one of declaring Martial Law to get to the bottom of this. If there wasn’t a fight over the Texas suit, if Roberts, who has been siding with leftist justices to vote against President Trump, isn’t afraid of repercussions, then why doesn’t he want this blatantly obvious election rigging to be exposed in the Supreme Court? This is a national matter that affects all states. The answer comes from his changing the law to pass ObamaCare. He’s an establishment coward! This story is perfectly believable. Expecting Roberts or Democrats to tell the truth is for fools.

Democrats have already been rampaging through city streets for years burning, looting, and murdering people. If they want to take their war into the streets in such violence once again in an attempt to intimidate us, then I say f*** them all! FORCE the Supreme Court to rule on what is right and let the Democrats choose: Let their cities burn or shoot their terrorists! Either way it’s a win-win for us! They want to cry about burning down their own neighborhoods? They wanted the police defunded! Let them reap what they sow! If they invade our neighborhoods, we meet them with lethal force. We will not tolerate their Marxist revolution. But we need President Trump to defend this nation from her domestic enemies before it comes to that. It is better to meet them now from a position of strength when we have the power behind us to investigate and prosecute crimes, rather than later from a position of weakness when Democrats control all of government and we have been disarmed.]

The Plot to Steal America

(This documentary has been labelled “misinformation” by Big Tech)

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Liberals have absolutely zero knowledge of how the world works. The products produced from fossil fuels are so widely ingrained into our cultures that it unfathomable how far back their elimination would throw civilization. Every computer, electronic device, cars, and appliances would all be gone and put us back into the 19th century. All they need do then is eliminate electricity and China would rule the world.

Will Donald Trump Cross the Rubicon?

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2 Responses to Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Only those who are afflicted with the symptoms of such an intense form of psychosis that death is the only cure for it believe any article put out by that fantasy magazine Snopes.


    A Civil War is way over due and if that whussy Roberts realizes that as an enemy of the true patriots of this nation his life is in serious jeopardy, appointing those 11 criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating FISA magistrates at the behest of the foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant Obama is more than sufficient evidence to find him guilty of treason and sentence him to a public execution right along side the likes of the entire Obama and Clinton Crime families.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joyce Walker says:

    I’m with Trump 💯 percent


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