Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

Democrats are using force to conquer America. From thugs on the streets to thugs in Congress to thugs at the ballot box, they are using force to terrorize, coerce, and impose their will on us. Cheating the ballot is not a victimless crime. It is the use of force to take what they did not earn from those who rightfully own it. We own this election, and they are trying to steal it! They are using force against us in the name of liberty, except that their idea of liberty is enslaving those of us who refuse to submit to their rule.

Unless President Trump declares Martial Law to #StoptheSteal of government power by Democrats then they will take power and institute Martial Law to cement their rulership over the people. Leftists will call his use of Martial Law tyranny and portray their own use of Martial Law as liberty instead of the coup it is. These two-faced, backwards thinking socialists think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the world by saying they are the opposite of what they obviously are – traitors to Americans and our Constitution!

Americans must confront Democrat’s use of force with greater force. Just because they are conducting their 2nd Civil War from the shadows doesn’t make it any less a war on America. Make no mistake, cheating on the election by rigging ballots is the use of force. It is no different than their fascist commie thugs terrorizing patriots in the streets. It is no different than a military coup, which will be their last step. Like the deceivers they are Democrats will declare they are fighting for the Constitution even as they use force to destroy it. While the president has a constitutional right to declare Martial Law, Congress does not!

The use of force is the act of taking from someone that which is rightfully theirs. Force ranges from sneaking behind a person’s back stealing from them to killing them to take it. Democrat’s cheating this election and corrupting the courts to refuse to examine evidence proving their election rigging is the midway of that range. If they are allowed to succeed, then they will increase their crimes until they reach the point that they are killing Americans to impose their totalitarian authority over us.

President Trump must meet Democrat’s use of force to steal this election with greater force to expose them. He should understand that Pelosi was serious when she said they will use military force to eject him from the White House. If he submits to Democrat’s crimes, then they will continue to use force on the people to cement their dictatorial rule. Investigations of their crimes will be crushed and those who seek the truth shall be destroyed. Criminals always try to hide evidence of their crimes so they can falsely declare their innocence. The last thing they want is to be exposed.

If Donald Trump uses the force necessary to preserve our republic and put an end to Democrat’s election rigging, then he will go down in history as America’s 3rd Great Founder. If he does not use the force required but surrenders to the left’s coup then he will be remembered as worse than Benedict Arnold. History, whether written by Democrats or those he failed will both damn him for his actions or lack thereof. It’s better to be on the winning side and be damned by the criminals he defeats than accept a loss and be damned by those who loved him.

In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln suspended the Constitution in a crisis to go to war to preserve the union. The Democrats seceded from the nation so they could preserve slavery in violation of everything for which the Constitution stands. They did this because Republicans refused to allow them to expand slavery into the western states. Today, Democrats are attempting to impose socialist dictatorship on the nation and enslave all the people under their boot. There can be no secession by either side because Democrats infest every city in red states as well as blue.

America is in another Constitutional crisis and this time it is being fought at the ballot box, on our streets, and in Congress. Donald Trump is left with no choice as the courts refuse to hear the evidence of massive election fraud created by Democrats forging millions of bogus ballots to steal the election. Leftists will deny their crimes as all criminals do, but that should not deter the righteous from bringing them to justice. Stand with President Trump today or stand alone against the communist fascism of Democrat’s Amerika tomorrow!

[Author’s Note: This game that Republicans have no “standing” with the courts is just a bogus attempt by the left to obstruct justice. Claiming that Republicans should have filed against Democrat’s illegal change of election laws should have been done before the election is a red herring. Had they done so, then the Supreme Court could have ruled it legitimate even though it violated the state’s own constitutions. Because the state’s own legislatures didn’t complain about their authority being usurped that made up this technicality to corrupt the system.

That also would have been before there was any actual evidence of the bogus ballots that they would use to commit this crime. There is no doubt that Democrats stole the election, they know they did, and they are trying to hide their crimes like any criminal does. It will take an act of force to force them out into the light of day where they can be held to account and justice ruled over them. That will take the long arm of the law being armed against them by the president.]

President Trump said of this election rigging and court corruption that he does not want to see the election go to an illegitimate president. This surely made liberals go apoplectic as they believe he is illegitimate. These two-faced liberals believe Russia hacked the election, but Democrats wouldn’t, despite Obama declaring Russian and Chinese communists are no threat to America. Or they believe they are justified in doing so despite Trump being proven to be nobly pure in court and their own leaders irredeemably corrupt.

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1 Response to Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

  1. guidvce4 says:

    That the SC refused to hear the evidence of a fraudulent election, tells me that the justices have been compromised in some way. My bet is on a threat to their families, extended or otherwise, by the leftists. If not directly to the justices themselves, that has to be the answer.
    Wonder if Roberts is the deliverer of that message to the rest of the panel? He could have been, seeing as how he made the 0zero decision announcement which allowed the left to screw the folks in the healthcare situation.
    This decision on the TX case is much larger than that finding. This one is for the continuation of this nation as Constitutional Republic or a democrat socialist puppet of a foreign power.
    I’d like to see the EO which Trump signed in ’18 brought into play. Don’t see another way of straightening out this mess. At this time. The left needs to be pursued for their violatons of the election laws, and all the crap of the previous 4 years.
    And, that is what they are afraid of, being brought up on charges of sedition and, due to the preponderance of evidence, found guilty and summarily sentenced to whatever fate is required for their transgressions.
    Up to me, I’d vote for firing squads or gallows for every last one of them. After speedy trials, via military tribunals, of course.
    Just sayin’.


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