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American Patriot’s Options

Communists win through violence. Stealing the election is just a form of violence. If President Trump doesn’t have the full backing of Congress and the military then options 4 & 5 will be useless. Many states may opt to secede from the Communist States of America. That will result in a war with the fascists throughout the nation. Continue reading

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Even the Electoral College is Not Trump’s Last Battlefield

But the Founders also recognized that even the EC could be corrupted by multiple state’s leaders teaming up to commit massive ballot fraud to overthrow and flip the election in their states against the will of their citizens. This is the case that has happened with Democrats using bogus anonymous mail-in ballots counted after Election Day to flip the election in six states. Continue reading

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Democrats Seek to Overthrow Constitutional Elections

This article is not about the Democrat coup to oust Trump over fraudulent collusion, obstruction, or coverups.  It is not about the Democrats obstructing the investigation into their coup.  It’s not just about Democrats giving criminals the right to vote.  … Continue reading

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Democrats are the biggest losers in every way

Liberalism was on the ballot this election with a ten year record behind it and Americans have said they want their country back! The Great Experiment in liberalism led by Barack Hussein Obama is coming to an end barring a … Continue reading

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Nazi Democrats terrorizing electors on E-Day, GOP infiltrated by Hydra agent

Obama/Hillary Democrats prove once again that the Left is the home and heart of Nazism in America. “The very people who told us that Donald Trump represented a threat to the Democratic process themselves are trying to undo and overthrow … Continue reading

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The Electoral College is designed to limit voter fraud

The Electoral College protects America from massive voter fraud America’s Founders knew what they were doing when they designed America’s electoral system.  They understood the problems created by dishonest people and politicians using voter fraud to get the results they … Continue reading

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Democrats would eliminate the Electoral College making voter fraud king

By eliminating the Electoral College, Democrats would make America a democracy instead of a republic.  In a democracy the majority always rules and the minority has no rights resulting in their ability to challenge the system being stripped away.  This … Continue reading

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