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Will President Trump fail to defend America from Democrat coup?

Washington and Democrat cities have been militarized against – Republican insurrection? First of all, you have to be the government before someone can rebel against you. Donald Trump is currently president, so it is Democrats who have been conducting the insurrection in their 2nd Civil War Marxist Revolution via subversion of our culture, subterfuge in our media, and sabotage of our electoral system. They have successfully stolen power and will assume the mantle of government as our socialist dictators with Biden’s inauguration. Continue reading

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Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

There has been a rumor that Justice Roberts violently opposed to taking up the Texas case about Democrat’s election rigging because he’s afraid of Democrat riots. The report says he screamed at Thomas and Alito behind closed doors so loudly that he was heard in the hall. Snopes reports this story as false on the basis it was put out by a person they label as a “white supremacist purveyor of misinformation.” Well, they label President Trump the same way Continue reading

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This War for the Presidency does not end when Electors vote

The establishment wants Trump out of their sandbox so they can rule over the country again and take wealth for themselves. They will do it using Covid slave masks like California where their tyranny shuts down Republican restaurant owner’s outdoor dining while a movie studio sets up outdoor catering right next to it because they pay Democrats. This is how leftist gangster tyranny rules. It’s just like “tolerant” Islamists allowing Christians to worship in the countries Moslems control if they pay the Jizya, the double taxes, for the “privilege.” They take our money and use it to kill us and enslave us. Continue reading

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