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Mueller Probe is NOT a Vindication of the American Justice System

‘Mueller bombs’ is the irony of the century!  People are saying that the Mueller investigation of Trump-Russia collusion on the basis of a fraudulent document that was used to illegally obtain FISA warrants has “vindicated” the American justice system.  No, … Continue reading

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Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Liberal, Progressive, Socialist; they call themselves by many names, but their true nature is in what they do rather than what they say – Haters.  The Left hates America and everything for which it stands.  They despise American Exceptionalism that … Continue reading

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Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has started the destruction of the Trump family.  He has launched an assault that isn’t a prosecution, isn’t a witch-hunt, and isn’t even a persecution.  He is conducting a Communist-style backwards liberal search for evidence … Continue reading

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The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

What does a liberal fascist, a Latino-communist, a democratic socialist, and an Islamo-nazi have in common?  They all hate Christian conservative Republicans who live free as American capitalists. Take the last one first as the best example of anti-American leftism.  … Continue reading

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President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

President Trump is not an artful speech maker, but his words carry the infinite weight of truth.  He rightfully trumpeted his great achievements in fostering the conditions for a great booming economy, great improvements in foreign diplomacy, and the rebuilding … Continue reading

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Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

It isn’t fear-mongering when they are actually striving to destroy you.  Leftists of the world, from United States democratic socialists, to leftist liberal fascists, to South American Latino-communists, to Middle Eastern Islamo-Nazis, all are uniting to subdue Europe and destroy … Continue reading

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Democrats Prove Themselves Wrong

Own Your Truth!  This is what the left can never do.  They expect the righteous to “own their truth” by agreeing with liberal lies.  Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent, and even after being proven innocent they still declare him … Continue reading

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