Even the Electoral College is Not Trump’s Last Battlefield

In their great wisdom, the Founders created the Electoral College because they understood that democracies are easily corrupted. By making America a democratic republic, they gave the states power according to their populations, but not so much power that a few states could use voter fraud by ballot box stuffing to overwhelm the smaller states. The presidency is decided by the majority vote of the scores they receive from each state rather than the population total.

The reason is because majority voting is its own version of tyranny wherein the majority can impose any rule on the minority. This doesn’t work when the population is largely corrupt or immoral such as engaging in voter fraud. When the minority has no voice then you have tyranny and slavery. This was the condition of America when individual states had slavery and others had indentured servitude and unrepresented workers.

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.” – Benjamin Franklin

But the Founders also recognized that even the EC could be corrupted by multiple state’s leaders teaming up to commit massive ballot fraud to overthrow and flip the election in their states against the will of their citizens. This is the case that has happened with Democrats using bogus anonymous mail-in ballots counted after Election Day to flip the election in six states. These and other states are included in suits and conflicts between Republicans who control their legislatures and their Democrat and RINO governors. The only obstruction for this fix is a judicial system that refuses to hear the evidence and a Republican Party that does not stand united behind their leader in Congress.

Biden is calling for unity saying he will be president for all the people. Like all criminal leftist deceivers, he says one thing but does the opposite. What would you say to the criminal that stole your car if he said he would give you a ride whenever you wanted? Liberals lack a moral compass to understand that taking the car back is not stealing from a thief. You cannot steal what is yours. Only a leftist would say that that which he stole was stolen from him. Criminals never want justice to fall on their heads. Quite the contrary to TV shows, they never admit their crimes, they never acknowledge the proofs, they always deny the evidence, and they always say they are innocent and their accusers to be guilty. Trials are how we wade through the lies by finding the inconsistencies with the facts. Even then there are the rare cases when the perpetrator frames an innocent person by misdirecting the evidence.

The 80,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump are not going to shut up and go away, they are not going to join hands with the 50 million who voted for Biden and sing Kumbaya, they are not going to give credibility to the Democrats who added 30 million bogus ballots and destroyed millions of Republican ballots just because they deny they cheated. Yielding to them would be believing in Al Capone not being a murdering mobster. Thank God that Donald Trump is not a quitter or a loser. He will fight to the end and perhaps then some. Republicans are outraged at this attempted stealing of the presidency and are incensed at the Democrats and their leftwing media liars all trying to pull the wool over their eyes so we can’t even see the Sun.

But then there are idiots on our side, too, who say we should give up in the name of “civility.” So, if a criminal steals the property you paid for with your hard-earned money you should just let them have it? We should do away with police and just say that’s the breaks? What kind of f***ed up mentality is that? It’s the mentality of cowards! That’s the mentality that has allowed leftists to take control of our education, our media, our entertainment, and our government to make us all sheep serving the wolves. We let them take over by acquiescing to their demands that we treat them fairly and let them be heard. But they don’t treat us fairly in return. They silence the righteous Christian conservative majority of this nation so that the ignorant young only hear their propaganda. This must be fought and beaten down! And if we do not fight it in the arena of politics, we will end up fighting it in our streets.

[Author’s Note: Donald Trump is the personification of the TEA Party. He is the leader for which righteous conservative Christians have prayed. He doesn’t apologize for being right and doesn’t fight to lose but fights to win. That’s why we love him. Leftists, who have no moral compass, believe his eighty million American believers are under the “spell of a cult of personality.” No, morons, that’s what you sycophants of Obamunism are. We are the patriots who love America and laud Trumpism which is Americanism unleashed. The difference between the righteous and the leftists is the difference between Christianity and Islam. People come to Jesus out of love, but they are forced to submit to Allah. Christians learn lessons of life from the Bible, while Moslems are forced to repeat the same phrase over and over for ten minutes at a time, five times a day. This isn’t worship. This is brainwashing.

Liberals are all brainwashed by the big lies they hear over and over. They are the stupid people who believe they are intelligent because a charlatan strokes their egos. They don’t think for themselves or they would be able to argue the facts rather than denying the facts exist. This is why they resort to force, to cheating, and to terrorism. They are wrong from top to bottom, front to back, forwards and backwards because they see the world through the mirror of their dysfunctional vision. Until the veil is lifted from their eyes there is no way to debate or argue them to reason. They are irrational thinkers relying on their emotions rather than intelligence. They are not to be worked with as RINOs work with Democrats to the detriment of the country. They are only to be defeated. And their cries of “no justice, no peace” and being tyrannized must be ignored just as we ignore the complaints of criminals declaring their innocence and the tyranny of the law.]

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3 Responses to Even the Electoral College is Not Trump’s Last Battlefield

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Members of the U.S.C.P. are loyal marionettes of Globalists whose sole goal is the enslavement of the vast majority of the human race.

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  2. Eileen says:

    Could it be Trump intended to use a military solution all along? He knew that the election would be stolen, but him merely saying so would not convince most of America (Trump supporters included) that this is true. However, by waiting as long as he did, he is leaving the military as the only solution. Trump is not acting like a President who intends to quietly go away. In fact, the only OTHER President who acted the way he’s acting was Hussein, and those who stayed away from MSM know the results of that. I am not suggesting that Trump will sabotage Biden’s Presidency like Hussein sabotaged Trump’s. However, I am suggesting that he will cross the Rubicon (the point of no return) shortly. He has to.

    This whole thing was designed to wake us sheeple up. IMO, he is nearing the point where he can cross the Rubicon without penalty in the court of public opinion. Even people who don’t want Trump as President (and no, I don’t believe they want Biden either, IMO, his votes are mostly FAKE), smell a rat and nobody likes rats. Mitch McConnell left him with the military as the only solution. Why did he declare Dec 24 a holiday for Federal employees, when they already have a 3-day weekend? Although I believe he won the House, there isn’t enough time to prove it, so crossing the Rubicon is all that is left. I hope he does, because I and many others who don’t like authoritarian rule, prefer Trump to the CCP.

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