Newest Covid Relief Bill a relief for Democrats

Joe Biden is not yet in office. He is not even President-Elect. But his fellow Democrats of the election rigging fraud are all cashing in as if it was a done deal. The newest Covid relief bill has only $200 billion for Americans. The rest goes to foreign agencies, Democrat entities, illegal aliens, and a crapload to combat CLIMATE CHANGE! Restaurants that are being destroyed by Democrat governor’s repeated lockdowns get nothing! NOTHING! NOTHING! This bill is not a relief package for Americans suffering from the actions of Democrats and their Chicom allies. It is Democrat pork that is just the beginning of their redistribution of American’s wealth to their criminals and the rest of the world – and will be used to line the pockets of Democrats elites ruling over the masses. Democrats call capitalism “slavery by another name” and liberal lemmings swallow this crap from the mouths of the party of slavery. They believe wisdom is smearing Republicans as racists by declaring that if we do not acknowledge the history of the party as not stomping out racism in the Constitution at the Founding, then they can excuse their own history as America’s racist bigot slavers. This is just more proof that liberalism is a dysfunctional mental defect.

Along with the Establishment going back to business as usual, another thing that hasn’t changed is the media. They are now being recognized by more and more people as being the Democrat propaganda machine. As Democrats remake America into their communist sh*thole, they will impose massive taxation on citizens to make up for the loss of revenue from the businesses they destroyed through Covid terrorism. Those restaurants that closed will not remain closed. They will reopen under new management. As Democrats dismantle the southern border wall, the nation will be flooded with communist illegals looking for handouts. They will get them as Democrats gift them these businesses tax free to become the new Democrat slave owners making Americans their slaves. Democrats will bankrupt this nation, seize all savings and assets they can, and you will be living the dream of Democrat’s new socialist nightmare in the United States of Socialist Amerika.

[Author’s Note: If President Trump does not invoke Martial Law to stop the steal and turn the tables on this Democrat coup and insurrection then he will have betrayed this nation to the worst fate possible. America will be lost to the totalitarian leftist ideology of fascist communism. There will be true equality alright – the equality of peasants as is suffered in all totalitarian states. Part of this “Covid relief bill” is going to give $1800 to illegal aliens. $1800 to illegal aliens!  That’s not money they are getting back from their taxes or part of a debt that their taxes will pay back. That’s the money of you the taxpayer! Much more of this “relief” goes to South American countries that send their communistas to America. If Democrats want to put America into this colossal debt, then how about President Trump veto their bill that gives our money to foreigners and Democrat entities, and tell them to send him the same deficit bill giving every America $3000 instead of just $600? Merry Christmas, America. This may be your last one.]

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8 Responses to Newest Covid Relief Bill a relief for Democrats

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Please stop using the term Lemming, that is a myth, there has never been a case of 1 Lemming let alone 1,000s jumping off of cliffs into the ocean to eventually drown, Progressives merely are afflicted with the symptoms of such an intense form of psychosis that death is the only cure for it their minds are just far too warped to ever be able to hold onto 1 shred of reality.

    As for the owners of privately owned restaurants and taverns the ones located within middle to larger cities may be deserving of government assistance, here in WI where both privately owned restaurants and taverns were allowed to reopen and were not put under complete quarantine again that was not as serious of an issue for the owners of privately owned restaurants and taverns as it was/is in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

    Being born and raised in rural tourist trap Door County, WI I saw many restaurants come and go being that tourism in WI is primarily a Summer season money making market, all those idiot transplants from Chicagoland all seem to think they can make money off of owning and operating restaurants in Door County and soon find out that is not the case, those type of people I have no sympathy for because clearly it was a case of no common sense and more money than they ever should have had.

    As a person who solely survives off a pittance in Disability Entitlement benefits I find it a disgrace that those who were blessed, no not justly funded to keep their businesses afloat being that even before they were restructuringand after they received the assistance they continued to do so, shutting down many of their operations facilities and permanently laying off a large amount of their labor.

    As for allowing the trash of the world in and providing them with privileges multigeneration families never received our sleazy politicians have been doing that for the past 60 years, a senior teller at a financial institution I use to bank with told me that the laws basically leveraged banks to be far more accommodating to foreign enemies than to citizens in regards to loans.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Why do you think lemmings don’t exist or don’t run off cliffs enmasse when there are videos and nature documentaries about them? Only liberals think lemming mass suicides don’t exist because they have been shown “educational” videos telling them so. Just like they don’t believe that vampires and zombies are real just because fiction makes them so fantastical. But they do exist from these metaphorical stories. Leftist leaders are the blood suckers that suck the lifeblood of people by confiscating their wealth and draining the lives of the people. Their followers and true believers are the zombies who don’t think for themselves. They are the perfect allegory for Democrats and liberals.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        Provide the evidence of 1 Lemming drowning.

        Liked by 1 person

        • dustyk103 says:

          What? They were all jumping in to take a bath? LOL! I’ll have to look this up and learn some more.
          OK, here’s what I found.

          So, they are not committing mass suicide, just all migrate running in the same direction regardless of obstacles, even large water obstacles that could lead to a bunch of them drowning. Sounds like liberals to me. 😉


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            They were not jumping into the waters of a wide open ocean, they were jumping into the waters of a river or stream, just read the Britannica article attachment I sent in my last reply.


            • dustyk103 says:

              My apologies. Thank you for educating me on something I hadn’t looked at in decades. Still, their actions are those of extremely small thinking herd animals – like liberals. 😉 😀


              • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

                But they after all are rodents and act solely on instinct no rational thought involved, so your comparison of them to Liberals or vice versa is absolutely accurate.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        I suppose this Encyclopedia Britannica article on the most common myths about Lemmings are based on lies as well.

        As for me being delusional or ignorant I am neither, because delusional/ignorant people just blindly follow and believe whatever those mouthpiece for the members of the U.S.C.P. deceit disseminating data source and fantasy writing Lamestream media idiots tell them.


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