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Supreme Court Fails America – Martial Law is Our Last Hope

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear testimony and rule against election rigging, we are in the end stages of America’s 2nd Civil War. The Democrat coup to overthrow the presidency, seize control of the government, and destroy the Constitution is almost complete. They can lie, cheat, steal, and kill with impunity if President Trump doesn’t take a stand meeting force with force. Obama’s shadow government that has been orchestrating the violence and coup for the past four years is on the verge of victory. President Trump instituting Martial Law will be our last hope! Continue reading

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Liberal Comedians Keep Democrats Dumbed Down

“Southern Democrats became Republicans and Northern Republicans became Democrats.  That’s why Republicans are now the party that is against brown people and Democrats help minorities.” Liberals live on lies and tell a thousand lies every day, which makes it impossible … Continue reading

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