Can Trump unite a divided America?


Trump has support from citizens across the demographic spectrum.  But GOP elites threaten to vote for themselves or Democrats and Cruzers threaten not to vote at all.  Between the factions they may make Hillary our next president.

Before he can unite America, Trump must unite the Republican Party.  Three factions divide Republicans – Cruzers on the right, GOP elites on the left, and Trumpsters in the center.  Trump said he doesn’t need to unite the party to win in November.  Tell that to Romney and McCain.

Without unity Republicans are set to lose the presidency again and it will be strike three for America.  The destruction done by Democrats over the last eight years will become irreversible.  So how can Trump assure victory in November?

Five Factions

Republicans are divided into three factions, while Democrats are divided into two.  The two factions that continue to oppose Trump are those who are angry that he defeated Ted Cruz through a mud-slinging campaign, and those who support the establishment.  While the latter group is very small they are unlikely to stand with Trump for any reason because he, like Cruz, is against their policies, the policies they share with Democrats.

The TEA Party has objected to Democrat’s vast waste of taxpayer money from the start of Obama’s regime.  The GOP they elected to stop the Democrat agenda has instead joined with them.  They are so far to the left that those who forced Trump to swear he would not run third party are suggesting running a third party themselves, or just voting Democrat!  What does that tell you about them?  There will be no support for Trump from that quarter.

But Cruzers could come to Trump’s side if Trump would do the right thing and reach out to Ted and the conservatives.  It has been proposed he could make Ted VP to unite the ticket.  But others have proposed Cruz be Scalia’s replacement on SCOTUS, which is probably far more suitable to his character and personality, and where he would have a lifetime appointment.

Trump could choose another very strong conservative be made VP like Walker, Gingrich, or Carson.  As the man who forced Congress to balance the budget in the 90s overcoming both Democrat and Republican opposition, Gingrich would be a great choice to be president of the senate.  But we also need young blood to step up after Trump.

Anti-Trump propaganda

Trump says he doesn’t need to unite the Republican Party to win.  But if he’s just talking about RINOs who would rather vote for Hillary then he’s right.  If he’s talking about Cruzers who just won’t vote then he’s wrong and he will lose.  The GOP keeps saying Trump’s negatives will do him in, but their measure of his “unpopularity” is based on the primary voting in which the majority voted for other candidates.

Using this backwards liberal logic proves nothing when it comes to singling Trump out to run against Hillary, and all the polls taken today mean nothing when it comes to predicting the future.  Trump is not a chump who will allow the Democrats and RINOs and Trump hating Cruzers to dominate the narrative.  Cruzers who believe Trump is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing need to remember that Ronaldus Magnus began his political career as a Democrat!

Trump has prospered because he understood how to work within the system.  Just because he funded Democrats doesn’t mean he supported them.  Just because he used to side with Democrats doesn’t mean he does any longer.  We all start out leftist liberals and must learn moral conservatism as we go.  And money is not an indicator of your morality or allegiance.

The thing people should understand about money is that when you have tons of it then you have your fingers in every pie on the planet.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting a billionaire’s investment.  If Trump wanted to be a Democrat he would have been in the opposing primary smashing Hillary.  But he, like Reagan, like Sen. Elbert Guillory (R-LA), is coming around to the right way of thinking.  Don’t sell him short and give the country over to those you know will destroy it.

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2 Responses to Can Trump unite a divided America?

  1. EIleen says:

    This is a numbers game. There are numerous incidents (like George W. Bush in 2004) where the person who got less of the popular vote went on and to win the election. Democrats understand this and have used a basket of 7-10 states to continually win elections: California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, sometimes Illinois, New Mexico and maybe 1-2 Mason-Dixon line states to win elections. Trump’s strategy is to peel off the low hanging fruit with tons of blue collar Democrats, like New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and the South, leaving the west coast, including Washington and Oregon to the Democrats, thus saving his campaign tons of money. Although California is important, that state by itself doesn’t guarantee an electoral college victory. This strategy leaves the Democrats about 30-40 electoral votes shy of a victory, with enough room to buffer the loss of a state like North Carolina, which bounces between red and blue depending upon whose running.

    If we assume that those who backed Cruz will not vote for Trump, the question to ask is can Trump afford to lose those and still keep the state in the red column? A better question to ask is how many Democrats in Cruz states can Trump attract and are those enough to offset the Trump haters? The rank and file Republican voters for the most part have expressed indifference to whom the nominee is and will vote for Trump, just because he’s Republican. Those may number as much as half of the OLD (pre-Trump) Republican Party. Add those to the number that Trump brought in + blue collar Democrats and those may very well be enough to offset the Trump haters, turn certain states (those listed above) red for Trump’s electoral strategy to work.

    My guess is that it is good enough as Clinton has difficulty shaking off Bernie Sanders. Before scoffing at this, realize that there are 2-3 groups of people who voted for Bernie Sanders, only one of which did so because he’s a Socialist. The other groups are those who HATE with a passion Hillary Clinton and for some reason did not or could not change parties and those who never voted before. Of those, the Socialists are the only ones who will sit it out. The Hillary-haters amount to maybe 20% or more of the Democratic Party and some of the independents who dislike Clinton enough to get off their behinds will most likely vote for Trump. The libertarian party has a candidate in all 50 states, and unless they nominate John McAfee, they will peel off about another 10-15% or so off Hillary Clinton’s totals and maybe 5% off Trump’s, further reducing the votes for the Democrats.So in this election, the Democrats have lots of issues with the blue collar Democrats and some of the higher income Democrats who choose to vote Libertarian.

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  2. Jim says:

    Not a chance! He cannot even unify the Republicans. We don’t need to worry as the only way he will see the White House is as a guest, or a tourist.


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