Cruz proves as faithless as Bush and Cruzers as delusional as Democrats

Cruz fails to endorse Trump

Ted Cruz walks off stage at Republican Convention to the boos of the crowd as Trump is cheered.  Cruz said he couldn’t endorse Trump in good conscience for attacking his wife during the campaign.  Texans know that if you stick your hand into a dogfight you should expect to get bit.

Ted Cruz went to the Republican convention and refused to endorse Trump.  I expected as much from Jeb Bush who said he would win without the TEA Party, and not only broke his word, his bond, to support the people’s choice of candidate, but is so petty that he wouldn’t even show up.  I expected better from Ted Cruz.  To show up and say “vote your conscience” rather than endorse the candidate chosen by the people makes him just as petty.

How this race has morphed from right to left:

This is how the people saw the election during the primaries;

Cruz            Trump        Bush           Hillary        Bernie

This is how Cruzers see the election now;

Cruz/Bush            Trump/Hillary

This is how Trumpsters see the election now;

Trump        Cruz/Bush            Hillary

Bush, like Hillary, is a part of the Washington Establishment.  The death blow to Cruz’s campaign was when he was endorsed by the establishment.  If he joins with them now against Trump, how does that make Trump one with Hillary?  The answer is – it does not because you are wrong.  Trump’s own children speak to his character, just as Romney’s did, over all the propaganda by the DNC and GOP.

The problem with these disparate views is that there are only two candidates in this election who matter.  Ted’s “vote your conscience” may be a hint at a third party GOP candidate.  Trump has pulled in the Reagan Democrats, but conservative purists don’t seem to care.  If they stay home or vote third party that gives this election to Hillary and they become the Ross Perot’s of 2016.  If they do this then they squander all moral authority and any respect they thought they had.  No one will rally to them in four years.

Trump has become the champion of the people against the Washington Establishment.  Should he prove untrue to his word then primarying him in four years is justified.  But if Cruzers and the Bushies sabotage him under the mantle of conservative purity, as they did to Romney in 2012 when he was their choice in 2008, and give us a third term of Obamaism, then don’t expect the rest of us to back you ever again.

The last time a billionaire businessman ran was when Ross Perot ran against the Republicans to give the election to Clinton.  Perot didn’t want to be president; he just didn’t want Bush to be.  Trump is not running against Republicans, he IS the Republican!  He’s not running to give the election to Democrats, but to defeat them.  Trump gave Cruz a thumbs up just for showing up, but that’s not enough for most.

I love Ted Cruz.  I see him as the most intelligent, moral man in Congress, but today he let me down.  He took an oath to back the candidate that was the choice of the people.  He fought the good fight and even took the high road over Trump’s low road, but Trump got to Cleveland before him.  This is a war with those who are destroying America, it’s a blood sport to see who had what it takes to take down the Left, and this fight is too important to be concerned about whining over getting your feelings hurt.  This is why Ted needs another twenty years to mature before he’s truly ready to lead this nation.

Trump didn’t win because he’s the better man who appealed to our better nature as Ted tried to do.  He won because he appealed to our simplest nature.  Liberals think that means he appealed to our basest nature as “haters.”  But what he did was appeal to the righteous wrath of the common man in the way he could understand.  Cruz lost because he thought he could win with high rhetoric and intellectual morality proving he’s not ready to fight fire with fire.  When you put on the Armor of God you have to strap on a sword to go with it.  The Sword of Righteousness is a flaming blade that does no good when left in its scabbard.

If conservative purists think they will save America by denying Trump and giving the election to Hillary they are sadly mistaken.  This will not only be a betrayal of their fellow Republicans, it will be a betrayal of their own souls.  Edmund Burke said;

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

What does it say of those good men when they know what to do but refuse?  When you take sides with Washington elites and America goes down in flames, who do you think will rally to your flag?  Obviously, it’s not just Democrats who are delusional.

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[Author’s note: Some like Rush Limbaugh are calling this a master move by Donald Trump to unify the party.  There’s a dozen different ways you can interpret cruises speech.  Was Trump letting Cruz save face or hang himself?  The Donald said Cruz’s lack of a personal endorsement was no big deal.  Let’s see what is wrought by the situation; will the party split or will the party unite?]

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3 Responses to Cruz proves as faithless as Bush and Cruzers as delusional as Democrats

  1. commonabe says:

    I applaud Cruz. He stood on his principles and asked each of us to vote our conscience. Everyone keeps conferring all this greatness on Trump yet the candidate rarely exhibits any behavior, thought or action that suggests that he is nothing more than an opportunist and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The guy is running for office — he needs to reach out to conservatives and make his case. No one need genuflect to him. He needs to earn the vote. Trump flat out stated that he can win without party unity, so why s everyone so flummoxed by Cruz’s action? Cruz showed courage, conviction and principle. It’s in short supply in DC. Bravo, Ted.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I don’t think anyone believes Trump to be great, but he is definitely a fighter and master manipulator and that is what is needed to defeat Democrats. I don’t think any more case needs to be made for Trump than that the alternative is Hillary and the cementing of Obamaism into America’s soul. What Trump meant by he doesn’t need party unity to win was when he was running in the primaries. It’s not the same as when Bush said he would not only win the nomination, but the election without the TEA Party. Trump has stated repeatedly he’s a TEA Party guy, so why some conservatives hold out because of his abrasive traits which could help defeat liberalism is beyond me.


  2. Kiowah says:

    Yeah, right. Sigh for not knowing.


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