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Congressional Clowns Display Delusional Dysfunction

Joe Biden said, “I believe that the president is an ‘existential threat’ to this country.  Time and time again on issue after issue, Trump makes the wrong choices.  He’s motivated by the wrong things.  He says, ‘Let’s make America great … Continue reading

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The Immigrant Crisis is a Creation of the Democrats

Healthcare or migration control.  For which will you vote?  America’s healthcare requires immigrant control.  There are now diseases in America that were eradicated because Obama imported millions of immigrants illegally without checking them for communicable diseases.  Now pregnant women in … Continue reading

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Migrant Army Marches Through Mexico Intent on Invading the USA

Democrat’s invite thousands of illegal aliens to invade the USA to overwhelm citizens.  They call them “refugees” but since when do refugees invade your country?  That’s like someone knocking on your door asking for help then busting in your door … Continue reading

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Invasion USA – Building the Great Wall of America

The Great Wall of China was built to stop Mongol invasions raiding to rape and pillage and steal and kill Chinese.  The Mongols invaded to steal Chinese wealth rather than trade with them.  This is the nature of leftism vs. … Continue reading

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Not the South, but the Confederacy Rises Again!

Liberals foolishly believe that good ol’ redneck racists joined the party of Lincoln.  Just because northern Republicans moved south in the 80s to escape socialist unions making southern states majority Republican doesn’t mean racist rednecks changed allegiance from Democrats.  After … Continue reading

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Invasion America – Leftists use Children as the Tip of the Spear

“God is on our side.” This is what leftists always say to justify their hate crimes.  As liberal Democrats gin up mob violence against Republicans they endorse and distract from the truth behind their agenda.  That truth is that invaders … Continue reading

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Hysterical Liberals See Fascism in Republicans

“If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed.” – Rush Limbaugh Obamacrats like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who described illegal immigrant holding facilities as “dazzling” under Obama, now says the … Continue reading

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California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

Liberal fascist Democrats are trying to portray Republicans as white supremacist Nazi bigots intent on destroying the race of “brown people” whom California Democrats are now championing against the American people.  The Golden State is becoming a satellite of foreign … Continue reading

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