Face Masks in the USA

Face it, we scoff at Asians in America who are running around in cloth facemasks.  But now, with the new warnings from the Trump administration and CDC, we should rethink this.  Chinese have been using masks and not touching for generations.  They bow rather than shake hands or give bro’ hugs.  These days a nod or chin up saying “hey there” should be enough.  You don’t need a bio suit or an N95 mask to protect yourself in the open air.  They are needed when you’re working around patients with Covid in a closed room.  You don’t need a disposable surgical mask to protect others from yourself as physicians do when they are operating on their patients.  The people who grab these to hoard them are the most selfish, greedy people in the country.

Now President Trump has asked all Americans to cover their mouths and noses in public.  Just a cloth across your face is enough to keep people from coughing or sneezing or spitting when they pop their Ps when they talk and spreading their germs far and wide.  A cloth will easily capture 95% of droplets from your face or that might be in the air.  It’s not 100%, but then nothing is.  Virus droplets can enter your body through your eyes as well, but that’s a tiny target compared to what you inhale.  If this disease is far more deadly than the nation was informed at the start of this, then washable cloth masking is the way to go to stop 95% of spreading that remains after social distancing and hand washing.

President Trump press briefing 4/1/20

Chinese manufacturing jumps as world is crippled from their virus

So, what are we to think of this?  That it’s all Trump’s fault?  As we marvel at the glory of Americans uniting to help one another, at the same time we are disgusted by Democrats striving to divide us.  China has not been honest about this virus at all.  Perhaps world leaders with great spy networks knew better which is why Trump started shutting down travel from China back in January.  Democrats, who were too invested in impeaching him, called him racist for doing so.  Liberals were calling him racist still when he shut down the Mexican border just a week ago.  Now they are all in a panic and blaming him instead of themselves saying he is using their impeachment to distract from his failings.  Typical leftist liberal Democrats.  Democrats are trying to rewrite recent history to make themselves right when they were wrong and make Trump wrong when he has been right.

It hasn’t helped that leftist media has been spreading one lie or another to damn Trump for everything he does or doesn’t do.  If he closes borders, he’s a racist.  If he leaves them open, he’s trying to kill Americans.  Until you realize that 90% of the media is run by Democrats whose only purpose is to smear Trump with their slanders then you won’t know what to think.  MSNBC’s Don Lemon, the black hole where intelligence goes to die being sucked into nothingness, spends his time demonizing Trump while lauding fool Democrats like Gov. Cuomo of New York that some want to see replace the doddering Biden.  Democrat governors thank Trump on the phone for his great and timely assistance, then sit in front of microphones to smear him as not doing enough.  Two-faced?  SOP for Democrats.

That this is a flu virus like many others is not in question.  Liberals lack of understanding what that means is their problem lacking in education and good sense.  Just like the kids who went to parties despite warnings, they are as oblivious of how viruses work as they are of what Swine Flu did during their messiah’s first year.  That this virus is far worse than any other is made evident by the extremes to which the government is going to prevent its spread.  Perhaps it will kill many tens of thousands of people as predicted.  Perhaps this mitigation will save tens of thousands more lives.  Shutting down the nation is one thing, but Democrats are not working with the president, only adding to the panic and trying to cash in on the rescue bills.

It is up to us to protect not only ourselves but each other.  This is antithetical to liberalism, but mature conservatives understand that we should emulate the Asian ethics to not spread our germs to a far greater degree than ever before.  Asians have been through many plagues over the centuries that have killed millions.  Americans are as ignorant of this as they are of the dangers of socialism and the fraud of global warming.  When bogus leaders like Obama tell people that this is a result of global warming, that this disease came from melting arctic ice rather than from China’s bioweapons lab, is just generating more stupidity in the country.  The CDC’s original warning was to wear masks if you suspect you might be infected.  Now there is proof that this virus is infectious long before you might have symptoms or even know you’ve been exposed.

Whether accidental or intentional, America is under a bio attack and there is no amount of preparation that can ever be done to stop the devastation of a war.  Misinformation makes everything questionable including those who say this is not an engineered virus.  There are Chicoms who resent Trump’s demands for fair trade so deeply that they would gladly go to war.  That President Trump has been forced to enact war powers should tell you how vital this has become.  But liberal Democrats, being what they are, see nothing good or noble in his efforts.  They only see opportunity to smear Republicans and praise their false prophets to dupe their liberal fools.

President Trump press conference 3/31/20 on Covid-19 Guidelines

Don’t let Democrats say they didn’t scoff at this virus

Obama tries to tweak Trump and gets tweaked by Cruz

The many faces of leftist sabotage

Democrats demand worst criminals be released to “protect them from virus”

California releases murderers from prison

Undercover – Project Veritas exposes Democrat voter fraud

Republicans Struggle to Enact Rescue Bill as Democrats Poison the Well

America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrat Insanity and Red China’s Revenge

Democrat’s Agenda Driven Candidates

Trump Capitalism vs. Democrat Socialism

[Author’s Note: The very worst problem in America is not this virus, the falling economy, or the leftwing media.  The worst problem is stupid people who believe they are smart and informed when they listen to the left.  President Trump has been giving remarkable briefings to the press and has them cowed down to be respectful and actually try to do their jobs asking proper questions rather than gothchas and slanders for which they want sound bites.  Even Jim Acosta acted properly.  But then they go out and get in front of cameras to say stupid things like he did declaring that Trump is the one behaving “because he’s scared,” and others like O’Donnell declaring that “Trump wants people to die!”  This is leftist liberals typically projecting their own fears, their own hate, onto Trump, which is why they are being more respectful to his face but still backbiting him.

Even so, America will never get past the two-faced Democrat controlled media so long as the left controls the educational system to raise our children to be mindless followers believing in leftism.  Liberals scream over the MyPillowGuy running for governor declaring his faith in Christ as violating their 1st Amendment rights, but quietly approve of the Democrat Congress having an Imam open their sessions praying to Allah.  Democrats are already plotting their next impeach calling for an investigation into Covid as there was of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.  Except those investigations came years later, not during a crisis!  Liberals can’t handle the truth that they call lies because the facts disagree with their contrafactual beliefs.  Their opinion of how they feel matters more than any proof.  They still believe in Russia collusion, Ukraine extortion, and global warming.  If you disagree with them then “you don’t believe in science!”

Here’s the simple truth.  Liberals don’t know the truth because they are told by liars not to listen to the truth that challenges their assumptions.  They believe that FOX News are corporate liars because their minds have been twisted by leftwing media smears.  They wallow in their ignorance and stupidly make decisions based on what leftists say.  President Trump is not a frightened doofus reality character.  He’s a man who has a genius understanding of people who can recognize the lies and gotcha questions with which the leftwing media bombards him.  That’s why they are the ones who always end up looking like Wile E. Coyote trying to ensnare the Road Runner.  But ignorant liberals don’t understand this because of their inability to see past their own noses in the foolish belief they are smarter than others.

Liberals are more likely to believe that this virus was an ancient pathogen, released from arctic ice because of global warming caused by America’s CO2 pollution, rather than a weaponized virus released by a Chicom lab in revenge for Trump forcing them into a better trade deal for the USA.  Liberalism is the church of anti-Christianity founded in ignorance, fed by the dogma of global warming, professing the purity of socialism with abortion as their sacrament.  So long as the socialists control what people learn then ignorant young people and foolish adults will believe they know better than the educated moral majority who have functioning moral compasses and we will continue to have stupid people voting.]

Tucker Carlson 3/31/20

Hannity 4/1/20

Ingraham Angle 4/1/20

Rush 4/1/20

Simple Face Masks at Wish.com

The only April fools are liberal Democrats who don’t listen and learn

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[ADDENDUM: That Asians have always had better hygiene habits than Americans and Europeans should be understood.  Americans didn’t bath every day until their close contact with Japanese culture.  The invention of the shower and plentiful water added to that.  Perhaps Americans should also pay attention to washing their butts as well since dry wiping doesn’t eliminate the smell.  Asian kitchen crews are also fastidious in their sanitary habits.  Although the wet markets in older parts of China seem to be contrary to this hygienic culture, that hygiene may also explain why the virus didn’t get as far – if the Chicoms aren’t just outright lying about it.

That America has better medicines shouldn’t matter.  This new virulent virus makes it clear that just having medicines doesn’t matter when you have nothing with which to treat something new.  Chinese have learned through centuries dealing with plagues.  No one wants to see a return of anything like the Bubonic Plague that wiped out most of Europe.  Disease more than starvation and war is the greatest threat mankind faces – not phony man-made climate change.  The cultures that the world does not need to see proliferate, communism, Islamo-nazism, and democratic socialism, always benefit from chaos and destruction.  America needs to push them all back!]

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