Democrats tell Republicans to keep quiet and lose

Democrats and RINOs all want Donald Trump to shut up and go away. They don’t want a challenge to the election fraud they have committed. They want Republicans to do as they have been doing for the last century and “lose with dignity.” No leftist wants their rulership to be challenged ever again. You can put money on Democrat’s next move. They will find another virus over which to declare a pandemic. When that one is gone, they will find another. This will give them the “moral authority” to make slave masks permanent. They will keep Republicans in businesses on lockdown so that they all fail. When they have bankrupted Republicans so they have no power then they will make all Americans their slaves.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Reps. Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes have been the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump’s righteous challenge to Democrat’s massive election fraud. Most of Republicans are being quiet like they were over the Russian collusion hoax. Why? Because they are not fighters. They are sheep, not lions. Sen. Cruz, the most brilliant lawmaker in Congress, filed a suit on behalf of the State of Texas against the battleground states where this massive Democrat election fraud took place. Because this is a state vs. state suit it goes directly to the Supreme Court! The challenge is not about all the fraud, but about these states changing their election laws on the fly, which is unconstitutionally illegal, to have mail-in ballots without ID being collected and counted even after Election Day.

Democrats are both infuriated and in terror that all the truth of their election fraud will be decided before they can claim the election cannot be changed by their “Safe Harbor” rule that is not constitutional. They counted and added extra anonymous ballots after Election Day in these states because their original ballot fraud estimate didn’t meet the enthusiasm for President Trump’s re-election. Ted Cruz is going to expose all of this in a place where liberals cannot deny the truth except by their own delusional insanity. GO, TED! Democrats have made it clear that their intention is to steal this election, transform America into a socialist state, and persecute Trump and his supporters for daring to challenge their rule. This election will decide the fate of America to be the light of the world as the land of liberty, or to become a Chicom client state of socialist slaves.

[Author’s Note: Democrats insist on trying to gaslight us that they didn’t commit any election fraud. Just because swing state Democrat cities recorded more votes for Biden than registered voters, and more than their messiah Obama got while getting less than Hillary in blue state’s cities, and they say they are fighting to unseat Hitler, why would we imagine they would cheat? The Supreme Court will become the arbiter of whether or not election fraud becomes law.

In addition, Democrats want to keep the people under their iron boot through virus terrorism. Trump had pharmaceutical companies develop vaccines in record time. Democrats have roadblocks to create medications so that the pharmaceutical companies grease their palms first, but Trump swept these aside. No doubt, should he be overthrown, Democrats screaming this vaccine is unsafe to treat what they say is not the China virus will turn their two-faces and declare it the Biden vaccine to treat the Trump virus. Testing is no doubt detecting all types of coronaviruses of other flus and the common cold and not just the Covid-19 they diagnose them all to be.

Democrats need to be crushed, and if it takes Martial Law to do so then so be it! They cannot be allowed to win this coup in their 2nd Civil War. Americans will not tolerate being slaves to today’s totalitarian communist fascism any more than they would submit to a totalitarian monarchy. Give us liberty or give us death! Which is exactly what Democrats plan on doling out to Republicans by killing our businesses, our liberty, and our way of life.]

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