Communist Cheaters, Democrat Deceivers, Liberal Liars

Democrats are not the party of the little guy. They are not working for the people. They don’t feel our pain – they mock it! They are not going without paychecks in Congress. They are not going broke in government and they don’t care if you do. They only want their tax revenue. They want their bail outs for their wealthy donors and cities and they are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get it. They want red states to go broke paying to support blue states who have cut off their own noses to spite their faces. They slandered Trump for four years that he is a Russian agent, running thousands of stories to infuse their Big Lie into people’s minds, and when they are exposed as Chicom agents they try to tell us not to jump to conclusions. These people are oblivious of how obviously two-faced they are!

“For four years people like you [Marie Harf] can lie through your teeth about Donald Trump being in bed with the Russians, being a Russian spy, being a traitor, and worse… and now we can’t say that Swalwell did any of this on the air? [That] We don’t have any evidence.” – Rush Limbaugh

Their Russian collusion fraud was proven beyond doubt through Mueller’s microscopic anal exam of Trump’s entire life to be false. Trump was proven to be the most pure and virtuous billionaire in the world when they not only didn’t find any evidence of any crime or wrongdoing. They couldn’t even come up with a hint of ethical violations they could use to smear him further. They had to manufacture a lie about a phone call to create a crime by which to impeach him in the Democrat controlled House. That lie was tossed out on its ear by the Senate for their complete lack of evidence in their mountain of “proofs and witnesses” they provided. They then had the gall to go in front of cameras and say that Republicans pitched their conviction without evidence. This is how people who have nothing but fecal matter between their ears talk.

Eric Swalwell (R-CA) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) were both found to have Chinese spies embedded in their staffs. Swalwell was hooked up with a Chicom honeypot and he’s on the Intelligence Committee! The idiot actually got in front of cameras and told us that the only national security breach here was the person who revealed his transgressions to the public. All these California and New York Democrats, including Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, and AOC, are the worst of the worst of offenders of two-faced hypocritical stupidity. And none of them know they are so obvious when they speak. They think they speak intelligently espousing great wisdom when they are all obvious blithering idiots. Two-faced Biden says his family will not be involved in foreign nepotism after they have been doing so for years taking millions from foreign governments. They all smear Trump as doing so when he has done the opposite.

This should make you wonder what kind of idiots elect them. Understanding that half the population has an IQ below 100 is one thing, but do most of them congregate in the cities and districts of Democrats? You would think so when you listen to the likes of Maxine Waters speak out. There’s hardly a thinking brain or a moral heart among the entire Democrat Party and their elites. These morons think we in the suburbs and rural areas, the heart and soul of America that makes this nation work, are the morons of flyover country. They think we are all backwards hicks wishing we could be them. This is their backwards thinking because they are blind in their right eye and see the world only through the reflection of their left. Why would we want to be dwellers in their cities that are the very heart and soul of crime and corruption in America?

The 2020 election hangs in the balance and will be decided by the Supreme Court as was the 2000 election. In that election Al Gore and the Democrats tried to steal Florida to make him president. Had he won his own state of Tennessee he would have won the presidency. Now the Biden team expects Republicans to turn the other cheek and submit to their gross election cheating with their mail-in anonymous ballots and ballot box stuffing in their cities during the night after Election Day. The suit brought by Sen. Ted Cruz leading Republican states against those four states wants their illegal changes to their constitutional election laws over their bogus excuses of Covid dangers to be crushed. The vote will be thrown into the hands of the state’s legislatures where the people elected Republicans to rule to decide how to appoint Electors to overcome Democrat election fraud.

Democrats were unable to defeat Republicans nationwide due to the incredibly massive support for the Trump presidency. Their operatives had to fill out millions of additional ballots on election night to overcome his lead in these swing states. They quickly putting only Biden and no other candidate on their ballots is the most telling evidence of their fraud. This is all due to the propaganda of the left that has convinced the brainless boobs of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party to become operatives in their effort to overthrow “Hitler and the Nazi racists of the Republican Party.” This is what leftwing “journalism” has done to the simple minds of liberals over the past thirty years. They abandoned all pretense of objective reporting when Rush Limbaugh & Co. stormed onto the media to tell the truth about Democrats. Now they are all operatives of the leftist Democrat propaganda machine.

America has always relied on a moral people to adhere to the Constitution. But over the past century, Democrats have disrupted and torn down American morality. Now, with the election of a Moslem communist, anti-Christian, anti-American, in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, Democrats are openly declaring they will unmake America and fundamentally transform her into a socialist toilet. Only liberal fools can delude themselves that this would be a wonderful change that would eliminate racism, bigotry, and greed. Socialism has always increased those things to make cultures hateful and murderous. They corrupt the people to become greedy thieves where only those who serve the government prosper leaving the masses, the mob, the people to be caught between the rock and a hard place of tyrants and criminals. Pray for America and stand with Donald Trump to SAVE AMERCIA from this coup by the leftist Democrats in their 2nd Civil War!

The profound wisdom of Rush Limbaugh – Keep the Faith!

[Author’s Note: The division of America and these states is profound. Republicans want American Constitutional liberty while Democrats want to be socialist dictators. Of the seven swing states, AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, and WI, Nevada is the only one that is completely Democrat controlled. Arizona and Georgia both have NeverTrumper Republican governors. Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all have Democrat governors with Republican legislatures. The states in the suit all have anti-Trump governors whose AGs changed election law in the weeks leading up to Election Day. The blue wave failed to appear because it was a red wave that should have been a tsunami but for this massive election fraud. No Republican incumbent lost except for those in Arizona, which is McCain territory, and possibly both in Georgia. The seventeen states that have filed with Texas are all Republican controlled.

The seventeen states that have filed with Texas are all Republican controlled. This is a war to stop massive voter fraud from ruling our nation. If the Supreme Court allows Democrat’s election fraud to stand, allows them to change the rules as they wish rather than through the state’s legislatures as required by the Constitution, then they will enshrine forever that Democrats can have anonymous mail-in ballots that are counted after Election Day to flip any election they want in the future. In other words, if Biden is allowed to cheat his way to the presidency, and Democrats are allowed to cheat their way to congressional power, then this nation will be completely lost and there will be no future in which Republicans can recover and overcome the left’s election fraud ever again. The only recourse will be a 2nd Revolution.

But this isn’t like 1775 when the British invaded to disarm us and force us to comply with their dictates. Then it took a year for our representatives to declare war for our independence. This is a coup happening internally undermining our government. Their army are street thugs of Antifa Nazis and BLM communists preying on patriots they call fascists. What will it take if the Supreme Court doesn’t listen to the people and rule in our favor against Democrats? The leftwing media are now starting to cover the Hunter Biden story that they called kook conspiracy theory. Why? So they can get rid of Biden and put Kommie Harris in as Obama’s surrogate for his third term to finish destroying America. Pray hard and stand with Trump to bring Democrats to justice or America will die along with millions of patriots who will have no place in Democrat’s Amerika!]

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Whether in small races where they cheat a few ballots at a time or in this presidential race where they cheat with millions of ballots, Democrats believe they have a right to add as many ballots as they need to flip elections. If the Supreme Court doesn’t put a stop to this practice, then no election in the future will be safe from Democrat election rigging and they will become a one-party socialist dictatorship.

Joe Biden’s BROTHER as Well as His Son Hunter Under Fed. Investigation for China Money Laundering (This goes away if the mobsters steal the presidency.)

Ivanka Trump shares photo of father on Mount Rushmore (If Donald Trump saves America from this Democrat election steal and sets the election system aright then he DESERVES to be put up there as America’s 3rd Great Founder!)

Detroit Democrat Stripped of State House Committee Seats After Terroristic Threats Against Trump Supporters

Democrats tell Republicans to keep quiet and lose

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